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Most of us are familiar with these problems with our lashes: they are short, straight, and droopy — to the point where getting them to hold a curl can feel downright impossible at times. It’s pretty disheartening to hear, especially when we know that curled lashes give off the impression of a fuller lash-line and a ‘wide awake’ look that you just can’t achieve with just mascara alone.

If your eyelash curler has been getting too much use these days, well, you just might want to pay attention, because we may have found the solution to all your problems: a lash lift.

Nope, you’re not reading that wrong! It’s not a new type of lash extensions, or a fancy new strip lash— a lash lift is actually a semi-permanent procedure that literally lifts and gives a curl to your natural lashes by itself, with no need for extensions! Intrigued? We know we were.

With this is mind, we set out to find a place that offers this service before landing on Dreamlash, whom we’ve also reviewed for their eyelash extension services.

But first: what makes a lash lift so different from lash extensions?

Dreamlash Lash Lift Review How It Is Like

Other than the fact that a lash lift utilises your own lashes, a lash lift also ensures a more natural, wide awake look that lasts for 8-12 weeks. The results are the most obvious in the first 3-4 weeks, and customers can even opt for a tint to go along with it that helps darken their natural lashes, adding a mascara-like effect.

Everything can be finished in just 60 minutes, with significantly less aftercare required as compared to lash extensions. It really depends on kind of effect you want to achieve as extensions enhance length and volume while lash lifting enhances length and curling effect to ‘open up the eyes’.

Dreamlash Difference Lash Lift Lash Extension

With our curiosities sufficiently piqued, we decided to send a member of our team down to try out the Dreamlash Filler Lash Lift treatment for herself. Read on to see what she thought of it!

What was the Dreamlash Filler Lash Lift process like?

I have heard of a lash lift before, but I wasn’t too sure how it works when I first walked into Dreamlash. My impression was that it wouldn’t be as defined as eyelash extensions, and might not last as long as extensions either, so I was looking forward to trying out a lash lift to see what the key differences were.

Dreamlash Lash Lift Review- before

My natural lashes before the procedure.

This is how my lashes appeared before the procedure. They’re long, but naturally droopy and straight, as you can tell.

Dreamlash Lash Lift Review Tidying Up Lashes

I was told that I can choose between three curled sizes, based on my preference, and if I want to opt to tint my lashes to give a ‘mascara-like’ effect after. I went for the smallest, and decided to give tinting my lashes a go as well!

My lash artist, Rachel, then kicked things off by cleaning and tidying my lashes. With seven years of experience under her belt, I felt that I was in safe hands the entire time.

Another factor that reassured me? How the Dreamlash Filler Lash Lift differs from other lash perms. Traditional lash perms tend to come with a pungent scent, due to the ammonia solution used but not this treatment. Opting for a natural Keratin formulation instead, this treatment thus ensures that your fragile lashes don’t sustain any damage.

She combed them out with a rod, letting my lashes lie-flat first so as to ensure that the lifting process would go by smoothly after.

Dreamlash Lash Lift Review Setting Her Lashes1

Then, came the moment of truth: setting the lashes with a silicone pad to give them a more defined, curled shape. A lotion then was applied to lift, firm and nourish my fragile lashes and under-eye area. The lotion is made of plant-based ingredients, making it safe for use in this delicate zone.

The whole procedure felt exceedingly comfortable throughout, though I had to remember to relax my eyelids constantly. This is so you can avoid the lotion from getting into your eyes!

The last step was the lash tinting, of course. There are two variations you can choose from black and blue-black, which is a little less intense. I opted for the pure black shade, mostly because I was hoping to see discernible results.

The end result was, simply put: drastically different.

Dreamlash Lash Lift Review- after front

Dream Lash Lash Lift Review Before And After

My lashes after they underwent the Dreamlash Filler Lash Lift Treatment.

I loved how much lifted and perkier my lashes looked immediately after the treatment! The difference is immediate and stark, as you can tell. I looked awake enough that it felt as if I could skip out on my usual everyday liner look, even, and it was even more of a relief to hear about the comparatively simpler aftercare treatment. All I needed to do was to keep lashes dry for just the next 2-3 days and avoid mascara for the next 3 days. It is so easy!

Convinced to try this treatment out for yourself? Well, here’s what you have to do to prep for it: avoid using a lash curler about 2-3 days before the Dreamlash Filler Lash Lift Treatment, and waterproof mascara, too! It is also recommended that you remove any lash extensions (if you have any!) before undergoing this treatment.

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