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If you’re familiar with Dyson’s line of hairstyling devices, you’d probably already know that the latest version of Supersonic hairdryer comes with a Flyaway attachment that is used as a finishing tool to hide flyaways under long hair so it looks smooth, sleek, and shiny.

dyson supersonic new attachment

This attachment receives a complete upgrade as Dyson announces the launch of the new Flyaway Smoother attachment today. This combines the original Flyaway attachment with a brush. The first brush attachment engineered for the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, this is compatible with all existing models of the device.

Its purpose is to achieve the salon finish that pro hairstylists offer, usually by using a styling concentrator and a round brush concurrently. This is a technique that is certainly challenging if you were to be styling yourself.

dyson flyaway smoother attachment

If you thought you’ve seen the brush in the new Flyaway Smoother attachment somewhere before, you’re right – this is inspired by the Smoothing Brush attachments from the Dyson Airwrap multi-styler that can be used to create straight styles.

In other words, if you had wanted to use Dyson devices to create the same result in the past, you’d have to own both a Supersonic and an Airwrap, and use them one after the other. With the new Flyaway Smoother attachment, you’ll only need one device.

What’s more, the Flyaway Smoother combines two modes in one attachment, allowing you to style from damp hair to a polished sleek look more quickly.  You can start with the Smoothing mode to dry, align, and smooth hair. Then, simply turn the side knobs of the attachment to transit to Flyaway mode as a finishing touch to hide flyaways and create a shiny look.

The science behind how it works

dyson flyaway smoother airflow

The attachment harnesses the power of Dyson’s digital motor V9, high pressure airflow produces precisely angled airflow to style and dry simultaneously.

In Flyaway mode, it takes advantage of an airflow phenomenon known as the Coanda effect. This is generated when a high-speed jet of air flows across a surface
and due to differences in pressure, the airflow attaches itself to the surface. This attracts the hair to the attachment, simultaneously smoothing and drying the hair, tucking away flyaways.

Does it work?

dyson supersonic flyaway smoother

Daily Vanity had the chance try out the new attachment, and we noticed how easy it was to pick up the technique.

While it took a little practice to get our hand placements right, we got comfortable with it within 15 minutes or so, and were able to straighten and smoothen our hair quickly and easily, including at the back of the head.

The style also lasted till the end of the day, despite the humid weather that day, and without any hair spray.

The new Flyaway Smoother attachment is within the box of new machines purchased from 13 April 2023, priced at S$699. It is fully compatible with existing models of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer and will be available individually at a later date that Dyson has not revealed. It is available at Dyson demo stores and the Dyson website