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For the girls who don’t want to fuss with elaborate hairstyles, the ponytail is such a lifesaver. It’s a quick keep-hair-out-of-face style that is also perfectly appropriate for Singapore’s weather.

But let’s face it, it does get repetitive if you always tie your hair up day in day out. Well, if you’re looking ways to jazz up your ponytails that only takes seconds to achieve, this latest hair trend is the perfect solution for you: tying your hair with elastic cords instead of hair ties!

This is a hot hair trend from Japan and we’re loving the looks we’re seeing of it.


What’s more, the method to achieve this look can’t be easier! Instead of tying your hair with a regular hair tie or scrunchie, simply wrap the elastic cord around your hair before securing it by tying the two ends into a knot or a ribbon. The cord can be made of various materials – leather and rubber are the most common and easy to find ones!


If you’re new to the style, you can tie your hair with a black elastic first before adding the cord. This is to make sure your hair doesn’t fall out in case you don’t wrap the cord tightly enough.


This is a super versatile look that can be worn by both long and short hair, straight and curly hair. You can wear it in the centre, off to one side or on both sides – you can pretty much do whatever you want with this cute but simple trend!



Ways you can jazz up this look

1. Do a two-sided braid

For this look, you will definitely need to secure the braids with small elastic first to prevent hair coming loose at the ends. Feel free to change up the braids into French braids, Dutch braids, etc. to make the look more interesting.


2. Go wild with accessories

Why stop at just using elastic cords when you can go all out and add all sorts of accessories to your heart’s content? Ribbons, hair pins, dried flowers – the world is truly your oyster!


3. Layer a ribbon underneath the cord

Layering makes everything more interesting, and hair tying is no exception. Instead of just using an elastic cord, wrap your hair using a ribbon of similar or complementary colour first to use as a base. This kind of makes your hair looks like a flower bouquet, don’t you think?


4. Replace the elastic cord with a cute scarf

To add even more visual interest to your hair, swap out the cord for a cute scarf. Just make sure you secure your hair with enough black elastic and bobby pins so the scarf doesn’t fall off, especially considering silk is a slippery material.


Where can you buy these hair accessories?

Elastic cords

Elastic Cord Hair

You can find these rubber elastic cords from Lazada for S$4.60, which come in a pack of five colours so you can coordinate with your outfit of the day.


Ribbon 2

To layer with the elastic cords, you can try these sheer ribbons, available on Shopee in various colours, at S$1.55 per roll.


For a vintage, rustic look, you can opt for these burlap ribbons instead, which can be found on Shopee, priced from S$0.99 to S$1.91 depending on thickness and length.



These silk scarfs, available on Lazada, come in various patterns so you can pick and choose what look you want to go for! These retail for S$4 each.