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FOREO’s revolutionary device launched back in 2018 redefined masking, bringing powerful, professional treatments right to the comfort of your home.

Foreo Ufo 2 Ix

On 1 April 2021, the brand is unveiling the UFO 2, an upgraded version of the smart masking device that’s the ultimate power masking treatment. We’ve got the lowdown this upgraded model, including a review by a beauty device newbie.

What’s in the UFO 2

Hyper-infusion technology

As with the original UFO, the UFO 2 gives you a complete power mask treatment, enhancing your skincare with upgraded hyper-infusion technology such as thermo-therapy and cryo-therapy.

Hyper Infusion Tech Thermo

Photo by: FOREO

Thermo-therapy is like its name suggests – the super fast heating tech instantly softens the skin, opening the pores to infuse the ingredients and actives in your mask even deeper into the skin.

The difference? The UFO 2 delivers heat five times faster at 55 degree-Celsius on the plate and 45 degree-Celsius through a mask.

Hyper Infusion Tech Cyro

Photo by: FOREO

Cryo-therapy, on the other hand, cools the skin almost five times faster now to 4 degree-Celsius. By doing so, your pores shrink and lock all the good stuff in, and you can bid adieu to puffiness and say hello to a more lifted appearance.

Full-spectrum LED light

The UFO 2 boasts eight LED lights that expertly activate key ingredients within the mask for a dedicated and customised treatment.

Full Spectrum Light Ii

Photo by: FOREO

It’s a great way for you to tackle your problem areas. Need to brighten dull complexion and even out your skin tone? Go for green light. Trying to reduce the appearance of fine lines and achieve a more youthful appearance? Purple and red lights are your solutions.

White light tightens the skin and reduces puffiness, orangelight revitalises the skin for a lovely glow, blue light improves the skin’s texture, cyan light calms and relieves stressed skin, and yellow light reduces redness and soothes the skin.

Power Masks

Photo by: FOREO

While each mask has a pre-programmed hyper-infusion technology and LED light pairing, you can also customise your very own treatment and save it for future uses in the FOREO app.

T-Sonic pulsations

At 10,000 pulsations per minute, each masking session is typically finished off with this satisfying face massage.

Foreo X

The pulsations increase the microcirculation and absorption of active ingredients, so you’ll know you’re definitely getting every bit of the mask’s essence into your skin!

Besides increasing the absorbency and efficacy of your masks formulations, the pulsations also help to diffuse facial muscle tension, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and reducing puffiness.

Temperature-control feature

Foreo Ufo 2

Previously, the UFO can only be paired with FOREO’s masks, but with this temperature-control feature, you can pair the UFO 2 with any other sheet mask for the ultimate at-home spa experience!

UFO 2 review

I’ve never thought about incorporating technology into my skincare routine – just my trusty three-step skincare routine, and occasionally masking when I have time to spare.

I say that because putting on a sheet mask requires you to be still for about 15 minutes and on some days, I simply do not have the time or patience for that.

FOREO’s UFO 2 promised an at-home spa masking experience in 90 seconds (for most of its masks), which sounds like good news for people like me.

I masked with the UFO 2 every alternate day in a week, trying out different mask formulations on my sensitive, dry skin. Here’s how it went.

Acai Berry

I visited the Singapore Zoo and River Safari over the weekend – and my skin paid the price for it. I came back to reddened, irritated skin that was so dry and flaking at certain areas – the effects of being in the sun for way too long.

Foreo Ufo 2 Vii

That’s when I decided to bust out the Acai Berry Activating Face Mask, which was meant to smooth and plump the skin, boosting radiance.

Foreo Step By Step

Upon unboxing my UFO 2 and taking all the pics for the ‘gram, I downloaded the FOREO For You app on the app store to pair and register my UFO 2.

To start masking, I removed the attachment ring from the UFO 2, then slipped on the sheet mask over it and secure it by clipping the attachment ring back into place.

Back in the app, I started a treatment, then scrolled and select the Acai Berry mask for the pre-programmed masking routine.

Foreo Step By Step Ii

The two-minute treatment started off with thermo-therapy and red LED light, and delivered a comfortable warmth onto my skin that made my masking experience oh-so-pleasant. This steps preps the skin for absorption of the smoothing mask complex.

This was followed up by the T-Sonic pulsations and purple LED light. The soothing T-Sonic pulsations truly worked wonders and relaxed my facial muscles, working together with the purple LED to reduce the appearance of fine lines and smoothing the skin out.

Foreo Step By Step Iii

After the relaxing cool down and complete treatment, I noticed an immediate difference in the texture and appearance of my skin – gone was the dry and tight feeling when I stretched my face, and my skin felt so smooth and supple to the touch.

My skin tends to break out when I layer on too many products, so I’ve got a really simple morning routine: cleanser, essence, and sunscreen. After gently rubbing the rest of the essence, I decided to skip the essence for today. After all, the mask felt like it already provided ample hydration, perhaps even more than my essence normally would.

Here’s the thing – my pores clog so easily! I was worried that the mask formula would be too rich for my skin to handle, especially after a day out with all the sweat and grime, but I’m glad I can say that no pore was harmed after this mask session!

Green Tea

I had a clogged pore that I tried to squeeze and it blossomed into a full blown zit instead. It was the painful, red kind that would take at least a week to go away.

Foreo Ufo 2 Viii

Luckily, I had the Green Tea Activated Face Masks on hand. My 90-second treatment combined both green LED light and thermotherapy, and blue LED light with cryo-therapy and T-Sonic pulsations.

The sheet mask was rich with green tea (a potent source of antioxidants), which felt so soothing on the skin. It was also perfect to treat my pimple – once I was done masking, the area felt less painful to the touch too!

Bulgarian Rose

After a long day in the office and a freezing cold evening in a cafe, my skin felt so dry and tight. While I usually attribute it to my normally dry skin, being in an air-conditioned environment for most of the day makes it worse.

Foreo Ufo 2 Vi

I tried the Bulgarian Rose Hydrocell Activated Face Mask, hoping that its intense hydrating properties will restore suppleness and smoothen my skin. And I saw instant results – my skin instantly felt smoother, more supple, and I was glowing! Hydrated skin never felt so good.

My eyebags even look de-puffed and that was just from a 90-second treatment!

Overall thoughts on the FOREO UFO 2

Foreo Ufo 2 Ii

The UFO 2 is definitely going to be one of my skincare staples and it’ll come in handy especially on days when I need to give my skin some love, but don’t have enough time.

Custom skincare’s on the rise, and what’s not to love about skincare that’s tailored for you? I love how there is a sheet mask and customised treatment for every skincare woe I faced within the week.

One of the standout points of the UFO 2 from its predecessor is its adjustable temperature control – which means I can even pair it with sheet masks from other brands for a customised masking experience, which I’ll definitely try out one day.

How to get your hands on the FOREO UFO 2 and activated face masks

Foreo Ufo 2 Iii

The UFO 2 will retail for S$428 (and the UFO 2 mini at S$280) online at FOREO, Lazada, ZALORA, Sephora, Tangs, and in-store at Sephora Singapore, TANGS at Tang Plaza and Takashimaya at Ngee Ann City from 1 April 2021 onwards.

FOREO’s Activating Face Masks retail for S$30 per box of six at Sephora.