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As protective face masks continue to be an essential part of our daily lives, more and more brands have come up with innovative solutions to make mask-wearing more bearable while helping to mitigate the now-common problem of maskne and we foresee that this creative trend will only continue to rise since mask-wearing is pretty much mandatory for the foreseeable future.

From antimicrobial fabrics to breathable liners and anti-ageing masks, here are some options you can consider checking out to care for your skin whenever you wear a mask in public.

Dr. TWL Dermaceuticals Cuions Anti-Ageing + Anti-Acne Copper Silk Face Mask

Dr Twl Dermaceuticals Cuions Anti Ageing Anti Acne Copper Silk Face Mask

Developed a company founded by dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin of TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre, this face mask is claimed to be the first anti-ageing reusable fabric mask ever to be engineered. The fabric is infused with copper ions, which are said to have the ability to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and stimulate collagen production in the skin, and is also antimicrobial to keep maskne at bay.

On top of that, it also comes with broad-spectrum UV protection to reduce UVA and UVB exposure, and shield the skin against photo-ageing, pigmentation, and skin cancers. With the UPF50+ certification, the mask is suitable for all skin types, including those with photo-sensitive conditions such as rosacea, eczema, and lupus.

Acne sufferers on photo-sensitising medication or those who underwent laser or chemical peel treatments will also appreciate the soft, silky material that stays comfortably on the face.

Dr. TWL Dermaceuticals Cuions Anti-Ageing + Anti-Acne Copper Silk Face Mask retails for S$70 online. You can get a matching antimicrobial storage pouch for a surcharge of S$45.

Skin Inc Mask Liner

Skin Inc Mask Liner

Dubbed the skin saviour from maskne by the brand, this is a supplementary sheet made from a baby-soft, non-woven fabric that acts as a shield between your skin and the coarse material of protective face masks plus the skin-suffocating breath vapour.

Apart from boasting good elasticity that can comfortably fit both male and female adults, the single-use liner has also been tested and proven by the Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences to noticeably reduce the pressure marks and discomfort brought on by long-term mask wear.

With an additional liner between your face and mask, you can also lower the contamination of your protective face mask since it’ll absorb less oil and grime from your skin.

Skin Inc Mask Liner retails for S$28 for a pack of 20 sheets online.

Slip Face Covering

Slip Face Covering

If you use a silk pillowcase for softer, more manageable hair, why not wear silk on your face too? That’s what Slip decided to do with its specially-developed Slipsilk since it makes sense to produce non-medical face masks from the soft, friction-reducing material.

Crafted with 100% mulberry silk on both sides with an inner layer made of 100% cotton, the reusable face mask is lightweight, breathable, and amazingly gentle on the skin.

Slip Face Covering retails for approx. S$53.16 (US$39) on Beautylish.

Boujee Barbie 100% Mulberry Silk Mask

Boujee Barbie Silk Masks

Friction-reducing silk masks are better for our skin – we already know that. But we also know that the really good ones can be expensive. Thankfully, we’ve discovered Boujee Barbie, which offers 100% mulberry silk masks at a very reasonable price.

Besides the great material, these make mask-wearing super comfortable with a couple of amazing features: adjustable elastic ear straps and nose bridge wire. These three-ply handsewn masks also come with slots for you to add filters or surgical masks in them for added protection.

Available in two sizes: regular (14cm x 20cm) and petite (12cm x 20cm) and in eight colours: black, pink, blue, grey, gold, beige, emerald, and navy.

Boujee Barbie 100% Mulberry Silk Mask retails for S$22.90 on Shopee and seven complimentary filters are given with each mask purchased.

Independent Market Antimicrobial Face Mask

Independent Market Antimicrobial Mask Set

Looking for more beautifully designed masks that are equally as protective for sensitive skin? Check out the reusable mask sets from Independent Market! The hypoallergenic and antimicrobial masks are made with 100% cotton fabric, making it suitable for people with delicate skin.

However, the reusable face mask does not come with filter so you’ll have to purchase disposable filters separately to slot one in the inner cotton gauze pocket.

Independent Market Antimicrobial Face Mask retails for S$39 for a set of four pieces online. Two-ply mask filters are sold separately at S$8.90 (six pieces) here.