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Like how audiophiles are willing to spend a bomb on the best systems for music, beauty enthusiasts are willing to shell out money on products and services that can help them achieve their vanity goals.

We know most of us may be happy to part with SGD200 for a really good serum and SGD100 for a to-die-for makeup palette. But what if we up the stakes, and ask if you’ll spend more than SGD1,000 on beauty solutions that are said to be revolutionary?

Yeah, we’d have gulped back our shock.

But there’s only one way to find out if it’s worthwhile – to try them out for ourselves. So here are our reviews of three beauty products and services that collectively cost SGD4,378 – that’s more than a month’s salary for some of us.

1. SGD1,200 night cream from outer space

Rocket science? Perhaps so. The Celestial Black Diamond Cream from 111SKIN, a luxury skincare brand developed by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, is made with diamond particles said to be formed in space.

These precious micro-spherical particles are able to penetrate more deeply into skin to deliver active ingredients such as Argireline (a topical formula to rival Botox) and NAC Y2. Together, these ingredients offer tightening and brightening effects on skin.

How did it work for me: I recommend massaging in the product with your hands first before massaging your facial contours with the metallic applicator that the product comes with. The cream may seem rich and heavy at first, but it absorbs quite quickly when combined with the warmth from your hands.

I applied the cream to only half of my face. The cream felt heavy and greasy at first, but once absorbed, left my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated – sans greasiness. After 15 minutes, the side that I applied the cream on looked noticeably more lifted; the corner of my mouth looked less droopy than the other side. My skin also felt more nourished and looked brighter.

For obvious results to be observed within such a short time, I’d say that this product may indeed be an out-of-the-world anti-ageing solution to help fight signs of ageing. A little also goes a long way, which mean the jar can last you for approximately three months.

111SKIN carries a huge range of products that address different skin concerns. The brand is finally coming to Singapore and will be available at Robinsons The Heeren from 10 January 2018.

2. SGD1,288 facial treatment that combines three proven technologies in one session

Dr. Georgia Lee is a household name in the beauty industry. The aesthetic doctor who’s known for her star-studded clientele is also the owner of DrSpa, a chain of boutiques that offer non-invasive treatments, such as the Glow Mira-Lift that I’ve tried.

My jawline looked sharper and laugh lines less obvious as we proceeded with the facial treatment.

This facial treatment combines three technologies that have are well-known for their instant results: Advanced radio frequency technology, gold-plated micro-channelling, and IonWave technology. Pure Hyaluronic Acid is also infused into skin during the treatment so that skin can look instantly hydrated.

How did it work for me: The two-hour session was very pampering and so it flew by for me. From the photos I took of myself during the facial, I could see how my jawline looks sharper gradually. I also liked that my skin looked significantly more radiant and laugh lines appeared less obvious at the end of the session.

I was told that I should go for the treatment at least once a month, which I feel was a routine that’s pricey to upkeep. I am very likely to return before an important event because of how quickly and effectively it delivered results, but chances are, I won’t be a regular until I get a significant pay raise.

3. SGD1,890 night serum with groundbreaking technology

You’ll probably already associate La Prairie with its luxurious products that promise not only an indulgent experience, but also impressive results.

The new La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir adds another feather to its bejewelled hat.

The product’s unique formula is inspired by the brand’s heritage of scientific achievements, especially the Cellular Therapy work of Clinique La Prairie founder Dr Paul Niehans.

Formulated to address four essential functions of skin in one formula: nutrition, respiration, detoxification and immunity, this serum helps improve skin’s defence abilities so that it can look rejuvenated overnight – literally.

How did it work for me: At first glance, the product doesn’t look like a typical serum. Its beautiful bottle would look right at home among a collection of luxury fragrances. Pump it once, and one precious drop of product is dispensed. The amount is good enough to apply all over your face and neck.

The first thing I notice about the product is its incredible rate of absorption; my skin drank up the product eagerly. I like the velvety smooth feeling it left on my skin, and its subtle and pleasant scent makes it an absolute bedtime treat.

I used to suffer from dull complexion whenever I fail to get sufficient sleep the previous night. However, this night serum seemed to help my skin look more radiant on those tired mornings, so that my complexion didn’t look as fatigued I really feel.

In fact, a few days ago, while cleansing my face after a long day out, I looked into the mirror and thought to myself, “Wow, my foundation looks so good today even though I’ve been wearing it for more than 12 hours.” Only to realise later that I didn’t actually wear foundation that day!

This being said, since I’ve only used it for one and a half weeks so far, it may be too soon to say whether I love it enough to splurge on it. What I can say is, if I begin to find my skin looking more lifted, and if I start receiving comments about more youthful-looking skin, I may just be ready to do so. After all, no woman above 30 can resist an anti-ageing solution that feels so indulgent.