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Skincare enthusiasts know all too well the importance of exfoliating your skin to remove dead skin cells and encourage skin cell renewal. Personally, I am firmly on the chemical exfoliant camp and have been using my trusty exfoliating products for years now.

However, I have to admit that the routine gets a bit boring at times and when I heard about the Tomato Resonance Graphene Bubble Mask from local brand Ellure, a unique exfoliating mask that has taken Singapore by storm – 70,000 boxes were sold within two months, according to Ellure’s founder Evelynne Li – I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

To find out if the mask actually lives up to the hype. I swapped out my regular chemical exfoliants and used these masks as my only exfoliant to see if it would measure up. Read on to find out the result and my final verdict!

What is Ellure Tomato Resonance Graphene Bubble Mask?

Ellure Tomato Resonance Graphene Bubble Mask

If you haven’t heard about these masks you must have been living under a rock. They were all the hype upon the first launch – 21,000 boxes were sold on the first day – and have continued to be a best-seller ever since.

Formulated by none other than the brand’s founder Evelynne Li, these masks are primarily an exfoliant and they promise to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum without scrubbing or damaging the skin’s protective barrier.

The secret to these bubble masks is that they contain perfluorocarbons, which can dissolve oxygen. Once you’ve put the mask on, the oxygen that has been dissolved turns back into gas, creating micro-bubbles all over your face. Fun, right?

Set aside the fun factor, this oxygenating action on the mask helps deliver key ingredients, namely tomato extracts, deep into your skin. Rich in antioxidants, tomato extracts can help remove dead skin cells, brighten up your complexion, fight cellular damage and potentially promote collagen production in your skin.

The wound-healing properties of tomato also make this mask ideal for those with acne-prone skin.

The masks have also been tested by SGS Testing & Control Services Singapore to ensure it meets the highest standard of quality.

Ellure Tomato Resonance Graphene Bubble Mask review: What is my verdict?

Ellure Tomato Bubble Mask Review Usage

The Ellure Tomato Resonance Graphene Bubble Mask comes in individually packaged sheets. The bubbles started appearing as soon as I put the mask on. And within 10 to 15 minutes, my face was covered in these soap-like bubbles.

Since the bubbles reminded me of soap, I thought they would be drying out my face. But to my pleasant surprise, once I have rinsed my face off, I don’t get that tight, uncomfortable sensation that you often get when a product is too drying.

Instead, my skin felt clean and soft to the touch, and I could tell there was a visible brightening effect immediately after using the mask.

Ellure Tomato Bubble Mask Review Before After

Compared to my regular exfoliants, the Ellure Tomato Resonance Graphene Bubble Mask performs just as well and is so much more entertaining (and Instagram-friendly!). I would definitely incorporate it into my skincare routine as a fun way to spice it up.

Where can you buy Ellure Tomato Resonance Graphene Bubble Mask?

Want to try out the mask for yourself? You can purchase the Ellure Tomato Resonance Graphene Bubble Mask by messaging @ellure_group on Instagram. It retails for SGD28 per box of 5.