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If you hate spending too much time on eye makeup every morning just so that you can look “awake”, you might have considered lash extension.

I am putting my hands up together with you. I’ve thought of doing eyelash extension but have been putting off any plans to get it because I’m rather apprehensive about getting the procedure done. After all, there is no shortage of horror stories about eyelash extensions going wrong – including stories of people losing all of their natural lashes.

When my editor assigned me to check out Dreamlash, I decided to take the plunge. After all, Dreamlash is a reputable and experienced premium Korean eyelash extension studio, and so I felt that I would be in safe hands.

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And their experience and professionalism shows. My lash stylist was able to answer all of my pressing questions and soothed my doubts about lash extension. According to her, natural lash fallout was inevitable due to our natural lash cycle, but it definitely wouldn’t be noticeable especially with proper aftercare. This means not getting water on your lashes for the first three hours, no swimming, and definitely no constant touching or prodding of your lashes. Talk about self-control! After going through what would entail for my treatment, I was ready to begin.

What was the lash extension process like at Dreamlash?

The session began with a detailed consultation with the lash stylist who looked at my natural lashes and eye shape, asked me several questions, before recommending and customising the lash design for me. I was told that Dreamlash doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” lash design, but that it should be customised to fit every individual’s eye shape and lashes.

Dreamlash Review Process 3

Once we’ve agreed on the lash design to go for, the procedure begins. First, an eye mask was applied over my undereye area, and I was instructed to keep my eyes closed until asked otherwise. The process was so comfortable that I didn’t even realise that the procedure had started. The lash stylist checked in with me constantly to make sure that I was feeling okay, and also made it a point to ask if my eyes were feeling dry or irritable from the process. The meticulous and caring service makes me feel well taken care of, and I was able to relax easily.

Dreamlash Review Process 2

Other than a slight stinging sensation, which, according to the lash stylist is perfectly normal, I didn’t feel much of anything else. In fact, I was told that most customers actually fall asleep during the procedure.

Dreamlash Review Process 1

The whole process took about an hour and a half, with the lash stylist patiently using a fan to blow dry my lashes to hasten the process of the glue setting in. By the time I was done, I was left with long, luscious lashes that made me feel more beautiful and awake than before.

This is how my eyes look before the lash extension service:

Dreamlash Review Before

Take a closer look at how my natural new lash extension looks.

Dreamlash Review Closeup 2
Dreamlash Review Closeup 1
It was an overall pleasant experience, with the lashes holding up nicely even a week later. My newly extended lashes don’t just mean that I can skip mascara application altogether, but their lushness also makes it look as though I already have eyeliner on. These days, I feel that I didn’t need to apply any eye makeup and could still look fresh and awake. This has helped me speed up my daily makeup routine – yay to more sleep! I definitely have plans to make a return trip to Dreamlash.

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Dreamlash is located at:

  • #B1-09A, City Link Mall (1 Raffles Link, Singapore 039393)
    For appointment, call 68848019, or Whatsapp to 86080729
  • #04-24 Compass One (1 Sengkang Square, Singapore 545078)
    For appointment, call 63865226, or Whatsapp to 81827297

This article is brought to you by Dreamlash Korea.