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Eyebrows: the tiny titans framing your face. And let’s be honest, sometimes they need a little… help. Enter semi-permanent solutions in the beauty world, where eyebrow tattoos are raising brows (pun intended) for all the right reasons.

Yup, they’re making a comeback, but this time, they don’t look a thing like your grandma’s blocky brows. With options like microblading and nanoblading, choosing the right path for your arches can feel like navigating a maze.

Fret not. Our guide will be your map as we share everything you need to know about modern eyebrow tattoos, including what to expect, how much they cost, and how to care for them.

What are Eyebrow Tattoos?

what are eyebrow tattoos

An eyebrow tattoo is simply a tattoo that is shaped like an eyebrow. Eyebrow tattoos of yesteryear looked solid and blocky, but these days, they’re designed to create the illusion of a natural eyebrow, taking into consideration texture, fullness, and shape.

Think delicate hair-like strokes, mimicking your natural brows for a flawless, effortless look. The process, similar to a miniature tattoo, deposits pigment into the top layer of your skin, creating an illusion of fullness and definition.

The Benefits of Eyebrow Tattoos

Brow tattoos offer a range of advantages that might just convince you to embrace the semi-permanent:

  • Lasting results: Ditch the morning makeup ritual and enjoy perfectly sculpted brows for up to three years. No more smudging, fading, or battling uneven arches.
  • Add texture and shape to sparse brows: Brow tattoos can grant you fuller, more defined arches. They can fill in gaps, create shape, and even reshape your brows for a symmetrical, balanced look.
  • Boost confidence: Perfectly sculpted brows can be a true confidence booster. They frame your face, enhance your eyes, and add a touch of polish to any look, even bare-faced.
  • Waterproof and worry-free: Rain or sweat? No problem. Brow tattoos stay put, letting you enjoy your active lifestyle without the fear of fading colour.
  • Save time: Reclaim those precious minutes in the morning by saving time spent on perfecting your arches.

Types of Eyebrow Tattoos

microblading vs nanoblading

Microblading (left) vs nanoblading (right)

There are a few types of eyebrow tattoos to consider, including microblading, nano brows, and powder brows.

While all of these techniques involve implanting ink or pigment beneath the skin, they each produce different results that can mimic popular brow styles, such as fluffy brows – something microblading is particularly good at imitating.

  • Microblading (AKA brow embroidery or feathering): Using a tool with tiny needles, this popular form of brow tattoo meticulously draws ultra-fine hair strokes, mimicking nature’s masterpiece with semi-permanent precision.
  • Nano brows (AKA nanoblading): Imagine a digital tattoo pen wielding a single, high-tech needle. That’s nanoblading, ideal for those with thicker, textured brows. Its pinpoint accuracy tackles tricky areas, making even unruly arches sing.
  • Powder brows (AKA “ombré brows): This technique, which involves a digital tattoo pen, paints your brows with a soft gradient effect, like a permanent version of your favourite brow powder. Bonus points: it’s a champion for oily skin and can even colour-correct botched tattoo mishaps.
  • Combo brows: Still can’t choose? Well, combo brows combine the best of both worlds, blending microblading’s hair strokes with powder’s subtle shade to deliver realistic fullness and texture.

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Microblading vs. Eyebrow Tattoo: Is There a Difference?

While microblading is a type of eyebrow tattoo, there’s a slight difference when you compare it to other forms of brow tattoo.

Unlike nano brows and combo brows, microblading is considered semi-permanent because it deposits ink more superficially into the skin’s surface without the use of traditional tattoo machines.

Microblading is ideal for normal to dry skin types, while machine-made brows can suit various skin types, including oily or scarred skin.

The beauty of microblading lies in its semi-permanent nature, as it can last up to two years, depending on the artist’s skill and how well your skin accepts the application.

On the other hand, tattoo ink is injected deeper into the skin, resulting in a longer-lasting effect. However, the colour may fade over time and develop an unnatural green-blue tint. But don’t worry; with touch-ups, your brow tattoos can always be restored to their original splendour.

Are Eyebrow Tattoos Painful?

are eyebrow tattoos painful

Let’s face it: the idea of sharp tools near your eyebrows can set off even the bravest beauty warrior. So, is the pain of eyebrow tattoos a deal-breaker? Not necessarily.

Honesty is key, so yes, there can be some discomfort during the procedure. Think light scratches or tingling as the needles deposit pigment. But here’s the good news: most technicians use topical numbing creams to reduce pain significantly.

Plus, the entire process usually takes under two hours, and the most intense sensations occur during the initial outlining.

Most importantly, consult a qualified professional for a personalised assessment and address any specific concerns you have. With proper research and a skilled technician, brow tattoos can be a safe and transformative experience.

The Costs of Getting an Eyebrow Tattoo

The cost depends on several factors: the technician’s skills, the salon’s address, and the technique you choose.

Microblading, known for its delicate hair-like strokes, typically starts from a friendly S$500 to S$1,200, while other forms of eyebrow tattoos can dance closer to S$800 and go up to S$2,000.

Remember, you’re investing in a masterpiece that frames your face, and these experts will do whatever they can to deliver.

Best Salon for Microblading

Best Salon for Nano Brows

Best Salon for Powder Brows

Best Salon for Combo Brows

Before Your Eyebrow Tattoo Appointment

A smooth pre-session sets the stage for a stunning, trouble-free tattoo.

First, pause the plucking and waxing. Let your natural shape flourish for at least two weeks. This gives the artist a clear canvas to work with and ensures they capture your unique brow potential.

Next, ditch the blood thinners and retinoids for a temporary farewell. These medications can affect pigment retention, so give them a break for about a week before and after the procedure.

Finally, schedule your brow tattoo for a time when you can give it some TLC.

Eyebrow Tattoos: Aftercare

While your new arches settle in, remember, gentle is key. Skip the makeup and harsh scrubs, opting instead for mild cleansers. Don’t pick or scratch – let the pigment settle, like a delicate painting needing time to dry.

Sun exposure is a no-no. Shield your precious brows from those harsh rays for a couple of weeks, and steer clear of saunas and steam rooms for a while. Avoid strenuous workouts and heavy lifting until your brows are fully healed.

You’ll want to keep your brows and the surrounding area moisturised with the technician-recommended ointment. This helps the pigment settle evenly and prevents scabbing.

It might take up to four weeks to reveal the final results, so trust the process!

Potential Side Effects of Getting an Eyebrow Tattoo

It’s important to be aware of potential side effects when getting a tattoo. However, when it comes to brow ink, the risks are usually minimal.

If you’re pregnant or nursing, currently on Accutane, or taking blood-thinning medications, it’s best to avoid a brow tattoo session. To make sure it’s the right choice for you, discuss it with your doctor beforehand, considering all the factors involved.

Certain skin types should avoid brow tattoos as well, specifically those who are prone to developing keloid or hypertrophic scars. Since getting a tattoo involves injuring the skin, scars can potentially form in the treated area.

Experts often stress the importance of technique in tattooing. Incorrect placement of tattoo pigment can result in an unnatural appearance and worsen the overall cosmetic effect.

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