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Aesthetic doctor and socialite Georgia Lee is a familiar name in the beauty and aesthetic industry. Known for her star-studded clientele, the doctor has branched out from providing aesthetic medical services such as botox and fillers, to owning four DrSpa boutiques that offer premium non-invasive treatments.

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The signature treatment at DrSpa is the Glow Mira-Lift, a facial designed to invigorate fatigue skin that looks dull, while lifting and tightening it visibly. Results are said to be seen just after one session.

Dr. Georgia Lee describes the Glow Mira-Lift as a treatment that “treats problems at the root, resulting not only in instantaneous improvement but also long-lasting, anti-ageing skin rejuvenation.”

Now, you must be wondering what we mean by “premium treatment”. Besides the superior technologies that are used in the session, it also comes with a rather hefty price tag: SGD1,288 per session.

In my line of work, I often have the opportunity to try very luxurious facial treatments, but the Glow Mira-Lift by DrSpa is by far, the most expensive.

How does Glow Mira-Lift work?

Glow Mira-lift, which is dubbed a “liquid face lift” by DrSpa, is a two-hour facial that uses three different technologies to achieve skin rejuvenation benefits. These are the three technologies used:

1. Advanced radio frequency technology

This FDA-approved technology is well known for stimulating collagen and elastin production. Besides delivering these benefits to plump up skin, the technology also reactivates and rejuvenates skin, preparing it for the absorption of the highly concentrated medical-grade Pure Hyaluronic Acid that is to be infused into skin later.

2. Gold-plated micro-channelling

Hyaluronic Acid is infused more deeply into skin with the micro-channelling technology.

This is the latest technology from Korea that helps induce collagen while concentrated pure Hyaluronic Acid is infused, so that the active ingredients can deeply penetrate into skin. The process also stimulates skin’s natural healing process, and improves its texture and firmness, while delivering instant lifting and tightening effect on skin.

3. IonWave technology

This is a proprietary technology from Israel, chosen for its superior trans-dermal delivery. While dermal penetration of ingredients are typically best when delivered through injections, this technology can safely replace injections to achieve dermal penetration up to 10mm, giving the premium active ingredients used in this facial extra mileage.

How do I feel about the Glow Mira-Lift?

During the consultation, I discussed with the consultant about my skin concerns, and we identified a few of them. I shared that I’d like to achieve more firmness, a sharper-looking jawline, less obvious laugh lines, and overall radiance. I was told that I would be able to observe these results instantly in just one session, and will also enjoy continual improvements and results for the next few weeks.

There is no discomfort in the entire two-hour process, in fact, everything felt very soothing and comfortable for me. However, I have a very high threshold for discomfort, so I’m going to point out the different parts of the treatment and share what you may feel.

At the radio frequency step, a device that delivers radio frequency waves is used on my face. There’s a red light emitted from the device, but it wasn’t too bright for me, and I definitely couldn’t feel it at all when my eyes are closed. A warm sensation can be felt but it certainly doesn’t burn.

Hyaluronic Acid is infused more deeply into skin with the micro-channelling technology.

The most “uncomfortable” part of the facial was probably the micro-channeling, where the therapist used a tool to create micro-perforations on the skin. I feel some pressure on the areas she applied on, but the tool felt blunt so it was very bearable.

As promised, the results were really instant. The one benefit that I feel was most obvious was the skin firming and tightening effect. My skin felt very taut, firm, and bouncy after the session.

My jawline looked sharper and laugh lines less obvious as we proceeded with the facial treatment.

Even as photos are taken throughout the facial, you can see how my jawline look sharper as it went on. My skin also looked more rejuvenated, less tired, and my laugh lines were less obvious.

Throughout the rest of the week, my skin continued to feel hydrated, probably thanks to the medical grade Hyaluronic Acid that has been deeply infused into my skin.

Will I try it again?

The Glow Mira-Lift is to be done once every month for a few sessions (dependent on your skin condition), and then once in a few months as a form of maintenance.

I can certainly see instant and obvious results that regular facials don’t always provide. I was conscientious with my skincare routine, and I felt like the results sustained for about two weeks.

The only trouble I’m having is definitely the price of the facial. You see, a botox or filler session can be cheaper than SGD1,288 (depending on how many light pulses are required) and results are also obvious and can be seen for up to three months.

The Glow Mira-Lift treatment, on the other hand, is certainly a more sustainable treatment in the long-run, but require several sessions to maintain the results, making it an expensive routine compared to injectable treatments.

I don’t think I’ll be returning for regular sessions, but will definitely consider it before any important event or if I have serious skin concerns (particularly related to skin firming) that I’d like to treat.

But of course, if you’ve already set aside a high budget for skincare, then I will recommend the Glow Mira-Lift facial over investing in topical skincare products of the same value. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of utility in it.