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If you’ve been following Daily Vanity, you’ll know that we are in love with Cute Press and have listed them as as one of the newest beauty brands to check out.

We also reported on their launch in Singapore last year when they brought the lovely Disney x Cute Press makeup collection to our shores:

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✨ A magical Disney makeup collection is coming to Singapore! from @cutepress_singapore ✨ Known for offering great products at affordable prices, popular beauty brand Cute Press has made its way to our shores with the cutest collection done in collaboration with Disney! You will find familiar characters such as Bambi & Thumper, Marie, the Dalmations, and Dumbo featured on these makeup products – so cute indeed! ? This colection will be available exclusively 35 selected Watsons stores such as: * Bugis Junction * Ngee Ann City * Tampines Mall * Causeway Point * Parkway Parade PLUS: Don't miss the ongoing promotion, where you get a 10% discount on the Disney x Cute Press makeup collection! Remember to follow @cutepress_singapore for more updates ?

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Here’s more good news for the brand’s fans – following their successful launch in 2019, Cute Press has now brought in other cult-favourite makeup products into Singapore, including everything from multi-purpose palettes to cushion foundations!

Cute Press Nonstop Beauty Ombre Blushes And Never Too Matte Lipsticks

To make your shopping spree easier, Daily Vanity has done the homework for you and found two of the brand’s best-selling products to share with you: the Never Too Matte Lipsticks and Nonstop Beauty Ombre Blushes.

These two products are very well-loved by the brand’s ardent fans for the high quality at affordable prices, so we put them to the test to see if they are really as amazing as the online reviews say!

Never Too Matte Lipstick

Never Too Matte Lipstick

Never Too Matte Lipstick – Closeup

You’ll never settle for matte lippies that dry your puckers out and highlight every single fine line on your lips again, not when you have Cute Press’ Never Too Matte Lipstick. It promises to be different from your usual lipsticks, with a buttery smooth texture that gives a vivid and long-lasting colour.

Although touted as a matte lipstick, we found that these were not drying at all. True to its claims, Never Too Matte applies smoothly on the lips just like butter and even manages to blur all the lines and creases – almost like a cream lipstick, but with unrivalled staying power!

The colour stays put through meals and should be able to last the whole day unless you are eating very oily and greasy meals.

The colour payoff of the Never Too Matte Lipsticks is also very good, so you only need to apply one swipe to get the full colour. If you are going for a bolder look, simply swipe on more layers until the desired intensity is achieved.

Cute Press Never Too Matte Lipstick Swatches Shades 1 To 10

Never Too Matte Lipstick Swatches – Shades 1 To 10

Cute Press Never Too Matte Lipstick Swatches Shades 11 To 19

Never Too Matte Lipstick Swatches – Shades 11 To 19

Never Too Matte comes in 19 different shades – classic reds for everyday wear, fun & bright pinks for party looks, as well as fashionable shades of coral & purple. There’s a shade for every occasion, skin undertone, and makeup look, so you’ll definitely be able to find at least one that you love.

If you are looking for a matte lipstick that feels comfortable on your lips and looks absolutely amazing, but are not willing to burn a hole in your wallet for a luxury lipstick, this is definitely the one to go for. At less than SGD20, you are paying for a high-quality lippie that is actually even better than more expensive counterparts – we say this is absolutely worth the money!

Never Too Matte Lipsticks retail at SGD18.90 each.

Nonstop Beauty Ombre Blush

Cute Press Nonstop Beauty Ombre Blushes

Nonstop Ombre Blush 01 Fresh Pink

Nonstop Beauty Ombre Blush 02 Peach Passion

Nonstop Beauty Ombre Blush 02 Peach Passion – Closeup

We fell in love with these blushes the moment we saw them, and we’re pretty sure you would be lusting over these too!

The silky-smooth gradient blushes come in two different variants, Fresh Pink and Peach Passion. Each one comes with shimmery pearls so that you can effortlessly pull off glowing, dewy skin.

After trying both shades, we were impressed by how long-lasting these blushes are, especially for a powder blush. Most of them start to fade after a while so your blush doesn’t look as radiant anymore, but the Nonstop Beauty Ombre Blushes managed to stay put Singapore’s hot, sweltering weather – consider us duly impressed!

The ombre gradient, coupled with the pearl shimmers, gave our skin a radiant glow that is normally only possible with high-quality highlighters, so you are actually getting a blush and a highlighter at the price of one.

Another point to highlight (no pun intended!) is the fact that although these are powder blushes, they are not the powdery kinds that will leave your makeup looking cakey. They adhere very well to the skin, so your blush actually looks like it is coming from within!

Nonstop Beauty Ombre Blushes retail at SGD17.90 each.

Creating different makeup looks with Cute Press products

With such a wide variety of makeup products and shades to choose from, there are so many different looks you can create with Cute Press’ products – here’s a quick guide on how you can use different shades for various occasions and makeup looks:

Everyday makeup look for work & school

Cute Press Review Makeup Look 1

Never Too Matte Lipstick 07 Dress Up + Nonstop Ombre Blush 01 Fresh Pink

Products used: Never Too Matte Lipstick 07 Dress Up + Nonstop Ombre Blush 01 Fresh Pink

Peanut butter shade will be all the rage this year, especially in the K-beauty scene – the brown shade flatters every skin colour and skin tone, so we highly recommend investing in this shade.

To create an easy, effortless look that you can pull off everyday without looking too over-the-top, use shade 07 Dress Up from the Never Too Matte Lipstick range on your lips and lightly dust Nonstop Ombre Blush 01 Fresh Pink over your cheeks. 07 Dress Up is the perfect peanut butter shade, complete with a buttery texture to boot!

Tip: The Nonstop Ombre Blush comes with a slight gold shimmer that adds dimension to your cheeks, so you can skip highlighter completely for a more natural finish.

Romantic look for date nights

Cute Press Review Makeup Look 2

Never Too Matte Lipstick 18 Makeover + Nonstop Ombre Blush 02 Peach Passion

Products used: Never Too Matte Lipstick 18 Makeover + Nonstop Ombre Blush 02 Peach Passion

For family gatherings and date nights, you can afford to pile on a little more rosy colour for more feminine vibes.

You can use the Nonstop Ombre Blush 02 Peach Passion to contour your cheeks slightly while adding a nice flush for a healthy complexion. Finish with a swipe of shade 18 Makeover, a cherry red that flatters warmer skin tones, or 17 Front Row for those with cooler undertones.

On-the-go makeup look

Cute Press Singapore Review Makeup Look

Never Too Matte Lipstick 01 Team Bride applied on both cheek and lips

Product used: Never Too Matte Lipstick 01 Team Bride

Most of us are too time-starved to do a full makeup look in the morning or are not keen on buying more products because there is simply no space on our vanity table.

Here’s a tip from us: you can use your lipstick as a blush and even an eyeshadow!

Even though Never Too Matte is a matte lipstick, the texture is so smooth that it glides smoothly onto skin and can be easily spread out to add a healthy glow to your cheeks. It is very moisturising and actually stays on very well without accentuating bumpy skin – extremely perfect for bringing along on your overseas trips!

Where to buy Cute Press in Singapore

Cute Press will be available exclusively at selected Watsons stores, including Takashimaya S.C. and Bugis Junction.

Aside from the Never Too Matte Lipsticks and Nonstop Ombre Blushes, other Cute Press products that will be made available include:

  • Beautiful Perfect Finish Powder Brush (SGD14.90)
  • Nonstop Beauty 8 Hour Blushes (SGD12.90)
  • All in One Day to Night Palettes (SGD28.90)
  • Long Lasting Beautiful Ultra Fine Matte Loose Powder (SGD20.90)
  • Beautiful Airy Matte Cushion Foundation SPF 50+ PA+++ (SGD38.90)

For more information, visit their Instagram and Facebook page.

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