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If you haven’t heard of cryotherapy, you might be missing out. These ice-cold beauty facials are here to stay.

Cryotherapy are the next trend of anti-ageing facials. Used by professional athletes, cryotherapy exposes the body to extreme temperatures for a short time to promote muscle repairing, weight loss, pain relief, and reduced inflammation.

On the face, cryotherapy helps brighten your complexion and tighten your pores. At the same time, it boosts blood flow so that your skin can look healthy and plump instantly.

While you used to have to visit a professional salon to get these ice-cold facials, they are now readily available at home, thanks to these products and devices.

Charlotte Tilbury Cryo-Recovery Face Mask

Charlotte Tilbury Cryo-Recovery Face Mask

Featuring benefits from both cryotherapy and facial acupuncture, this reusable masks delivers firmer, refreshed, and revived skin.

Just place the mask in the protective pouch and leave in a freezer for a minimum of 30 minutes. Place the gel side onto your face and pull the Velcro straps at the back of your head to secure the mask.

Relax for 10 minutes, massage the metal beads into pressure points as desired, and you’re done! Remove and clean the mask and store for the next use.

Charlotte Tilbury Face Mask retails for S$96.90.


Skin Inc Cryo-Ice Sake Roller

Skin Inc Cryo-Ice Sake Roller

Shaped like a sake bottle, this at-home beauty treatment gives you a perfect cryo massage, because of how it fits nicely into the crevices of your facial contours.

Just chill the roller in the freezer for 30 minutes and leave it to sit for five minutes before using it. Move the icy roller onto your clean skin using a pressing motion for a maximum of 30 minutes or until the roller is no longer cold.

If you want to maximise your facial, try using your favourite serums or eye cream along with it.

Skin Inc Sake Roller retails for S$48. There’s a promotion going on at the time of writing. Check the links for the latest price.


Skin Inc

FOREO UFO 2 Facial Treatment Device for All Skin Types

FOREO UFO 2 Facial Treatment Device for All Skin Types

This facial treatment device makes use of both LED and pulsations to heat and cool the skin.

The thermo-therapy mode heats up your skin to soften and open pores while infusing mask ingredients into the deepest layer of your skin.

The other mode, the cryo-therapy mode, shrinks pores and gives the skin a firmer appearance.

This device is pocket-sized, allowing you to bring this anywhere you go, so it’s great for traveling purposes. It also syncs up with your smartphone through an app to provide how-to-use videos, guided routines, and even a Find My Device feature.

FOREO Facial Treatment Device retails for S$428.


Lifetrons Icy Hot Facial

Lifetrons Icy Hot Facial

Say yes to this hot and cold tool by Lifetrons. This rechargeable device contracts and relaxes skin blood vessels to aid the skin’s nutrient absorption.

It comes with a thermotherapy treatment relieves pain, relax tissue, decreases join stiffness, and more.

Meanwhile, the cryotherapy treatment closes pores and reduces signs of ageing, all while ensuring the skin feels rejuvenated.

A bit cautious about facial devices? You don’t need to worry with this one as it has an automatic safety shutdown feature.

Lifetrons Icy Hot Facial retails for S$390.