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Double eyelid surgeries are among the most popular cosmetic procedures around and we’re not surprised why. After all, many monolid women desire more expressive eyes that look perked up and larger, and double eyelids are able to offer these said effects.

But of course, we know that going under knife isn’t an option for many of us because it is a surgical procedure that comes with risks and side effects, including pain, swelling, and a permanent result that may not be satisfactory.

This is why we sat up when we heard that there’s a beauty treatment that is able create a crease on the eyelids, turning monolids to double eyelids, without any pain!

Dreamlash Megalift: Adds a crease to monolids without pain

The beauty treatment we’re talking about is Megalift, a new eyelash extension service by Dreamlash.

Dreamlash is a premium Korean eyelash extension studio that specialises in lash design. It is helmed by international judge and eyelash trainer, Ms Rachel Lye, and supported by her team of professional lash artists who all hold a lash certificate from the International Eyelash Design Association.


We understand that the Dreamlash is the first – and currently the only one – in Singapore that offers this unique service.

Dreamlash Megalift review: How does it work?

Megalift is a patented technique that uses mega volume eyelash extensions to create a crease line that lifts up eyelids. Dreamlash uses K Lash PRO, a premium line of eyelash extension products from Korea that uses high-grade lash fibres that are more natural and weightless on the eyes.

The result? Natural-looking double eyelids without any pain, discomfort, or hassle. And of course, you’ll get beautifully lush lashes to boot!



We sent a teammate to Dreamlash to experience the service and she’s impressed by how comfortable the experience was. She said she had done normal lash extensions before but they tend to feel heavy and weigh down her lids, but this service by Dreamlash doesn’t do that.

“I like that the result looks natural and was able to ‘open up’ my eyes,” she shared.

We would recommend Megalift to women with monolids who want to achieve the double eyelids look, and have been struggling with eyelid tapes or considering invasive procedures.

What are the results?

Here are the images of satisfied clients that impressed us:

Dreamlash Megalift Review Result 2

Dreamlash is located at:

  • 1 Raffles Link, #B1-09A, 039393 | Contact: 6884 8019 | Whatsapp: 8608 0729
  • 1 Sengkang Square, #04-24, 545078 | Contact: 6386 5226 | Whatsapp: 8182 7297

This article was brought to you by Dreamlash Korea.