As if dealing with acne in your teenage years wasn’t bad enough, many of us have to suffer from acne scars in our adulthood.

Keith from Daily Vanity has been on the lookout for solutions that can improve his acne-scarred skin. He has tried several topical products such as peels, which claim to improve the condition, but he has never seen any visible results.

Looking for a solution, he found his way to Dore Aesthetics, which offers a range of medi-facial treatments. Read on to see his review!

Finding the right solutions to acne scar removal

To make sure that Keith gets the best solution for his skin, Dore arranged for him to speak to a Dore consultant. She assessed his condition so that the most suitable treatment and number of sessions can be recommended to him.

Keith fills in a questionnaire so Dore can understand his skin condition and lifestyle better.

Keith speaks to a Dore consultant.

“The thorough consultation makes me feel that I can make a good decision based on the recommendations given,” says Keith.

Keith then decided on a recommended acne scar removal treatment, which was administered to him skilfully.

“Dore has a nice ambience, and everyone at Dore tries their best to make me feel as comfortable as possible. They also explained to me clearly about how to care for my skin after the treatment, so I know exactly what to expect,” Keith shares.

Review of results after one week

Keith experiences some redness right after the treatment.

Keith’s review is positive. He experienced some redness on his skin right after his treatment, but after one week, most of the redness has subsided and he is already seeing some visible results on his skin.

Results after 1 week

While there is still a little redness, his skin feels smoother. A few of the deeper pits look less obvious, and some of the shallow ones almost look like they have evened out completely. His overall skin tone also appears brighter.

Keith is recommended to go for other types of treatments at Dore that can help supplement the first session. This means that if he keeps up with the treatments, he would be able to see even better results than these!

There’s a solution for every skin problem

Dore is able to recommend the ideal solutions for a wide range of aesthetic concerns. Contact them at 67021478 for an appointment. At the time of writing, Dore has served more than 2,000 satisfied customers with a Google Review rating of 4.2 stars – that’s very impressive! This is also why Dore has received good reviews and features from several major publications.

Dore Aesthetics is located at 160 Robinson Road, SBF Center (via Mediplex Lobby), #4-02, Singapore 068914.

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