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I know, wearing a foundation for 24 hours sounds gross and is in fact not recommended (always remove your make-up thoroughly before sleep!) However, ETUDE HOUSE claims that their new Any Cushion All Day Perfect has revolutionary longevity that lasts for 24 hours, I sacrifice my hygiene and wear this cushion for an entire day – yes, a full 24 hours.

etude house any cushion all day perfect

etude house any cushion all day perfect
etude house any cushion all day perfect

This cushion foundation costs SGD 32, which is the same as ETUDE HOUSE’s usual price point for their cushion foundations, so if it can truly deliver its claims, it’s definitely worth that price and more. It is said to have sweat-proof technology as well, and since I can perspire quite a bit during an average work day, I look forward to giving this aspect a rigorous testing too.

etude house any cushion all day perfect

The Any Cushion All Day Perfect comes in the 6 shades shown above. For this test, I will be using it in Beige. I will not be blotting or touching up the foundation in the entire time I wear it. So, with all that said, let’s get into it!



Here goes nothing! I do my usual makeup routine, using a mattifying primer, applying the ETUDE HOUSE Any Cushion All Day Perfect on top, using concealer on my under-eye areas, before setting my whole face with powder.

This cushion foundation boasts a roll-spread technology, which means that you shouldn’t have to keep doing several layers in order to build up the coverage. If you press firmly on to the cushion, the coverage is relatively dense, and true enough, I didn’t feel the need to build up the coverage during application. My current look used only a single layer of the Any Cushion All Day Perfect foundation, and it only took me about three presses to cover my face adequately.

I also love the natural finish of the foundation! It feels comfortable and weightless on the skin.

Thoughts at this point: I have high hopes for the next 24 hours.


etude house any cushion all day perfect 2

The Daily Vanity team and I headed to a nearby coffeeshop for lunch. The walk out was in the hot sun, and we also chose to sit in the non air-conditioned area of the place. I’ve definitely perspired throughout this entire time, so let’s see how the sweat-proof technology of this foundation holds up under the midday sun.

Thoughts at this point: I’m impressed! The Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect is living up to expectations so far. The foundation around my cheeks and T-zone is still very matte and intact. It seems like the sweat-proof effect of this foundation is certainly living up to expectations!


etude house any cushion all day perfect 4

Hello from the office! There are just about three more hours to the end of the work day, and I’m interrupting my colleagues (sorry, guys!) to check in on my foundation again. Can you spot how closely I keep my cushion?

I’ve been spending most of my day in air-conditioning, so the foundation seems to feel a little dry on my skin.

Thoughts at this point: My makeup at this point is usually ruined, but the ETUDE HOUSE Any Cushion All Day Perfect still feels comfortable enough such that I sometimes forget I’m wearing makeup at all. Most importantly, true to what it promised, it’s still pretty much intact. Let’s see how it performs when night falls.


I’m finally home! I had to walk a total distance of 700 metres during my journey home (to and from bus stops), then wait 20 minutes for my bus, and then I had to do an impromptu dash uphill back home because it started raining.

Thoughts at this point: All in all, I’m very happy with how the foundation has held up despite that ordeal! There is a little dryness here and there, but there is still almost no shine (where did all my oil go?) and everything still looks fairly intact.


etude house any cushion all day perfect

It’s time for bed, the moment I’ve been the most curious about all day. I’m hoping that I don’t rub the foundation all over my bed sheets. It’s been about 14 hours since I applied it. There has been some separation in some areas of my face, especially below my mouth where I’ve been eating, but it’s nothing that a few swipes of the finger won’t blend away.

Thoughts at this point: Generally, everything is still matte and flawless-looking. I’m pretty impressed!


It was quite an experience trying to get a good night’s sleep with makeup on. Don’t try this at home, folks! Always remove your makeup thoroughly before you go to bed. This experiment was solely to put the Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect to the test.

etude house any cushion all day perfect 9

Overall verdict: Success! There’s still a significant amount of foundation on my face after a whole night’s sleep! The dry patches on my face flakes a bit especially since I slept with the air-conditioner on. Nevertheless, I’m very impressed by the lasting power and the persistently matte finish of the Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect! I mean, hey, it survived 24 hours on my face just as it promises!

The ETUDE HOUSE Any Cushion All Day Perfect SPF50+/PA+++ retails at SGD32 and is available in six shades, from 1 June at all ETUDE HOUSE stores.

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This article is brought to you by ETUDE HOUSE.