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If you’re a fan of K-pop or K-dramas, you’ve probably noticed the mesmerising lashes of Korean celebrities like Park Shin-Hye, IU, and Yoon Eun-Hye.

These stars have set the bar high for flawless lashes that seem to defy gravity, leaving many of us wondering how they achieve such a striking look. Are they born with it, or is it a result of some secret beauty hack?

Well, to see if we could achieve that fluttery, eye-catching look ourselves, Daily Vanity‘s editorial director Kristen decided to try Dreamlash Korea’s Korean Classic Eyelashes, a lash extension service that promises a natural look and is fully customised for each individual’s eyes.

Pssst! Dreamlash also picked up the Influencers’ Choice award for Best Natural Lash Extensions at the most recent Daily Vanity Beauty Treatment Awards, so you know that the Korean Classic Eyelashes are a must-try!

Read on for our editor’s full review and see the results for yourself.

Dreamlash Korea Korean Classic Eyelashes Review: The Consultation

dreamlash korea korean classic eyelashes space

“When I arrived at Dreamlash Korea’s plush and spacious outlet at Citylink Mall, my lash artist seated me on a comfortable couch near the reception.”

dreamlash korea korean classic eyelashes space consultation

“She looked at my lashes’ length and volume, asked about how sensitive my eyes are, whether I have done lash extensions before, and learned about the result that I’d like to achieve.”

dreamlash korea korean classic eyelashes lash styles

“She then took out the curl and length options to share more about possible ones that we can eventually do. Did you know that Dreamlash Korea has the widest range of eyelashes you can find in any lash studio in Singapore?”

dreamlash korea korean classic eyelashes preview

“Heading to the treatment room, she placed single lash strands near my lash line while I held on to a mirror to visualise how the lashes will look like. From there, we decided on the length and curl preferred.

I shared that I wanted a natural look that appears like I’m wearing thin eyeliner and light mascara. She recommended the Korean Classic Elegant, eight to 11mm dolly set, C curl, for me.”

Dreamlash Korea Korean Classic Eyelashes Review: The Process

dreamlash korea korean classic eyelashes cleansing

“As soon as I decided on a lash style and curl type, we began. First, she cleansed my eye area before putting on undereye masks as well as stickers to keep my lower lashes out of the way.”

dreamlash korea korean classic eyelashes lash glue

“Then, she proceeded with the lash application. Dreamlash Korea’s Korean Classic Eyelashes are done using the lash-by-lash technique, where one strand of synthetic eyelash is placed on one strand of natural eyelash.”

dreamlash korea korean classic eyelashes lash application

“Each synthetic lash is also placed at a safe distance away from the lash line, so I would feel comfortable wearing a full set of eyelash extensions.”

dreamlash korea korean classic eyelashes drying

“During the process, my lash artist checked in on me regularly to make sure I wasn’t experiencing any discomfort, such as a stinging sensation in the eyes.

When the lash extensions were completed, she let me check the final look to make sure I was happy with it.”

Dreamlash Korea Korean Classic Eyelashes Review: The Results

dreamlash korea korean classic eyelashes results

“The results were exactly what I wanted – an “enhanced” version of my original set of lashes. It was natural-looking in terms of its length and curl. My lash artist gave good recommendations that helped me ultimately achieve the look that I wanted.”

dreamlash korea korean classic eyelashes before after

“It felt like I either had very good mascara on or have put on a very natural-looking set of falsies. They didn’t feel heavy nor did they feel like they were “blocking” my vision.

The last time I did lash extensions, I had severe redness and a bit of a stinging sensation in my eyes. But this time, the entire process was very comfortable. And while I teared as I did before, the redness was very moderate and there wasn’t any pain at all.

This is certainly the most comfortable experience I’ve had. Besides this, I am also very happy with the results and customer service level.

My lash artist was very customer-oriented and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process.

For instance, she checked in to make sure that my eyes are feeling comfortable and asked if I was okay when I started tearing (an involuntary response even though I wasn’t feeling discomfort).

She also has a very friendly disposition that helps make it easy for me to share with her what I thought. I felt that there was two-way communication and that I was just as involved in deciding how I wanted the result to look like.”

Dreamlash Korea Korean Classic Eyelashes Review: The Final Verdict

dreamlash korea korean classic eyelashes verdict

“While a few strands fell off after a few days – which is rather normal – my lashes still looked pretty much like how they did when I first stepped out of the salon.

I followed the after-care instructions of not rubbing my eyes aggressively and using only water-based products very closely, which I think very likely helped preserve the look as well.

I would definitely recommend the service to everyone who is interested in doing lash extensions.

Dreamlash Korea understands lash trends and from what I hear from my lash artist, they are always travelling to Korea to bring in the latest technology and techniques from there, which makes me feel assured that I will be walking out of the salon with trendy-looking lashes.

My lash artist also followed up with me via WhatsApp a few days later to check in on me to make sure that everything was going okay. I really appreciated how she went the extra mile to check on my lash and eye condition.

The level of professionalism certainly made the entire experience very pleasant for me.”

About Dreamlash Korea

dreamlash outlet interior

Get ready to flutter those beautiful lashes with Dreamlash Korea. This premium eyelash extension studio is dedicated to customising lash designs that perfectly complement the shape of your eyes.

Dreamlash imports only the latest and highest quality eyelash products directly from Korea, ensuring that their extensions are both safe and stunning.

Plus, their techniques are beloved by customers because they allow for the continual growth of your natural lashes, while keeping you completely comfortable during the process.

Rest assured that you’ll be in expert hands at Dreamlash, where all the lash artists are professionally trained and certified by the Korean Eyelash Association.

dreamlash korea korean classic eyelashes dvbta award

And if you need further proof of their expertise, Dreamlash has won numerous awards and is even behind Singapore’s top eyelash extensions training school: The Lash Academy.

Let Dreamlash Korea help you achieve your dream lash look today!

First-time customers can enjoy Dreamlash Korea Korean Classic Eyelash Extension at 15% off!

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Dreamlash Korea Korean Classic Eyelash Extension is priced from S$98 onwards. 

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