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With Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) opening up around the world, more of us are packing our bags for a long-awaited vacation. To make sure your toiletries fit in your suitcase and to prevent the possibility of product leakage, we often turn to reusable toiletry bottles.

But if you’re bored of clear containers and bottles, read on. Because Daily Vanity has got you covered with a selection of fun and unique reusable toiletry bottles. Happy travels!

1. Pastel animal-shaped travel bottles

These pastel animal-shaped toiletry bottles are made from thickened silica gel to help keep your products safe and sound. Each bottle has a wide opening, perfect for convenient refilling. It has a smaller nozzle that controls how much product you dispense to minimise mess too.

These animal-shaped toiletry bottles retail for S$5.20 each on Shopee.

2. Mushroom-shaped silicone bottle

This triangular-shaped silicone bottle comes in a few variations. Choose from an adorable mushroom design, an eggplant, strawberry, and green pepper. It’s easy to squeeze out the last drops of product from it too.

This mushroom-shaped silicone bottle retails for S$1.95 each on Shopee.

3. Mini cosmetic jam jars

Transfer your skincare products into these cute candy-coloured jam jars for your trip. They’re small enough to fit almost anywhere yet deep enough to pour in just the right amount of product that you’ll need for your trip.

These mini cosmetic jars retail for S$1.16 each on Shopee.

 4. Giraffe-shaped travel bottles

Next to practicality, cuteness should also be a priority. Fill up this 90ml giraffe-shaped travel bottle with any product of your choice and hop on that plane.

This giraffe-shaped travel bottle retails for S$3 on Shopee.

5. Shell-shaped travel bottle

This eye-catching travel bottle is made from soft, environmentally friendly silicone. It’s shaped like a shell to match the theme of your beach holiday.

This shell-shaped 40ml toiletry bottle retails for S$1.39 on Lazada.

6. Cat-shaped travel bottles

Not only are these simple cat-shaped bottles compact and lightweight, but they also have a capacity of 60ml, so you can also pack them in your carry-on bag.

These cat-shaped travel bottles retail for S$1.70 each on Lazada.

7. Leak-proof travel bottles

This set of travel bottles is leak-proof, with it being not one, not two, but three layers thick! The bottle caps come with no-drip valves that prevent leaks and make sure that you always dispense just the right amount of product.

Its unique shape allows you to get the last drops out, so you don’t waste even a smidge of product. These bottles have a wide opening too, making them extra easy to fill up. You can also clean them out effortlessly with a brush.

This set of leak-proof travel bottles retail for S$31.99 on Amazon.

8. Suction cup travel bottles

These bottles are great for those of us who suffer from a serious case of butterfingers. We all know the feeling of trying to squeeze out that last bit of product with soapy hands, and just when you think you’ve got it, the bottle has slipped and fallen onto the bathroom floor.

These silicone travel bottles have a suction cup attached behind them and can be easily stuck to your bathroom wall.

The suction cup travel bottles retail for S$7 each on Lazada.

9. Ocean-themed travel bottles

These adorable aquatic-themed travel bottles come in three designs: a dolphin, a whale, and a shark – and we can’t wait to collect them all. Thanks to the sealing ring as well as a leak-proof cap that offers good protection, you won’t end up with a mess in your toiletry bag.

These ocean-themed travel bottles retail for S$2.60 each on Shopee.

10. Silicone travel bottles

If you’re looking for a more neutral and sleeker design, give these silicone travel bottles a try. These travel bottles are made with three cover layers to keep them sealed nice and tight. They even have a leak-proof cross-valve for extra protection.

Each travel bottle retails for S$3.49 on Shopee.