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If you have been following Daily Vanity, you probably already know that Dyson has launched a new hairstyling device. We shared in March that the global technology company has announced the release of the Dyson Corrale straightener, a cord-free device with a unique design. This straightener will finally be available in Singapore on 10 June 2020.

Dyson Corrale Straightener 1

At the heart of the Dyson Corrale is the microhinged plate technology. This means that it comes with flexing plates that are able to shape and gather hair, applying even heat and tension to all the hair strands in every pass and keeping them perfectly aligned. This technology allows you to straighten your hair with reduced reliance on heat – which you know means that your hair will be less susceptible to damage.

Daily Vanity was given a sneak preview of the device and here’s our review of the Dyson Corrale straightener.

Dyson Corrale straightener review: First impression

No unique shape, but just as sleek as other Dyson products

Unlike the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer and Dyson Airwrap styler (you can click on both product names to open up our previous reviews in a new tab) – both of which have unique designs that make their appearance stand out from their competitors – the Dyson Corrale straightener looks like any other straightener in the market.

Dyson Corrale Review Appearance Pouch

Of course, it’s got that sleek, “tech-chic” look like all of Dyson’s products. For instance, you have to release the plates before the buttons and LED screen are revealed.

I thought that was a nice touch that doesn’t just protect the buttons from external elements when the the Dyson Corrale isn’t in use, concealing the buttons also make the aesthetic appearance of the product more sleek.

The straightener comes with a velvet pouch that allows it to be stored away or packed for travel easily. The pouch also doubles up as an insulation for you to rest the heated straightener during styling intervals.

Slightly heavy but still easy to handle and use

As I took it out of the box and first held it in my hand, I thought that it was slightly heavy. Thankfully, after using it, I noticed that the distribution of weight makes the device easy to handle.

Dyson Corrale Review Appearance

I also appreciate that it was also very easy to figure out how to use it. Besides the main switch on/off button, there are two buttons (one indicates “+” and another “-“) for temperature adjustments. You wouldn’t need a manual to know how to use it. The screen also prompts you so you know exactly what to do next.

Dyson Corrale Straightener Review Temperature Control

The Dyson Corrale comes with three precise heat settings: 165°C (330°F), 185°C (365°F), and 210°C (410°F). You can tailor the settings according to your hair type and desired style.

I asked Cara Wong, SEA Regional Trainer for the Personal Care Category at Dyson, how we should select the temperatures. She said that typically for thicker and more “stubborn” hair, a higher temperature is required for styling. But she suggested that for someone who is unsure of the temperature to use for the best styling result, always start with the lowest temperature setting first.

Dyson Corrale straightener review: Does it work well?

My hair broke less during the styling process

The moment I run my hair through the Dyson Corrale straightener, I was able to feel a difference between it and my regular straightener. (For context, my regular straightener is from a popular hairstyling device brand and is considered a mid-range product that costs more than S$100.)

I find that each passes I make along my hair was smoother and I lose less hair from breakage during the styling process. This is the most evident advantage Dyson Corrale has over my regular straightener because my hair tends to get “caught” between the plates, especially if I’m using it for curling, and I can lose quite a bit of hair during styling.

Dyson Corrale Straightener Review Flex Plates

This smoother styling experience can probably be attributed to the flexing plates of the Dyson Corrale; according to the brand, it is the only straightener with flexing plate technology at the moment.

Remember in this article’s introduction, we talked about how the flexing plates were able to mould and gather hair, giving more even heat and tension to every hair strand? I’m guessing the ability to apply even tension on every part of my hair with the Dyson Corrale has probably helped save my hair from breakage.

As a nerd, I was quite impressed at the precision in the flexing plate technology.

The plates on the Dyson Corrale was made using a complex manganese copper alloy (of six metals) that Dyson developed in order to give it the flexibility, strength, and thermal conduction the brand wants to achieve. Each plate is also precision machined to 65 microns, which is the width of a human hair – and tourmaline-edged to produce ionising properties that help reduce static.

Able to straighten hair to my liking in fewer passes, with lower heat

Dyson Corrale Straightener Review Usage

Dyson also said that through their extensive testing, flat plate straighteners (i.e. all other straighteners) can only apply heat and tension to the thickest part of the hair and this means that there will be loose strands that are not treated or tensioned towards the edges of the tress. What happens is that users will put the hair through multiple passes in order to straighten everything out, and subject their hair to excessive heat, which negatively impact on hair strength, shine, and colour.

I decided to put this theory to the test. I usually need to have at least two to three passes with my regular straightener to get my hair to the level of straightness that I prefer. This is how my hair look with (mostly) single passes using the Dyson Corrale. I achieved this using the 165°C setting. (Note: my strand is rather thin, and there were perhaps two stubborn parts I had to go through two times to straighten it out to my liking.)

Dyson Corrale Review Before And After Straightening Front Shot

Dyson Corrale Review Before And After Straightening Back Shot

I have naturally wavy hair and the “before” photos show how my hair usually looks when I wake up in the morning, pre-styled, so you can really see a stark difference.

It’s quite impressive to me that I was able to achieve such results using low heat and single passes! Also note the shine I see in my hair post-styling. I didn’t use any hair care products.

Great heat control to prevent burns and hair damage

After using it for around 15 minutes to straighten my entire head of hair, I also find that I didn’t burn myself in the process – something that sometimes happen, especially if I’m using an unfamiliar device for the first time.

I probably have to credit the Intelligent Heat Control feature – which is available in all Dyson’s hairstyling tools – to help ensure there isn’t over-heating. This technology works by using a platinum sensor to measure temperature 100 times per second, and then communicating with a microprocessor to control the heating system so that precise and accurate heat is delivered.

I know I tend to burn myself while curling (instead of straightening) so I decided to try curling with the Dyson Corrale. Good news: I didn’t get burned too. Whew.

Dyson Corrale Straightener Review Using It For Curling

This feature also gives me assurance that my hair will not be fried by frequent heat styling.

As a bonus safety feature, the Dyson Corrale alerts the user when the device is left idle for five minutes. And after ten minutes of inactivity, it switches off by itself.

Other features I liked

What I liked and you probably would too: you can style cord-free. This saves me a lot of painful hours trying to untangle cables, which can really be quite a pain when you’re using a straightener to do curling.

Also, it has a flight mode feature to make sure that the device meets air travel standards when you want to pack it in the cabin luggage.

The product gets a full recharge in 70 minutes, which then provides you with up to 30 minutes of cord-free styling. But if you’d like to charge while styling, you can choose to either place the Dyson Corrale straightener into the charging dock at intervals while styling or attach the magnetic 360° charging cable for a hybrid charge mode.

Dyson Corrale straightener review: My verdict

At a rather hefty price tag of S$699, the Dyson Corrale is certainly a hairstyling device that I’ll consider as an investment. But if you’re someone who styles your hair often (either straightening or curling it) and are mindful about the heat damage that regular straighteners subject your hair to, then this may just be a worthy investment to make.

After using it for a few times in a week, I can see that my hair health has improved (compared to if I had used my regular straightener for the same frequency). My hair has broken less during styling and there’s a visible post-styling shine to it.

Dyson Corrale Review Travel Safe Feature

You can remove the flight mode tag when you’re bringing the device along with you in your cabin luggage.

But of course, if you don’t style your hair often, this is going to be a splurge that you may find underutilised.

The Dyson Corrale is also probably going to find favour among those who travel regularly. The ease of use, cord-free function, stylish storage, and flight mode feature makes it the ultimate travel-ready styling device to own.

Finally, if you have abstained from getting the Dyson Airwrap and are contemplating whether to get the Dyson Corrale, this is what I’d suggest: ask yourself if you frequently need to curl your hair and if you need your curls to be super long-lasting. Dyson Corrale is able to deliver beautiful, longer-lasting curls; the Airwrap, on the other hand, makes is super easy to achieve a curling effect, but they don’t last as long because the device uses less heat than regular stylers.

Dyson Corrale Review Travel Safe Feature2

How do you know this is a well-designed, luxurious product? They even made sure there’s a tiny pocket for your flight mode tag to protect it from scratches.

And of course, if you’re a Dyson fan who have already the Supersonic and Airwrap in your hairstyling device wardrobe – you might as well get this too to complete your collection.

I also think it makes for a great gift that would please anyone who styles her hair, so you can start putting the word out that this is on your 2020 wish-list.

The Dyson Corrale straightener retails for S$699 and is available from 10 June 2020. It is available in two colourways: Nickel/Fuchsia and Purple/Black. The Nickel/Fuchsia version is available on the Dyson website, Lazada, Dyson Demo Stores (Owner Centre at Capitol Piazza and Beauty Lab at Funan Mall), and major electrical department stores. Note that physical stores aren’t open in Phase 1 post-circuit breaker. The Purple/Black version is exclusively available on direct Dyson channels (website and store) only.