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At first glance this product looks like a wooden shoe horn or a bamboo scratcher. But it actually belongs to the beauty world: a beechwood massager for your face and body.

aromatica wooden dolphin face and body massager review 1

Korean clean beauty brand Aromatica has arrived in Singapore in March and its products are now available exclusively at Sephora.

While the brand has a list of impressive products, the one that really caught our eyes is the Aromatica Wooden Dolphin Face & Body Massage Tool.

aromatica wooden dolphin face and body massager review 2

Shaped like a dolphin (of course!), this massage tool is designed by a professional aromatherapist so that it can properly reach four acupressure zones to relax muscles, improve lymphatic circulation, and help with detoxification of skin.

You probably won’t be able to find another tool in the same shape because the design patent for it has been registered.

While the rest of the beauty world is obsessing over crystal or jade massagers, this one’s made using torsion-free beechwood from Europe – a material that’s commonly used to make high-end furniture – that’s coated in natural walnut oil, because of how durable it is.

Aromatica Wooden Dolphin Face & Body Massage Tool review

The tool may look weird but the moment I picked it up to start using it, I already appreciate its ergonomic design.

Its unique curves allow the massager to fit snugly into different acupressure points that I’d want to reach, whether it’s for my neck, shoulder, calves, jawline, cheekbones, or even head and scalp.

Here are a few how-to videos to help you learn how to use it better:

While the brand has recommended curves on the tool to fit specific parts of the body or face, I feel that you can go through some trial-and-error to figure out the best spot for yourself too.

For a better usage experience, remember to apply face or body oil first. Otherwise, it can get rather painful as it’s hard to move it around without lubrication.

After using it, simply wipe it down with a dry cloth and store it in a dry place. There’s no need to wash it – in fact, it should avoid contact with water – which makes it quite convenient and easy to maintain.

Aromatica Wooden Dolphin Face & Body Massage Tool retails for S$36 and is available at Sephora.