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Ever since HBO’s Emmy-winning TV drama Euphoria came to the forefront with its mesmerising beauty looks, we’ve been on the lookout for eyeshadow palettes to help us replicate the same captivating shimmer effect.

Fortunately, the hottest product that has been making rounds on social media may be what we’ve been looking for this whole time, and you can get your hands on it right here in Singapore.

This product is none other than Dior’s latest Diorshow Mono Couleur Couture Eyeshadow, which has been trending all over RED (a.k.a. China’s Instagram).

Source: RED

The shade 633 Coral Look (above) is responsible for the hype, wowing users with its stunning, glittery payoff that sparkles like stars in the night sky.

Unlike the usual dramatic glitter shadows, this gives off a beautiful glimmer and is subtle enough for everyday wear. Many users have also been raving about its creamy texture and intense pigmentation that lasts all day.

If you’re not a fan of coral tones, Dior has generously blessed us with a wardrobe of 17 other show-stopping colours that is enriched with aloe vera and pine oil to give you comfortable wear all day.

But that’s not all, these shades also come in five new finishes, including satin, matte, velvet, glitter, and metallic, so you can create completely different looks.

In true Daily Vanity fashion, here is a low-down of our top picks that stand out in the Mono Couleur Couture Eyeshadow collection.

Velvet: 884 Rouge Trafalgar

A deep radiant red, Rouge Trafalgar’s velvet finish mimics the depth of soft fabric and pays homage to the iconic red dresses that Christian Dior himself used to light up the runways with.

Source: Dior

Other velvet eyeshadows in this collection include:

  • 570 Copper (Velvety bronze)

Matte: 763 Rosewood

A rusty rose, Rosewood is incredibly flattering for all skin tones and gives every eye look a pretty wash of pink, making it the perfect base shade for summer.

Source: Dior

Other matte eyeshadows in this collection include:

  • 009 Black Bow (Matte black)
  • 443 Cashmere (Warm matte beige)
  • 449 Dune (Matte sand beige)

Satin: 240 Denim

A blue jean colour with a satiny finish, Denim echoes the casual-chic style of this wardrobe staple. Plus, blue is the it-shade of this season, so why not give this colour a whirl?

Source: Dior

Other satin eyeshadows in this collection include:

  • 280 Lucky Clover (Satiny pine green)
  • 481 Poncho (Satiny brown)
  • 530 Tulle (Soft satiny beige)
  • 573 Nude Dress (Deep satiny beige)
  • 826 Rose Montaigne (Satiny dusty rose)

Glitter: 006 Pearl Star

Other than 633 Coral Look, we have to shine a spotlight on this stunning glittery white shade that will accentuate any eye look. Use it on the inner corners of your eyelids for an extra pop of light and dimension.

Source: Dior

Other glitter eyeshadows in this collection include:

  • 616 Gold Star (Glittery gold)
  • 633 Coral Look (Glittery coral)

Metallic: 658 Beige Mitzah

A metallic beige, this shade pays tribute to the legendary muse Mitzah Bricard by evoking the same browns you see from leopard prints that she famously donned. We also think it is an extremely versatile shade that is perfect for a smoky eye or everyday wear.

Source: Dior

Other metallic eyeshadows in this collection include:

  • 045 Gris Dior (Metallic grey)
  • 619 Tutu (Metallic ballerina pink)

The Diorshow Mono Couleur Couture Eyeshadow retails for S$49 at all Dior boutiques. You can also snag them at Selfridges.com for S$45.

Featured image credits: RED and Dior