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I saw my first sign of ageing at 26. It seems like what the beauty articles I’ve been reading were true: my skin’s condition deteriorates drastically after I hit 25 years old.

It was when I first noticed that my skin didn’t recover as quickly as it did before – a late night or some neglect in skincare can make me wake up to duller or blotchier skin.

And just as I’ve come to terms with it, I hit another hump when I turned 35. I began to notice a dullness in my complexion that I can’t seem to get rid of and I’m also beginning to notice more dehydration in my skin.

Besides natural ageing, I attribute these problems to my stressful lifestyle, late nights, and not being conscientious enough with my skincare routine, especially after a child came along.

DR. WU’s anti-ageing skincare range: Ageversal Repairing Series

Dr Wu Anti Ageing Ageversal Review 2

It was time to admit that the old skincare routine that I’ve been using through my 20s may not serve me as well anymore and that it’s time to be committed to an anti-ageing routine.

I’ve heard a lot about DR. WU, a clinical skincare brand that’s founded by Dr. Ying-Chin Wu, a renowned dermatologist in Taiwan with over 40 years of clinical experience. I’ve seen its products featured in Taiwanese media and also heard friends spoke about how using its products is like having medical skin treatments at home.

The brand has recently upgraded its Ageversal Repairing series, an anti-ageing skincare range that is formulated with four of the most effective peptides used in clinical skincare. These are known to smooth wrinkles and restore skin firmness over time.

At the heart of this new formulation is the patented “duo-wave tightening and firming technology” that has been proven to restore skin’s elasticity and firmness in mature and aged skin. It mimics the results of in-office dermatology treatments through topically applied products – sounds pretty amazing!

Given the brand’s popularity with Taiwanese celebrities and how it’s Taiwan’s No.1 Cosmeceutical Brand, I jumped at the chance to try out the products when the brand sent them to me.

DR. WU’s anti-ageing range review: trying it for 2 weeks

Dr Wu Anti Ageing Ageversal Range

I added four DR. WU Ageversal Repairing products to my routine: the Ageversal Intensive Firming Essence (S$64.90), Ageversal Intensive Repairing Serum with Squalene (S$55.90), Ageversal Extreme Repairing Cream (S$149.90), and the Ageversal Advanced Repairing Eye Cream (S$89.90).

The brand promises that you’ll see younger skin in seven days – so I’m really excited to try the products out!

Ageversal Intensive Firming Essence review

Dr Wu Ageversal Intensive Firming Essence

I use this right after cleansing as the toning step. You can apply it with a cotton pad or directly onto your face.

For me, I use a cotton pad every three to four days to apply the essence as a gentle way to exfoliate my skin, and on days my skin feels very dehydrated, I go for a direct application.

This has a watery texture that feels slightly greasy at first. But thankfully it absorbs immediately and doesn’t leave behind any greasiness on my hands and face. In fact, my skin feels nourished right after application and ready to take in skincare goodness from subsequent products.

The product is free from alcohol and artificial fragrances and feels soothing on my skin, unlike some other essences and toners I’ve tried that sometimes irritated the sensitive areas of my skin.

Ageversal Intensive Repairing Serum with Squalene review

Dr Wu Ageversal Intensive Repairing Serum

I’ve always steered away from oil-based products so I was initially a little wary of the DR. WU Ageversal serum. Interestingly, this turns out to be my favourite product from the range; here’s why.

While it is oil-based, it feels extremely lightweight. I was surprised by how fluid it was when I dispensed it. I warm it up with my palms and pat the product onto my entire face. The serum instantly nourished my dehydrated skin.

In the mornings when I wake up with exceptionally dehydrated skin, especially if I sleep with my air-conditioner on, this intensely hydrates my skin so it no longer feels uncomfortably tight. Instead, my skin feels supple, fine lines caused by dehydrated are immediately less obvious, and my complexion even has a subtle glow to it.

As part of my night routine, this was a pampering step that I look forward to. The product has a pleasant scent and a luxurious texture that goes well with a facial massage – whether using your own hands or with a facial roller.

I find myself looking forward to using the DR. WU Ageversal Intensive Repairing Serum, which also encourages me to be more conscientious with my anti-ageing skincare routine.

Ageversal Extreme Repairing Cream review

Dr Wu Ageversal Extreme Repairing Cream

This is a moisturiser made with Glacier Plant Revitalizing Extract from the Alps. Its texture is slightly rich, which I love for my night routine, but I either use less of it or skip it in the morning especially when I’m intending to head out with a full face of makeup and a mask.

However, don’t write it off just because it is slightly heavy.

This has a very comforting scent that reminds me of lavender that offers a spa-like sensorial experience to the routine. I also love that it really blankets my skin and locks in moisture.

On nights that I applied the product and had the air-conditioner on, I find that I wake up to skin that’s less dehydrated than when I was not using it, so this cream definitely serves its purpose in keeping skin hydrated.

Ageversal Advanced Repairing Eye Cream review

Dr Wu Ageversal Eye Cream

The eye cream has a luxurious texture that’s lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin. It also leaves a slightly cooling sensation that feels really soothing on the eye area.

I feel that the nourishing cream helps make fine lines around the eyes less obvious and also perk it up so it looks more radiant. I am also glad that it doesn’t interfere with my makeup so I can use it both day and night.

But the thing about anti-ageing products is that results are key. In order to track whether these products really deliver anti-ageing results that I was looking for, I took a photo of myself for the 14 days that I tried them so I can compare how my skin looked over time.

Photos and hydration readings over 14 days

I took daily photos of myself over two weeks to see if I can really achieve younger skin in seven days. The short answer? Yes.

You can see that while I don’t have very obvious blemishes to begin with, there’s a dullness in my complexion that can only be corrected by makeup.

Dr Wu Ageversal Anti Ageing Review Daily Photos

Gradually, my complexion started looking more radiant and I look more “awake” than before. I feel that on Day 7 there’s finally a “glow” to my skin – as promised by the brand.

The change is subtle but promising – I am quite confident that I can continue to see improvement if I continue with the routine!

Dr Wu Ageversal Anti Ageing Skincare Review Hydration And Oil LevelsTop: Reading from Day 1 | Bottom: Reading from Day 14

Besides these photos, I also took down the hydration level of my skin on the mornings of Day 1 and on Day 14, before I apply any skincare products.

Numbers don’t lie and I think we can conclusively say that the DR. WU Ageversal Repairing anti-ageing range of products has helped to improve my dehydrated skin. You can see that the moisture level of my skin has gone up while the sebum level has gone down.

Boost in hydration is an important part of any anti-ageing routine because it is associated with improving skin dullness and fine lines. So you can say that I’m very pleased with my results!

Redeem a trial sample of the DR. WU Ageversal serum

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