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One or more? That’s the question you should be asking about ear piercings right now. Ear piercings are going nowhere for now, as a quick search of hashtags #EarParty, #CuratedEar or #EarStack will show you.

Fashion girls from the streets of New York (Kaia Gerber and Zoë Kravitz are leading the way) to Korea (Park Min-young, Jennie, Yoon Eun Hye, and Shin Min-ah) are sporting cool piercings that look like veritable pieces of art on their ears, and we totally want in too.

For the uninitiated, piercings are typically done with a silent cartridge device or a needle, depending on its location.

Ready to find out more about the different types and placements of the ear piercings, so you can decide on where you should get your next one? Let’s go!

Different types of ear piercings

While a single piercing on the lobe remains a quintessential classic look that you can wear to work with an elegant pair of studs, to slinging on absolute visual knock-outs for your off-duty cocktail best – there’re so many more options you can consider these days.

Right now, more is more.

We’re talking about double helixes, stacked hoops, conches, and even the ethereal-sounding constellation style.

If you’re not sure about where you should get your next piercing(s), how about gunning for a curated look with the help of some seriously skilled piercing artists?

Here’re some of the popular ones today that you’ve probably seen on It girls all over the world, to give you some style inspo for your own #CuratedEar look!


This has to be the most classic type of ear piercing, and you can spot lobe piercings on almost everyone – even babies! What would set you apart from the pack would be the placement and number of these universally attractive piercings.


Image source: @mariatash/Instagram

Typically done on the lower lobe so that you can wear hoops and dangly earrings with ease, you can opt to get another lobe piercing done on the upper part of the lobe too.

How many are too many, you ask? Our answer: it really depends on the look you prefer to sport and the size of your lobe. If you’re unsure, ask your piercing artist, we’re sure he/she will be happy to advise.


The helix ear piercing is on the cartilage, and is one of the more common locations people go for, after their first ones on the lobes. It’s typically done with a needle and really isn’t as painful as it looks. Get these ear piercings done and you score major cool girl style points and the rights to own a larger collection of earrings. Double wins!

It’s also a versatile place to do a piercing and suits a wide variety of ear jewellery styles – studs, huggies, climbers, you name it and they’ll all look great.

Do note though that the healing time for a higher helix piercing will take slightly longer, between 9 and 12 months, while a lower helix piercing will typically fully heal in 5 to 6 months.


The part of your ear that’s named after the spiral shell offers a unique placement for a piercing, looking equal parts feminine equal parts tough. Choose to pierce the inner or outer part of the conch, or do both for a beautiful constellation style that’s oh-so-in right now.

It’s typically a little more painful than piercing the lobe, due to it being thicker than the lobe. But not to worry, we’ve been assured that it’s just a tad more painful.

The healing of this type of piercing varies anywhere from 3 to 9 months.


Involving two piercings that’s connected by a single bar, this is one piercing that gives off some rocker chick vibes at first glance. It’s always done with a needle because of the location of the piercings: they go right through the cartilage, usually about an inch apart.

For this reason, you’ll want to visit a very skilled piercing technician to do this piercing, for absolutely perfect placement.

The healing for such piercings take the same amount of time as a cartilage helix piercing, but just bear in mind that you’ve got two piercings to take care of!


Another piercing that involves two holes is the orbital piercing, for you to wear a delicate hoop through. The beauty of this piercing is that it can be done either on the lobe or the cartilage – so versatile and a perfect addition for your ear party.

The best part has to be the short healing time, ranging somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks, if done on the lobes.


This unobtrusive piercing oozes street cred, and we can totally see why. Tucked away in the innermost fold of your ear on the cartilage, it’s universally flattering. We even hear it’s got migraine-curing powers, due to such piercings sitting on an acupuncture point.

As for the pain level, it’s definitely more than a piercing on the lobe because it’s a thicker part of cartilage that you’re getting pierced. It also takes a wee bit longer to pierce, so you’ll want to keep still and let the piercer do her or his job well!

Do be prepared to experience a dull, throbbing ache in the piercing a few days after, as it heals up. Don’t worry though, it’s normal, and will fade. (If you’re curious, here’s a non-scientific pain scale of the different piercings! Daith piercings apparently rank one point lower than rook piercings on the scale.)

Daith piercings typically take up to 9 months to heal, so give it time.


This peekaboo piercing is equal parts delicate equal parts intriguing. Done in the uppermost part of the inner ear, it’s versatile and creative, and probably not a part of the ear you’d think of piercing early on in your ear party game.


Image source: @mariatash/Instagram

Rook piercings are always done with a needle. That’s because of its unique placement on the cartilage ridge of your inner ear.

One last thing to note: rook piercings are a bit more painful because you’re piercing through a thicker part of the cartilage. Consequently, it also takes more time to heal, typically six months at least, or even a year.

Good things come to those who wait, because the rook piercing is certainly a gorgeous one.


Seen a minimalist stud or elegant thin hoop on the little knob of cartilage over the ear canal? That would be a tragus piercing, and we have to say, it’s really a stunner. It girls and bona fide Hollywood celebs alike, from Rihanna to Scarlett Johansson, have been sporting this piercing as a subtle nod to understated chic.

The trickiest thing about caring for this piercing is keeping it clean, because it often comes into contact with ear phones/buds, and your phone. So while it’s healing in the first 6-9 months, try your best to avoid letting it come into contact with these surfaces, which can trap germs and dirt.

PS: No, you will not suffer nerve damage with a tragus piercing because it’s the cartilage that is getting pierced.

How do I take care of my ear piercing?

While the placements of the piercings may differ, the aftercare tips are generally the same throughout.

  1. Keep the area extremely clean and dry, taking special care after showering to dry off gently if the piercing gets inadvertently splashed with water.
  2. Gently dab (don’t wipe!) on the piercing with a warm saline solution to keep it clean.
  3. Don’t sleep on the piercing – doing so will press on them and may cause bleeding!
  4. Remove clothing with care so that threads don’t snag on your piercing.
  5. Leave the earrings on until the wound heals fully.
  6. Look out for any discharge or if your piercing feels swollen or warm to the touch – this are signs of infection and you may need to see a doctor to get it treated.

11 places in Singapore to get your ears pierced safely

Not all places where you can pierce your ears are the same. Safety and cleanliness is a big thing, so you’ll want to only pierce your ears at shops or clinics that you can fully trust.

Remember, you can and should ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable and certain about the standards where you intend to pierce your ears at. It’s no fun nursing an infected piercing, which can become more than just an annoyance if it doesn’t heal well. (Read: you’ll end up with a medical emergency on your hands if you’re not careful!)

You shouldn’t need to suffer for beauty, because safety should always come first.

Here are 11 of the best places to get your ear piercings done to perfection. All these places rate highly in terms of hygiene, equipment used, and the skill of the piercing technician.

1. B*Dazzle


Image source: Bdazzle /Facebook

If you’re a child of the 80s, it’s likely you’ll be familiar with Isabella, the ear piercing shop practically every little girl went to, as a rite of passage. They’ve since renamed the store to B*Dazzle but what remains is the top-notch service that Singaporeans still know and love today.

They claim to have pierced over a million ears and it’s probably true – it’s been over three decades and counting after all. Today, the store uses a disposable cartridge system for sterile and painless piercing, as the earrings are sealed in the plastic cartridge before being loaded onto the gun.

B*dazzle also provides all customers with a specially formulated Ear Care Solution, to prevent infection and speed up the healing process. The store stocks a sizeable range of nickel-free earrings, ranging from surgical stainless steel to 24k gold – good news if you’re susceptible to contact dermatitis, since nickel is a known cause of flare ups.

If anything problems occur with your piercing in the first six weeks, you can just head on back to the store for expert help at no charge.

You can make your appointment here. B*Dazzle has three outlets in Singapore: Wisma Atria, Raffles City, and Junction 8. Click here  for full address details. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Stellar


Image source: Stellar

Another well-known name in the piercing line here in Singapore is Stellar. With six outlets islandwide, you can literally get your piercing done at a Stellar outlet near you, wherever you live in Singapore.

Their piercings are done with a silent, hand-operated piercing instrument, which is gentle on the ears and excellent for first piercings. The instrument also utilises sealed disposable cartridges, to maintain hygiene and keep the earrings sterile.

If you’re considering getting a piercing other than the usual lobe piercing, you can do it at Stellar too. They offer piercing services for both lobes and cartilage, which means you can get almost all the different styles done right there!

You can make your appointment here. Stellar has six outlets in Singapore, click here for full location details.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Lovisa


Image source: Lovisa

Perhaps better known for their fast fashion jewellery, now you also know that Australian jewellery brand Lovisa also offers professional ear piercing services at selected stores all over the world. They maintain strict standards of cleanliness at the piercing station, carefully sanitising the area immediately before and after every piercing.

Lovisa uses the Studex System 75 piercing system, a cartridge-loaded instrument that pierces the ears in one quick and silent movement. The earrings are loaded into the instrument in sealed and sterile cartridges, so you can be sure that no contamination takes place on such a delicate operation.

While piercing your ears, you can choose from pre-sterilised surgical grade stainless steel or 24k gold plated studs, for complete peace of mind.

PS: You can also get the flat cartilage of your ear pierced here!

No appointments are needed. Lovisa has nine outlets in Singapore, click here for full location details.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Cherisheart

If getting your ears pierced at a salon seems daunting to you, you’ll definitely want to book an appointment with Cherisheart, pronto. One of the few piercing specialists to make house calls here in Singapore, Cherisheart is a real favourite among parents who’re getting their little ones’ first piercings done. It’s also a favourite among ladies who just want to get their piercings done from the comfort of home, because why not when you can?

Cherisheart’s extremely patient and gentle piercing technicians use the popular Studex hand-pressure instrument, which pierces ears with gently and silently. Earrings are pre-loaded into sterilised and sealed cartridges, to minimise contamination risk.

Another thing that customers love Cherisheart for? Their extensive range of nickel-free hypoallergenic earrings from the USA, in the cutest designs. Think Hello Kitty, cartoon unicorns and bears, and Mickey ears. Adorable!

To make an appointment, WhatsApp or call Janice at 88286099. You can also visit them at 23 Teban Gardens Road, Teban Vista, Singapore 600023, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Healthsprings Medical Clinic

Yes, you can get your ears pierced at a doctor’s clinic in Singapore too, for those of you who want to err on the side of caution. While not every clinic offers this service, you can get your piercing done safely and quickly by the good doctors at Healthsprings Medical Clinic.


Image source: SG Teo/Google Maps

You can pierce your ears there with absolute confidence in the professionalism of the skilled doctors, who are well-trained in procedures way more complicated than this! The medical-grade equipment used in the piercing process is also a huge plus, as well as the strong numbing cream used on the ears before piercing to ensure that the piercing is as painless as possible.

To make an appointment, click here or call 9728 2861. Healthsprings Medical Clinic is located at 524A Jelapang Road, #02-01, Greenridge Shopping Centre, Singapore 671524.


6. Ho Bee Goldsmith & Jewellery

Most goldsmiths in Singapore still use guns to pierce ears, but Ho Bee stands out for using the Inverness system, known for being the original hand-pressure instrument for ear piercing. In fact, Ho Bee is the sole distributor of the Inverness system in Singapore, so you know for a fact you’re getting expert services.

All earrings are enclosed in pre-sterilised capsules, which prevents both the earring and the backing from being exposed to possible contaminants. The capsules used are also disposable, so you can be sure of a sterile piercing every time.

We hear that you can choose from up to 30 different styles of piercing studs, made of hypoallergenic metals with no nickel. And because it delivers such a gentle and pain-free piercing, the Inverness is suitable for piercing lobes and the upper ear cartilage safely.

No appointments are needed. Ho Bee has three outlets in Singapore, click here for full location details.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Piercing Clinic

ear piercings piercing clinic

If you’re wary about getting your ear pierced at a tattoo and piercing parlour, don’t be. Do your homework before making an appointment, and you’re good. One of the most established names for ear piercing in Singapore is the Piercing Clinic, which does piercings for people of all ages, from children to adults.

Single cartridge piercings are recommended for younger children who’re getting their ears pierced for the first time, or if you’re doing a lobe or upper cartilage piercing, since these piercing instruments use disposable and pre-sterilised cartridges for a safe and clean piercing.

If you’re looking to get a more adventurous piercing in your bid to get that ear party started, you can get these done via a sterilised needle piercing here too. All needles used are single-use only, opened from sealed packs for your peace of mind.

And if you were to have a fear of needles and pass out from that thought, you can be assured that the good folks at the Piercing Clinic are all trained in CPR and first aid too – but we’re quite sure you won’t be in need of them. Nonetheless, we’re thankful that safety is paramount here!

To make an appointment, please WhatsApp 88836188. Piercing Clinic is located at 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #B1-06, Singapore 039594.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Primitive Art Piercing and Tattoo

ear piercing primitive art

More than 20 years of experience has to count for something, right? One of the most well-known piercing parlours in Singapore, you are in good hands here for sure. The staff are real pros at what they do, just check out the multitudes of glowing reviews.

We read that the tools used for the piercing are individually sealed, so you can be sure of a sterile piercing for a reduced risk of infections. Their piercers are also known to be very knowledgeable in their craft, and will help allay your concerns as well as advise you on your piercing placements.

If you’re looking to pierce somewhere more unconventional than the lobes for a customised ear stack, Primitive is definitely a place you should check out.

To make an appointment, please call 67353710 or 67370302. Primitive Art Piercing & Tattoo is located at 14 Scotts Road, #04-101/102, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213.


9. Mantra Collective

If the curated ear look is what you desire, you’ll want to make a booking with Mantra Collective, stat. Mantra’s owner, Rinku, is known for her piercing chops and fine eye for a gorgeous curated ear. As a piercer who has attended a course by the internationally recognised Association of Professional Piercers, Rinku’s top-notch skills and professionalism are what make her clients go back to her again and again.

Piercing on all parts of the ear are done with a carefully sterilised needle here, which allows for unparalleled precision in placements. Another big plus point is the wide selection of ear jewellery here; pick from edgy to pretty pieces from boutique brands like BVLA, Neometal, Body Gems, Anatometal, Pupil Hall and Buddha.

If you’re sold on the idea, you can easily check out their rates for piercings on different parts of the ear here!

To make an appointment, please call or WhatsApp 83224983. Mantra Collective is located at 772A North Bridge Road, Singapore 198740.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

10. New Generation Piercing


Image source: Downtown East

Known for their affordable yet professional and safe piercings, New Generation is a certified piercing parlour that has been running for more than 20 years now. Don’t be alarmed by the seeming randomness of gifts and knick-knacks sold here – the piercer is reputedly excellent at his craft.

Reviews reveal that the piercer at New Generation does the job extremely swiftly, so you needn’t worry about milling around waiting. Whether it’s a conch or a tragus piercing you’re looking to do, you can do it all here with ease, speed, and safety.

No appointment needed. New Generation is located at 1 Pasir Ris Close, Downtown East Resort, #01-332 (Market Square), Singapore 519599.


11. Rise Above Tattoo & Piercing

If you’re worried about getting a piercing and want more information before taking the plunge, we highly recommend taking a look at Rise Above’s comprehensive piercing FAQ, before booking an appointment with them to pierce your ears at their parlour.

From start to end, Rise Above’s service is over and beyond. Friendly and patient piercers do the job with finesse, putting customers at ease as they pierce ears with precision. And if you needed any more convincing about the dedication to your utmost well-being? A mandatory follow-up appointment two weeks after piercing, for them to check on the state of your piercing and provide an care you may need.

All tools are sterilised using an autoclave, while the piercer, Jason, is certified in blood-borne pathogens and infections control. Consider us seriously impressed.

To make an appointment, please click here. Rise Above is located at 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-70, Singapore 228213.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Featured image credits: L – @rinku_shanti/Instagram, R – @laura_bond_jewellery/Instagram