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There comes a time in any relationship, regardless of how happy you both are, when things can get a little monotonous in the bedroom.

Maybe your libido’s feeling the effects of hormonal changes or stress, or maybe you’re a single Pringle who’s on a journey of self-exploration, but you aren’t sure what works for you yet. And if you’re an adventurous individual with a healthy sex life, then all the power to you, sister!

Regardless of which camp you fall into, it’s certainly possible to spice things up and even reap a couple of beauty benefits with the Foxy Affairs Klimax Drops.

Foxy Affairs Klimax Drops: What is a “sensual serum”?

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The skin on the vulva is delicate, so when it comes to a little playtime, it deserves a specially-formulated product, like the Foxy Affairs Klimax Drops.

The all-natural “sensual serum” is said to be “designed for clitoral stimulation”. By increasing the sensitivity of your intimate areas, promoting hormone secretion, and encouraging orgasm, Foxy Affairs’ Klimax Drops intensify pleasure in the bedroom.

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Just apply one to two drops on your clit and labia and massage it in gently for two minutes before getting down to business. Remember not to apply it in your vagina – just keep it around the entrance.

Some lucky individuals may feel the effects right away, while others might need a few more drops. No judgement; we’re all unique!

Foxy Affairs Klimax Drops are also GMP and QC-certified, animal cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made with all-natural, premium ingredients. Not to mention, it’s HSA-notified too.

Oh, and if you were wondering – yes, your partner can still go down on you after you’ve applied the Foxy Affairs Klimax Drops.

It doesn’t hurt that it promises to moisturise and brighten the vulva area too. A formula which helps you get to where you need and beautifies your lady bits? Sounds too good to be true, but we’ll let you hear from some of Foxy Affairs’ customers!

Why customers love Foxy Affairs Klimax Drops

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One satisfied customer said her husband enjoyed the taste of Foxy Affairs Climax drops and was happy to see her climax many times after using them. Another customer agreed, sharing that her boyfriend wanted to go down on her more frequently because of the drops.

“I’m shooked and amazed by how fast it got me soaking!” a customer with endometriosis raved. “Again everyone is totally different but for me, it immediately made me feel sexual and [I] wanted to continue for another few more times within two to four hours.”

Those who get slightly drier down south also liked how the drops kept them lubricated and moisturised, so they could go for a couple more rounds.

“Can literally feel the area in between the labia getting slippery,” said a customer who tried the Klimax Drops for the first time. “Then a warming sensation starts coming up and after a few minutes, there’s like a pulsing effect. Thus, creating a good mood and prep for the [flower emoji] to get ready for wet and wild time.”

Overall, customers really enjoyed the warming sensation of the drops, which helped get them in the mood and intensified pleasure in the bedroom.

To find out if what customers say about Foxy Affairs Klimax Drops is true, Daily Vanity reached out to a friend, Sherly, who was eager to put the “sensual serum” to the test!

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Foxy Affairs Klimax Drops review: Did it help to intensify pleasure in the bedroom?

“When it comes to sex, I’m a firm believer of “more is more”; I’ve always been adventurous and down to try new things in the bedroom.

As someone approaching their thirties, I’ve noticed some differences in terms of how quickly I get turned on and orgasm as compared to my early twenties. So, when I was asked to give Foxy Affairs’ Klimax Drops a go, I was down.

Previously, I’ve tried a warming lubricant during sex which was targeted towards improving sensations “down there”.

While it was an interesting experience, I didn’t think it made a big difference to how I experienced the big-O. So I was hoping Foxy Affairs’ Klimax Drops would be a game-changer.”

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“My general concern with vulva-related products is if they are too heavily scented and could potentially disturb the delicate pH balance of my vagina.

Upon opening the bottle, I enjoyed the light rose fragrance and appreciated that it was made with all-natural ingredients, such as Chinese herbs.

I applied the recommended one to two drops of serum and massaged it on the skin. The texture wasn’t too oily and blended well. There was a slight warming sensation (not tingly) that felt nice and soothing.

After a while, I felt a slight tingling sensation, which got me in the mood and made things a little steamier in the bedroom. When I felt ready, I added two more drops and then my partner and I did the do.

The Foxy Affairs Klimax Drops did as promised and provided a heightened sexual experience, which left my partner and I really satisfied.

The drops are highly lubricating too, which left my lady bits nice and moisturised. As I continued using them over the next few days, my vulva area became much softer too – a lovely bonus I wasn’t expecting.

For those who are new to the world of sexual products that boost your experience, Foxy Affairs Klimax Drops is something you should definitely try.”

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Foxy Affairs Klimax Drops retails for S$45 on Foxy Affairs’ website

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