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Besides darker undereye circles, 2021 was pretty much the year that I fully come to terms with my uneven skin tone (which I’ve been dealing with for as long as I can remember) as well as the further onset of fine lines, which is why I started incorporating early anti-ageing skincare in my daily routine in hopes of slowing down the hands of time.

Anti-ageing skincare, however, is known to have price tags that put a dent in the wallet, especially when we’re talking about anti-ageing serums that can cost anywhere from S$150 to upwards of S$1,000. What’s worse is that you don’t truly know whether these products work for you or not until you’ve splurged on them.

So when my editor offered me an opportunity to try out an anti-ageing and brightening serum from an up-and-coming drugstore brand called Evans Dermalogical, I knew I had to give it a try to see if an affordable formula can give me the results that I get from my S$224 anti-ageing serum (I also have another on rotation that costs over S$180).

Keep reading to find out what makes this serum so special and my thoughts about the product after testing it out for 30 days.

Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Youth Serum review: What’s unique about it

It’s powered by probiotics, a skincare technology commonly found in high-end skincare serums

Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Youth Serum close up

Part of the brand’s Diamond Tomato series, which is an anti-ageing, anti-pollution, and brightening care range, the Youth Serum is powered by 10% bifida ferment lysate.

This probiotic, which is commonly found in renowned luxury anti-ageing serums, is responsible for restoring skin’s natural microbiome while stimulating cell renewal for a radiant complexion that looks younger and more even-toned.

Together with this repairing probiotic complex, the serum also contains sodium hyaluronate, a derivative of hyaluronic acid that is more easily absorbed by the skin.

The Youth Serum yields the best results when used in conjunction with the rest of the Diamond Tomato range.

It’s rich in actives, but lightweight in texture

Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Youth Serum flatlay

Most anti-ageing serums typically come in a heavier consistency, which may not bode well for those with oilier or sensitive skin. Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Youth Serum, however, offers anti-ageing and brightening benefits in a lightweight texture that’s easily absorbed by all skin types.

By using ascorbyl glucoside, a gentler form of vitamin C, in the formula, the serum is also made suitable for sensitive skin to use too. In addition, the serum features custard apple (annona cherimola) extract as well, which helps reduce skin sensitivity and also gives the serum a slightly pinkish hue that’s quite mesmerising to look at.

It has a super affordable price tag

At just below S$70, Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Youth Serum is probably one of the more wallet-friendly anti-ageing serums you can get your hands on to restore or maintain your skin’s youthfulness.

But as you can see above, the brand certainly did not compromise on the formula’s efficacy, opting instead to pack the serum with anti-ageing skincare technology and premium ingredients that are more commonly found in luxury anti-ageing skincare.

Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Youth Serum review: Results after 14 and 30 days

Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Youth Serum review after 14 days

Using the Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato 3-step regime for a complete anti-ageing routine, I started noticing slight differences in my skin tone after seven days, but it was after two weeks into the trial that I saw marked changes in my complexion.

By using the cleanser, toner, and serum with my regular moisturiser (and sunscreen in the A.M., of course), even the pesky acne scars started to fade, which really took me by surprise.

I’d usually see swift changes like these when I use my high-end anti-ageing serums but to my pleasant surprise, the Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Youth Serum delivered similar results – minus the hefty price tag!

If I have to hazard a guess, I’d say that this product efficacy is likely because of the anti-ageing skincare technology and quality ingredients that Evans Dermalogical has formulated into the products.

While changes in the fine lines on my face remained to be seen, I felt that my skin had become more hydrated and the usually dry patches on my cheeks had reduced. Overall, my complexion also appeared more radiant and youthful even after following the routine for just two weeks.

Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Youth Serum review after 30 days

After 30 days, most of my hormonal acne scars pretty much faded into the background (save for a few new ones that had crept up). My skin tone seemed to look brighter and more even as well, which is quite a feat as most brightening serums I’ve used in the past weren’t able to deliver significant results after a month of usage.

By pairing the Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato series with a hydrating moisturiser and my trusted sunscreen during the day, I no longer need to rely on a foundation to even out my skin tone and conceal dark spots and acne marks. In fact, my skin now looks good enough that I can step out makeup-free confidently!

What’s more, the Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Youth Serum – along with the cleanser and toner – are all free of artificial fragrance as well so even those with sensitive skin can use these skincare products with peace of mind.

Other products to try from the Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato series

Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato series

For a complete anti-ageing routine, consider trying the Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato PM2.5 Cleanser and Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Beyond Toner like I did.

The former offers anti-pollution and brightening benefits on top of lifting away dirt, sebum, and pollutants, thanks to alteromonas ferment filtrate that also helps to repair the skin and improve hydration levels.

Meanwhile, the latter is more than just a basic toner. Besides toning and soothing the skin with witch hazel extract, the formula also forms a protective barrier to shield skin against oxidative damage from pollutants and UV rays. With regular use, the skin’s barrier function is strengthened while the skin tone becomes brighter, more radiant, and even.

Both the cleanser and toner are formulated with a naturally occurring, non-genetically modified (non-GMO) breed of white tomatoes that originates from Israel. Yes, you read that right – white, not red tomatoes.

Said to be edible, and taste sweeter and less acidic than common red tomatoes, white tomatoes have gained popularity in the skincare industry in recent years because of their unique ability to alleviate skin problems such as hyperpigmentation and provide skin-brightening benefits.

Unlike the regular red (or other coloured) tomatoes that we’re used to seeing, which contain coloured carotenoids such as lycopene, white tomatoes are special not just in their colour but also because they contain colourless carotenoids known as phytoene and phytofluene.

This characteristic, in turn, enables white tomatoes to reflect visible white light and thus appear white while absorbing light waves from shorter wavelengths – like ultraviolet (UV) rays. With this unique feature, this ingredient is said to be highly effective in protecting the skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays, the two types of UV rays that wreak havoc and age skin.

What’s more, white tomatoes are also considered a super antioxidant, which helps to prevent free radical damage and reduce the effects of environmental pollution on the skin.

Start by cleansing away the day’s dirt and grime with Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato PM2.5 Cleanser before toning the skin with Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Beyond Toner.

After that, gently apply Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Youth Serum over the face and neck until fully absorbed before finishing off with your favourite moisturiser (and sunscreen during the day).

All three products in the collection can be used twice daily. For best results, use Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Sheet Masks (available in four variants) at night before bed.

Where to find Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Youth Serum and the rest of the Diamond Tomato collection + prices

Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Youth Serum retails for S$69.90.

Meanwhile, Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato PM2.5 Cleanser and Diamond Tomato Beyond Toner retail for S$39.90 each.

There are four types of Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato Sheet Masks, and are priced between S$14.90 and S$29.90.

Evans Dermalogical Diamond Tomato collection can be found at major pharmacies like Watsons, Guardian, and Unity. You can also shop the collection online via the official Color Play websiteShopee, and Lazada. Visit the website for more information on Evans Dermalogical.

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