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Let’s be honest, the inception of work-from-home (WFH) has left little avenue for many of us to distinguish between work and life. Right from working weekends, compromised timings, and endless meetings, WFH has taken over what once used to be after-work life.

With most of our time are still being spent indoors rather than outdoors to keep ourselves and our loved ones as safe as possible, many of us – myself included – have also minimised our skincare routine, covering just the basics without giving second thoughts on “the bells and whistles” – the extra steps we used to do to bring out skin’s radiance, like exfoliation, sheet masks, and at-home peels.

I’ve reduced my current skincare routine to the bare minimum, using only a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, and sunscreen during the day – I’d only squeezed in a hydrating serum recently after noticing the creeping changes in the form of dryness, acne, and dullness in my skin.

The opportunity to try the award-winning Estetica Meridian Detox Facial came at the right time as I was seeking professional help to restore my skin health. If you’re in the same boat as me, you’d want to keep reading to find out how this East-meets-West facial has changed my skin.

Estetica Meridian Detox Facial review: What I like about this detox facial

It’s a non-invasive facial that incorporates Western and Eastern techniques

First things first, a little background on Estetica: It’s a local beauty services company that stands out among the rest as the pioneer in the research and development of cutting-edge cosmetic technology and innovation – you may also be more acquainted with Estetica’s own science-led skincare brand called ést.lab.

Estetica is incredibly passionate about R&D in the beauty industry, so much so that it’s the only homegrown beauty company collaborating with A*STAR, Singapore’s leading public research institute, in a joint laboratory.

estetica meridian detox facial review skintech analysis

The AI-powered SkinTech Analysis uses a cutting-edge skin-analysing machine to scientifically assess your skin condition based on eight components

Estetica is clearly driven by science and its technological wonders as seen with the salon’s AI-powered SkinTech Analysis, which uses face mapping and big data to pinpoint skin issues and provide personalised recommendations to meet your skin needs.

The SkinTech Analysis is the first step that all guests experience at the consultation room upon arrival, and this process involves the use of a cutting-edge skin-analysing machine to scientifically assess your skin condition based on eight components, including the skin’s sebum and moisture levels, elasticity, and even the severity of clogged pores.

However, the brand doesn’t discount the benefits of the age-old Eastern skincare approach, which is perfectly exemplified in its award-winning Meridian Detox Facial.

The non-invasive facial is specifically designed to promote detoxification using bojin therapy, one of the most renowned time-honoured Eastern techniques that encourages qi (energy) flow and enhances the skin’s self-renewal powers by removing meridian blockages.

estetica meridian detox facial review extraction

Even without the usual facial steaming step, the extraction process was comfortable and virtually painless

While the East-meets-West facial covers all the basics of a facial treatment – thorough cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction, the fuss-free facial is said to be so power-packed that one session of the Meridian Detox Facial is equivalent to 10 basic facials!

This superior efficacy is thanks to the facial’s bojin therapy, which we’ll be covering more in detail in the next point.

estetica meridian detox facial review hydrating serum

Application of ést.lab’s hydrating serum

Depending on your skin condition as per the skin analysis, the method of prepping your skin for extraction may differ from one individual to another.

As results from the skin analysis revealed that my skin is rather sensitive to heat, my facialist recommended skipping the facial steaming step to minimise stimulation to my skin – instead, she opted to apply a layer of toner-soaked cotton pads to cool down and soften my skin for extraction before giving me a much-needed relaxing shoulder massage.

Following a quick and painless extraction process that thoroughly eliminated any trapped oil and gunk on my face, she went on to treat my skin dryness with a generous dose of ést.lab’s hydrating serum.

It uses bojin therapy to brighten skin and relieve facial tension

estetica meridian detox facial review face massage

Face massage with a nutritive cream from ést.lab

To prep my skin for the hero step of the Meridian Detox Facial which is the bojin therapy, my therapist spent a few minutes massaging my face after applying a layer of nutritive cream for much-needed nourishment.

For the uninformed, bojin therapy is an Eastern method that has been performed for centuries using a special ox horn tool.

In fact, practitioners say that bojin is capable of providing all the benefits of gua sha and invigorating your skin from the inside out – minus the redness that you’d typically get from the latter.

Bojin therapy promises more significant and longer-lasting results too, as it works on deeper skin tissues to target the root cause of your skin problems which can be linked to your overall health.

This means that with regular sessions, your complexion will look visibly brighter and more even-toned with a firmer facial contour as bojin is able to “open up” blocked meridian channels of the skin to increase circulation, boost lymphatic drainage, and relieve facial tension without leaving your skin hot and flushed.

best extraction facial singapore estetica beauty bojin step

For me, the bojin therapy was more focused on my eyes during this session to reduce my dark eye circles

On top of that, the non-invasive bojin therapy promises to help reduce eye bags and dark undereye circles. My facialist took note of my “panda eyes” and tailored this part of the facial to focus more on my eyes to rejuvenate my tired peepers.

Seeing how thin and slender the ox horn tool was, the bojin therapy was surprisingly comfortable – so much so that I even fell asleep during the process!

My facialist took great care in moving slowly and gently as she manoeuvred the tool on my skin, and I only felt slightly greater pressure when she reached the meridian points of my face.

best extraction facial singapore estetica beauty meridian detox facial before after

My skin looked brighter and the puffiness on my cheeks had reduced after the facial

Indeed, the bojin treatment made good on its promises as it left my complexion looking brighter, more lifted, and less tired.

I noticed that the puffiness was gone too and my skin didn’t look red or inflamed either – extraction spots included. Even my dark undereye circles looked less severe, which I was most happy about.

It’s relaxing and ultra-pampering

best extraction facial singapore estetica beauty treatment room

I tried the Meridian Detox Facial at Estetica’s newly revamped outlet in Plaza Singapura, and if you do find yourself in this outlet: you will feel relaxed as soon as you step foot into the clean, serene, and inviting environment.

estetica meridian detox facial review hydrating modeling face mask

The hydrating modelling mask is left on for 20 minutes to soothe and hydrate skin

The treatment rooms are outfitted with luxe interiors and it’s almost impossible to not be lulled to sleep in the zen surroundings as your skin gets some well-deserved TLC with the long-established bojin therapy (that’s surprisingly relaxing and virtually painless, I might add) and a hydrating modelling mask that’s left on for about 20 minutes before the usual post-facial skincare.

Besides being one of the most pampering facials I’ve ever tried, what I especially liked about this East-meets-West facial is that it can be personalised with ést.lab’s award-winning skincare to target your skin concern each time you enjoy the treatment.

And I’m not the only one who thinks that the Meridian Detox Facial by Estetica is a definite must-try – the facial has also earned well-deserved recognition recently, picking up the Best Bojin Facial (Editor’s Choice & Influencers’ Choice) awards in Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards 2021.

Estetica Meridian Detox Facial: Where to find + price

best extraction facial singapore estetica beauty storefront

Estetica Meridian Detox Facial is suitable for all skin types but works wonders especially on dull, fatigued skin that’s struggling with puffiness and sagginess.

Do note that the Meridian Detox Facial is not suitable for you if you’re an expectant mother, have fillers done on your face in the past three months, or are dealing with skin injuries or inflammation.

The 90-minute Estetica Meridian Detox Facial is priced at S$300, but Daily Vanity readers who are new to Estetica can enjoy it at a special price of S$88. That’s 70% off the regular treatment price, and all you have to do to enjoy the discount is sign up here!

Address: See the full list of locations on the website
Contact: Find the full list of contact numbers on the website or book online here
Operating hours: 10.30am – 8pm (Mon to Sun, including PH)
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