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Charlie’s Angels? Psshh. The most iconic crime-fighting trio there is to us ’90s kids are the Powerpuff Girls — and thankfully ColourPop recognises that.

Despite airing over two decades ago, the TV show still lives on brightly in our minds as a nostalgic memory from our childhoods. But today, Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup are back to save our adult lives with this heroically adorable makeup collection.

Announced three days ago via Instagram, ColourPop has collaborated with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to launch a limited-edition Powerpuff Girls line.

It features 18 products in total: a 12-pan palette, two heart-shaped blushes, three colour stix, a roller gloss set of three, a bubble bath bar, one lip mask duo, and three hair clips.

And of course in true ColourPop fashion, these items are 100% vegan and extremely affordable, with the most expensive product costing only US$24 (S$32.52).

The Powerpuff Girls™ Shadow Palette

Undeniably the highlight of this collection, this palette features 12 colourful shades revolving around the trio’s signature colours (plus a handful of neutrals for seamless blending). On top of an array of stunning finishes, each shade is adorably named after familiar terms from the cartoon.

Source: ColourPop 

Source: ColourPop 

  • Townsville*: warm sparkling pearl
  • Prof. Utonium: metallic icy baby pink
  • The Mayor: metallic sparkling peach
  • Crime Fighting: matte warm beige
  • Pokey Oaks: matte muted coral rose
  • Frenemy: metallic bright duochrome coral-gold
  • Chemical X: metallic intense chartreuse
  • Superfriends*: bright opalescent sky blue
  • Girls Rock*: matte bright coral
  • The Fashionistas*: matte bright pink lemonade
  • Silico*: matte pastel lime
  • Rowdyruff Boys: matte pastel sky blue

*these shades are not intended for use in the immediate eye area

The Powerpuff Girls™ Shadow Palette retails for US$22 (S$29.81).

Pressed Powder Blush

Bring out your natural flush with these soft and buildable powder blushes. Featuring two rosy shades in a heart-shaped pan, this product contains silky powders that will adhere to your cheeks and last all day.

Source: ColourPop 

Source: ColourPop 

  • Saving The World: matte bright peach
  • Fighting Crime: matte bright fuchsia

Pressed Powder Blush retails for US$12 (S$16.26).

Colour Stix

If you’re looking for a creamy, multi-use product, this eyeshadow stick may do the trick. Its innovative formula will give your lids a highly metallic pop of colour that glides on like butter and stays pigmented throughout the day. It even comes with a built-in sharpener to always give you the most precise tip.

Source: ColourPop 

Source: ColourPop 

  • Him: metallic raspberry
  • Princess Morbucks: metallic sky blue
  • Mojo Jojo: metallic chartreuse

Colour Stix retails for US$7 each (S$9.48) or US$17 (S$23.03) as a trio set.

The Day is Saved Roller Gloss Kit

Pamper your precious pouts with these roller glosses. Coming as a set of three, each gloss features one of the girls with a distinctive yummy and fruity flavour. It is nourished with jojoba oil and vitamin so your lips will remain oh-so-moisturised!

Source: ColourPop 

  • Blossom: baby pink (watermelon)
  • Bubbles: baby blue (blue raspberry)
  • Buttercup: soft mint (green apple)

The Day is Saved Roller Gloss Kit retails for US$24 (S$32.52).

Drama Bomb Sol Bubble Bath Bar

Get your bubbles on with this fresh and fruity bath bar! Scented with an uplifting blend of cherry blossom and fresh watermelon, this bar is formulated with coconut oil and shea butter to leave skin silky soft and smelly delicious.

Source: Colourpop

Sol Bubble Bath Bar retails for US$9 (S$12.19).

Ultra Superpowers Lip Mask Kit

Achieve smooth and supple lips with this super hydrating, and ultra-sweet lip mask duo. Not only is it formulated with a replenishing blend of shea butter and Vitamin E, but it also comes in the yummiest flavours for the sweetest pout.

Source: ColourPop 

  • Sugar and Spice: vanilla chai flavour
  • Everything Nice: funfetti cake flavour

Ultra Superpowers Lip Mask Kit retails for US$20 (S$27.10).

Hair Clips

Give yourself a ’90s throwback makeover with these adorable hair clips. It comes as a set of two.

Source: ColourPop 

  • Blossom Hair Clips
  • Bubbles Hair Clips
  • Buttercup Hair Clips

Each Hair Clip retails for US$5 (S$6.77).

With the last time being over four years ago that we saw a Powerpuff Girls makeup line, you’ll want to snag this collection because we can’t guarantee when these girls will surface again. View the full collection here and make your purchases quickly before they sell out!

Featured Image Credits: ColourPop on Instagram