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About Face Shower Bar Quick Shower Facial [Temporarily closed until further notice]

Best Extraction Facials Face Shower Bar Review3

Face Shower Bar offers the unique concept of a “dry bar facial”, where modern women can keep up with pampering for their skin with facials that only takes 30 minutes to complete. Using Japanese technology and Irén skincare products (which are formulated with a national research agency), the fuss-free treatments at Face Shower Bar are thorough and effective, despite the short time taken.

Its signature treatment is the Quick Shower Facial, which uses hydra-dermabrasion, an advanced exfoliation technology that removes clogged pores and blackheads. It also follows a three-step patented DermaSOS, a programme that was designed by Face Shower Bar, together with an A*STAR researcher.

You’re recommended to go for the Quick Shower Facial twice a month for the best maintenance of your skin.

Watch this video to learn more about the concept:

Face Shower Bar – Singapore’s First Dry Facial Bar from Ikeda Group on Vimeo.

[Temporarily closed until further notice]
Face Shower Bar is located at One Raffles Link, B1-17A, Citylink Mall (near Marina Square Exit), Singapore 039393. It operates using a queue system upon walk in and opens from 11am to 9.30pm daily.

Writer’s review of Face Shower Bar

Reviewer: Vanitha Anthony

Face Shower Bar is all about delivering affordable facials that are quick but effective. It is the first boutique in Singapore that offers quick facials (some as fast as 30 minutes!) that will not disrupt your daily schedule and leave you feeling more rejuvenated with visible result after the first session.

Using products from their house brand, Irén, which are created using the brand’s patented molecular biotechnology. All products are 100% vegan, clean, and non-toxic, to keep your skin happy and healthy.

Free from what is commonly called the “7 big no-nos” ingredients (e.g. paraben, drying alcohol, silicone), Irén’s #HappySkinPromise to their customers is to make sure you can find nothing in their products that are potentially harmful to your skin.

As you step into Face Shower Bar, you’d be welcomed with a beautiful interior that features pastel-coloured accents, a bath-tub outside the store, quirky quotes and slogans all over the salon. It’s definitely very Instagram-worthy if you have time to snap a photo.

Best Extraction Facials Face Shower Bar Review4

Before the treatment started, I filled in a questionnaire about my skin concerns. This helped them address my skin issues thoroughly by choosing the most suitable products according to what my skin needed the most.

My skin was a little drier than usual and I was suffering from clogged pores and uneven skin tone. I was also having breakouts after my last period.

My beauty advisor, Shinyi, was very patient in explaining the whole process of the treatment to me. I had opted the Quick Shower Facial, which offers extraction results using hydra-dermabrasion technology. The Irén products chosen for me were:

Face Shower Bar Iren Review

  1. Yellow Yuzu, Whitening Serum (tackling uneven skin tone)
  2. Orange Pumpkin, Clearing Serum (clearing of pores)
  3. Blue Blueberry, Hydrating Serum (hydrating the skin)

As I was not wearing makeup that day, the treatment quickly began with a cleanse accompanied with a facial massage. Shinyi used the Irén Massage Cleansing Cream to give my face a thorough cleanse while delivering a skilful massage to relax my skin. She then gently removed the cream with wipes.

She then proceeded with using the hydra-dermabrasion device that painlessly sucked dead skin cells, whiteheads, and other impurities from my pores. This step is similar to extraction that you do in traditional salons where therapists manually extract gunk in the pores.

Best Extraction Facials Face Shower Bar Review5

The device looks like this.

I was then given a choice of two masks. I went with the Charcoal In-Shower Mask, which is designed to help reduce the appearance of large pores and alleviate inflammation. The mask left a very cooling sensation on the skin, which made the session feel very relaxing. After that, a refreshing mask was applied onto my face again to gently soothe and hydrate skin. Then, she mixed the three chosen serums together and applied the mixture evenly onto my face.

Best Extraction Facials Face Shower Bar Review
Best Extraction Facials Face Shower Bar Review2

They promised instant results and they weren’t kidding. I love that my skin looked significantly brighter and I could see a healthier glow. The blemishes I had were not as obvious as before and the pimples I had on my cheeks also looked calmer. My skin continued to feel soft and smooth in the next few days after the facial too!

I appreciate that the extraction process using the device was painless, but managed to clear my clogged pores. It was overall a relaxing session that I enjoyed.

5 readers’ reviews of Face Shower Bar

Face Shower Bar Quick Shower Facial Review Cherie

Cherie Cheong
Dry, acne-prone skin

The service at Face Shower Bar is good. The therapist was able to explain the steps and products used to me in depth. I find the exfoliation process very gentle and I noticed that my clogged pores were cleared. My skin remained supple even till the next day. The technology that they use for extraction also impressed me.

Face Shower Bar Quick Shower Facial Review Christine 2

Christine Toh
Combination skin

This facial was fantastic! The exfoliation process of the Quick Shower Facial at Face Shower Bar was painless yet able to help me clear my blackheads and clogged pores. I also find that it deeply moisturised my skin. I rate this facial 5 out of 5 and would go for it again.

Face Shower Bar Quick Shower Facial Review Peiwen

Ng Peiwen
Combination skin

The therapist was very gentle with my skin and it was a painless facial. I left Face Shower Bar with skin that felt refreshed. The facial massage that the therapist did also felt soothing on my face. I find the facial very moisturising and would recommend it to my friends and family.

Face Shower Bar Quick Shower Facial Review Jasmine

Jasmine Lim
Oily skin

The duration of this facial is excellent for time-pressed people like me. Although it is short, the treatment was able to give my skin the cleansing and moisturising benefits that it needed. It’s a great perk-me-up at an affordable price and I’m considering to purchase a package from them!

Face Shower Bar Review Loraine

Loraine Ann Celino
Combination skin

Within the short duration of the facial, impurities in my skin were cleared and I achieved great skin that look good without filter. I like that the venue is convenient to get to and the salon looks lovely. The ambience, staff, and treatment are all good. I also like that the duration is just nice and the price is very friendly. Results are very impressive too!

Another recent review that caught our eyes

Face Shower Bar Review Nurul

Nurul Mimsy

This was my first-ever session with Face Shower Bar and a 15-minute skin analysis was done. My consultant was very patient and explained in detail what each test was for, answered all my questions, and even gave me tips on how to improve my skin condition.

After the consultation and skin tests, I was recommended Signature Hydra Cleanse Facial + Booster. I like the privacy with the shower curtains to cover up each shower bar, so if you’re a hijabi or if you’re particular about people seeing you without makeup you can request for the corner booth so you will be isolated!

Once I got into the shower bar, I was told to make myself comfortable, and I was given a fluffy blanket in case I got cold. After I settled down, my beautician proceeded to help me remove my makeup by massaging all over my face and it was so relaxing, I fell asleep even though it was just a 30-minute facial. But during the facial, I could hear her telling me exactly what she’s doing, each and every step of the way, and checks that I am comfortable every once in awhile.

After the facial, she even showed me the dirty residue that was extracted from my horrible skin (hahaha) and then left me to gather myself after the nap or put on my makeup back again if I wanted to.

This article is brought to you by Face Shower Bar.