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The lash artistry industry is booming and we’re not surprised why. More and more women are willing to invest in beauty services like eyelash extensions because they know that the treatment gives you voluminous and long lashes, with semi-permanent results that allow you to go makeup-free for a long time.

Lash Extension Schools In Singapore Dreamlash Header

Great for those who aren’t good with eye makeup and those who prefer to sleep in and save time on their makeup routines in the morning, lash services are a must-have for many women in Singapore.

Whether you’re a beauty therapist looking to expand your repertoire, or a newbie to the beauty services industry looking to acquire a new skill for a career switch, you’re looking at the right article.

Where to learn lash extension?

Those who often look out for lash extension services would be familiar with Dreamlash. Hailing from Korea, Dreamlash is one of the most established lash extension salons in Singapore. But did you know that the lash salon also has an academy where they train and groom new lash artists?

Eyelash Extension Training School Rachel Demo

It is called The Lash Academy, and it is helmed by Rachel Lye, the Principal Trainer of The Lash Academy International and Dreamlash Korea Eyelash Studio. The Lash Academy specialises in training eyelash-related services.

You know you’re in good hands because Rachel is also the chairman of International Eyelash Designer Association and Korean EyeLash Association, which are based in Seoul, Korea. Her professional skills are so well-respected that she has been invited as the Official Judge in Korean Beauty Contest 2016 – 2019.

The entire programme takes around one to three months to complete, depending on each student’s learning ability, and involves at least 34 hours of face-to-face training.

Students are provided with strong after-course support; they can attend refresher classes and revisions so that trainers can follow up with their skills mastery to help them improve further. The academy also encourages students to make use of the school’s facilities for their own practices at no extra charges.

What can you learn from the lash extension school?

As a specialised lash academy and the first in Singapore that offers a full eyelash extension diploma, you can expect the curriculum that The Lash Academy offers to be quite comprehensive.

Here’s a rundown of the courses available:

1. Diploma in Professional Eyelash Extensions

Professional Lash Extension Course

An all-you-need-to-know course in setting up an eyelash extension business. This course aims to equip students with techniques to apply eyelash extension safely and comfortably at the foundation and advanced levels. 

Students will be equipped with comprehensive  knowledge and skills to set up a professional eyelash extension business as a home-based freelancer or a commercial salon. Through a series of curated theoretical, practical and revision practices, students will be trained to provide a wide range of professional eyelash extensions services proficiently.

2. Eyelash Business Start Up Course (foundation level)

Lash Extension Schools In Singapore Rundown Of Course

You’ll get to experience theory, demonstration, and hands-on training under the Eyelash Business Start Up course. The main point of the course is to equip those passionate about starting their own eyelash extension business with a complete knowledge and understanding on how to do so.

Think application techniques, how to deal with various clients, and even business space set-ups.

Read more about the course here.

3. Russian Volume Essentials Course

Lash Extension Schools In Singapore Dreamlash Course Two

A different set of skills are required when it comes to attaching Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions as compared to classic ones. Embark on this course as it coaches you the intricacies behind performing a 3D fan pick up as well as a 4D and 6D fan pick up. Take note that this course is an advanced course that is recommended for lash artists who have prior experience with classic eyelash extensions.

Read more about the course here.

4. Expert course on Mega Volume

The Lash Academy Mega Volume

The demand on using softer lashes and an ultimate volume eyelash look is constantly on the rise. The Mega Volume course trains you to create extreme volume lashes using techniques from Bordeaux Eyelash Academy from Kazakhstan, where Rachel is the authorised trainer in Singapore.

5. Asian Eyelid Lifting Technique

Lash Extension Course Lash Lift

Many Asian females with single eyelids are often looking for ways to enlarge the appearance of their eyes without going under the knife. Learn how to lift up single eyelids to create a double eyelid crease using patented eyelash extensions technique.

Learn more about this course here.

6. Amino Lash Lift & Tint

Lash Extension Schools In Singapore Dreamlash Third Course

This course is introduced to offer an alternative solution to clients who are not keen on eyelash extensions. Breaking away from the traditional lash perm, this course trains student to lift and darken natural lashes without causing damage that usually occurs with traditional perming solutions.

Students will be using K Lash PRO’s lash lift products from Korea to learn how these products are able to deliver a filler effect to the lashes while strengthening them.

The tinting method taught also effectively darkens the natural lashes, giving it a ‘mascara’ effect of fuller, thicker lashes.

Read more about the course here.

7. Nano Eyelash Regrowth

Lash Extension Schools In Singapore Dreamlash Theory

A revolutionary method to lengthen and strengthen one’s natural lashes by stimulating lash follicles with stem cells ampoules, this course aims to teach the correct techniques that come with lash follicle stimulation.

This is largely done with a nano MTS machine. From this process, you will also be able to observe how client’s lashes will grow to be longer and stronger by 20-50%.

Read more about the course here.

What happens after the course?

The Lash Academy Graduates

At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate and eventually a Diploma in Eyelash Extensions, upon meeting professional requirements. Students will also receive the K Lash PRO certificate of proficiency for their mastery in using the K Lash PRO Products.

On top of just getting a professional certification locally, students will also be eligible to go for the International Eyelash Designer Association License Exam, a Korea-based qualification, conducted annually by The Lash Academy.

Why learn at The Lash Academy?

Lash Extension Schools In Singapore Why Dreamlash

You already know that Dreamlash is among the most recognised and professional lash extension salons in Singapore, with many years of experience in providing lash-related services. In fact, the DV team has tried their services like lash extension and lash lifting and each time they have impressed us thoroughly with quality results and great service.

What this means is that The Lash Academy has the industry know-how to give you adequate training to become just as qualified and professional as their lash artists are.

But the benefits of learning at The Lash Academy doesn’t just end within the classroom. As the first official eyelash training school in Singapore, The Lash Academy believes in grooming students professionally every step of the way, including providing strong support to them even after the course.

Students are encouraged to continue to correspond with their trainers after completing the course to share their works, and to return for unlimited revision sessions.

You’ll also be pleased to know that classes are small – comprising of a maximum of four students – so that every student is able to receive sufficient attention from their trainer. It gives you plenty of face time with your trainer to sort out any mistakes and clear up any queries – something that you definitely want from a good lash extension school!

For more information about eyelash training with The Lash Academy, visit their website.

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