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My hair isn’t usually a big problem to me – I don’t see unusual hair fall, neither are there balding patches. However, after I lost all my hair to chemotherapy in 2014, the virgin hair that grew out eventually never looked quite as full and voluminous as it used to be.

This was how my hair used to look.

This was how my hair used to look.

You may tell me to be patient, and take on a wait-and-see approach, but I’m never one to sit on my laurels. This is why visiting a trichologist was an obvious course of action for me – I wanted a professional to take a good look at my hair and scalp condition and give me the advice and treatments that I need.

I have gone for five sessions of treatments with DRx Trichology Centre to share with you my experience:

1. Only a certified trichologist will do

I have visited other hair care centres and have also heard stories from my friends. The sad truth is that not everyone can say they have spoken to a certified trichologist to help them kick off their hair growth journey. In some cases, you may be going through a consultation with someone who isn’t trained professionally in trichology, but is more of a sales consultant who simply wants you to help them hit their sales target.


DRx Trichology Centre isn’t one of them. My consultation was done with Peggy, their principal trichologist, who is a certified trichologist; I can tell from the first five minutes of our chat that she knows her trade very well. Peggy has the gift of explaining medical concepts related to hair in very simple, layman terms. I easily warmed up to her and found myself asking her a lot of questions related to my hair and to which she gave very specific advice and explanations that I really appreciated.

2. Medically-proven processes that work

My usual treatments consist of a few procedures:

1. The DRx Purifying Therapy. Like our skin, our scalp needs regular exfoliation to remove toxins and wastes that are built up over time. This deep cleansing step makes sure that follicles are unclogged, and products are able to penetrate more effectively.

mesotherapy drx

2. The DRx Intensive Hair Regeneration Therapy (IHR). This is a very important step where the therapist stimulate the hair follicles with a micro-needle. At the same time, a pharmaceutical grade range of hair growth factor (HGF) is applied onto the scalp. While this step can be a little uncomfortable – after all, very tiny needles are being applied onto your scalp – but it is a crucial therapy to give your scalp the nutrients that it needs.

laser treatment drx

3. The Low Level Laser Treatment (LLLT). Finally, cold lasers that can help stimulate the follicles on the scalp is used. This low frequency laser doesn’t release any heat energy at all, so there isn’t any discomfort compared to the typical IPL treatments you might have tried on your skin.

I was also prescribed home care products including a shampoo, conditioner, and a scalp serum to continue with keep my scalp and hair healthy at home.

3. Seeing is believing: results are telling

I have noticed that my hair doesn’t look as flat and limp as before I started my treatments with DRx. It becomes easier to achieve a hairstyle with minimal styling required. A scan to compare my hair condition confirms that the treatments really worked for me.




I’m happy with the results and feel that everyone should take on a more pro-active approach towards taking care of their scalp and hair – after all our crowning glory has a huge impact on our overall appearance.

A complimentary scalp analysis just for Daily Vanity readers


Prevention will always be better than cure. There are a lot more a trichologist can do for your hair before the problem starts showing up noticeably.

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