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Let’s face it, all those dazzling white smiles seen on the celebrities we idolise is what we all want to have but unfortunately, it proves to be quite a tricky goal to achieve. And the truth is, you’re not alone in this.

In fact, stained or yellow teeth are caused by a variety of reasons ranging from our diet to medication and lifestyle choices most of the time. I’m quite certain that mine is caused by my food choices, which may just surprise you once you know what they are.

Keep reading to find out what are the culprits behind my yellow teeth and whether a new toothpaste can actually help me whiten my stained teeth.

What causes yellow teeth?

cup of black tea photo source freestocks org pexels

Photo source: Freestocks/Pexels

I may not be a smoker but I’ve always known that smoking is one of the biggest factors behind yellow teeth. However, little did I know that foods and drinks that I love can also have the ability to stain teeth too.

For one, I love to enjoy a glass of Coca-Cola especially on a hot day but I try to limit myself to just one glass per day because we all know that sugary sweet sodas can cause yellow teeth and decay.

But, did you know that tea can lead to yellow teeth too?! Yes, you read that right – and it’s not just tannin-rich black tea that I’m referring to.

As it turns out, green tea and chamomile can stain teeth too, giving them a grey cast as found by certain studies.


Photo source: Chevanon Photography/Pexels

Even my lattes and cappuccinos aren’t spared because coffee does, in fact, cause the yellowing of teeth as well.

Just like black tea, coffee contains tannins and has an acidic nature that alters the pH balance of your mouth.

This, in turn, makes any acidic foods you eat thereafter damage your teeth more quickly – yikes!

Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste review: Does this new whitening toothpaste formula work?

Of course, this is not to say you can’t enjoy your favourite English Breakfast tea or latte anymore. For the beverages, the workaround is to drink your tea or coffee with a straw or from a to-go lid.

You can also consider adding a dash of milk to your cup of tea, as research has found that just one dollop of milk can actually reduce tea’s ability to stain teeth.

More often than not, you may also think of going for professional teeth whitening treatment to reduce the yellowish appearance of your teeth, just like I’d considered previously.

But I’ve always felt that teeth whitening treatments can be quite sensitising, so I decided to ease into it and go for a gentler daily option first, which is whitening toothpaste.

darlie all shiny white supreme enzyme toothpaste review fresh mint

Photo by Daily Vanity

That’s when I got the opportunity to try the all-new Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste. The whitening toothpaste formula is said to help dissolve stains and whiten teeth thanks to micro-whitening agents that offer five times better stain-fighting power.

On top of that, it’s also said to have the ability to form a high-density shield over your teeth which protects them from future stains. What this means is that you can enjoy your favourite food and drink and still confidently flaunt your white, bright smile as the shield helps cast away any worry about the staining of teeth.

That’s not all, Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste has another secret under its sleeve too – it’s a dual enzyme formula powered by two natural enzyme compounds, namely papain and glucanese, that are gentle on the enamel.

darlie all shiny white supreme enzyme toothpaste review texture

Photo by Daily Vanity

To put its whitening prowess to the test, I tried the Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste (Fresh Mint) for a week without changing the foods I eat or the drinks I consume.

As a long-term Darlie Double Action Toothpaste user, I was able to instantly tell how this formula is able to whiten teeth and yet still has a refreshingly minty sensation that is a Darlie signature.

In addition, the Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste also comes in a Floral Fresh variant that has a light floral aroma and slight mint flavour that complements, not overwhelms – perfect for those who prefer a less minty brushing experience!

Using the Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste was really simple too, as it comes in a fuss-free cap with a well-designed opening that dispenses sufficient product with just a gentle squeeze.

darlie all shiny white supreme enzyme toothpaste review before after

The appearance of my teeth improved slightly after just using the toothpaste for a week

After using it twice daily for seven days, I noticed slight improvements in my teeth as some of the stains looked slightly lightened which is quite a feat, considering that I’ve only used it for a short period of time.

With continuous use, I believe that the Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste can help further reduce the yellowing of my teeth so that I am one step closer to finally achieving a dazzling white smile seen in the movies and magazines.

Apart from the Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste, there’s also the Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Toothpaste (S$5.90) in the collection which is powered by anti-oxidant coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). The Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Toothpaste comes in two flavours: Refreshing Mint and Edelweiss.

Darlie All Shiny White Supreme Enzyme Toothpaste comes in two flavours – Fresh Mint and Floral Fresh – and each retails for S$5.90. Find it at major supermarkets, hypermarkets, and pharmacies as well as online at Shopee, Lazada, and Redmart.

This article is brought to you by Darlie.