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When it comes to any weight loss and slimming regime or treatment, you are typically told to have determination, and press on even if you don’t see any results at first. This is usually true. I visited Dorra Slimming at its Plaza Singapura outlet recently, particularly attracted by the idea that they promise I’ll be able to see results right from the very first session.

How the process was like

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A one-on-one consultation was first conducted so that my consultant was able to understand what my slimming goals were and what could be causing my weight problems. Besides doing a body-fat composition analysis, which measures the percentage of my body’s muscle mass, fat and water content, and even toxin level, the consultant also asked me a series of questions to understand my lifestyle better.

From the analysis and chat, my consultant told me that my current fitness regime is good and that I have a relatively low-calorie diet, however, my toxin level is quite high. She asked if I am facing high stress level at work and haven’t been sleeping enough – I told her that she was right. She also identified that one of the challenges I face when it comes to weight loss is genetic – I have been chubby since young and my parents are both on the heavy side as they got older.

But she told me that there are customised treatments she can devise for me to help target my concerns – in my case, stubborn fat around the tummy and thighs. I enjoyed the consultation because my consultant was very thorough with her explanation, and she had never put me down in any way, nor make me feel uncomfortable. I feel that many consultants tend to resort to a blaming attitude to make customers feel guilty or bad, but the Dorra Slimming consultant never did that. She made me feel like she’s a ready companion on my slimming journey.

The Bye Bye Fat treatment

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My consultant recommended the Bye Bye Fat treatment, which uses gel products that aid with fat-burning (they call them “boosters”) together with a contouring machine that helps the product penetrate better, and at the same time increase metabolism of body and also breaks down the size of fat cells and stops them from expanding or increasing in number. I felt a bit of warmth on the target areas (at the tummy and thighs) but it was very comfortable – like a light-handed massage.


I was told that the product will continue to work even after the treatment is done, for the rest of the day, so it’s normal to feel some warmth around the treated area later on.

After the short treatment (approximately 20 minutes), I was asked to feel my tummy (and compare it to how it felt before the treatment started). I noticed that the treated areas felt a lot softer – an indication that the stubborn fat cells are slowly giving way and breaking down.

More importantly, the measurements that were taken before and after the treatment showed that I have lost a few centimetres, and visually, I could also see that I have a more shapely waistline. My consultant told me that at Dorra Slimming, they believe that weight is just a number, what they want to help clients achieve is to reduce their dress sizes, which is a goal that I believe in too.

Being able to see instant results is very encouraging and gratifying, and it makes me more motivated with whatever weight loss plans I am having, because it is possible to see a more svelte me!

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