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Ageing is a major concern for women in their 30s, and Marie – makeup artist and mother of two lovely children – is no exception. Between working and taking care of the kids, Marie’s hectic schedule often leaves her skin looking dull and tired, with fine lines and dark, saggy skin in the more delicate area around her eyes.

Being a makeup artist, Marie understands very well the importance of taking good care of one’s skin. That’s why she takes great interest in various anti-ageing treatments, especially those that are both effective and safe for the eye area. When introduced to Freia Medical’s Neogen Plasma Face and Eye Lift Treatment, Marie was intrigued and keen to give it a try and see how it compared to the usual laser treatments she had done.

Freia Medical is a well-established aesthetics clinic in Singapore that offers a wide variety of treatments for your face, eye, hair and body. They are committed to using only scientifically proven, safe and effective technology in their treatments in order to deliver the best results to their patients.

How does plasma energy work in aesthetic?

Freia Plasma

Considered the fourth state of matter, after solids, liquids and gases, plasma can be used in cosmetic treatments to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, the two components responsible for the firmness and elasticity of our skin. As we age, these two components diminish and our skin becomes less capable of springing back after it gets stretched due to gravity or movements of facial muscles.

By promoting the production of collagen and elastin in our skin cells, plasma treatments can strengthen the skin structure and restore its firmness and elasticity, which gives the skin a tightened and lifted effect.

However, what sets plasma, a non-ablative treatment, apart from traditional ablative technologies such as laser is its high safety margin that allows plasma to be used on areas with thinner skin such as eyelids and under the eyes.

It allows for uniform heating of targeted tissue without disrupting and causing heat damage to the surrounding area. This means there is less risk of infection and down time will likely be shorter.

About Freia Medical’s Neogen Plasma Face and Eye Lift

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The Neogen Plasma System used at Freia converts nitrogen into plasma that gets delivered in precise, controlled pulses from a hand-piece to the skin. The activated plasma energy heats up targeted areas to stimulate collagen regeneration in deep tissue without affecting surrounding area thanks to the high precision of the pulses.

Not only can Neogen Plasma treat facial skin conditions such as dull skin, pigmentation and acne scars, the high safety margin also allows it to treat eye-related concerns such as droopy eyelids, dark eye circles, fine under-eye lines and crow’s feet, without any medical risk for your eyes.

Freia Medical’s Neogen Plasma Face and Eye Lift Review: The process

Marie was first given a thorough consultation with Dr. Toby, who was in charge of her treatment. During the consultation, Dr. Toby carefully examined Marie’s face using a skin scope to have a clear understanding of her skin concerns before recommending the appropriate treatment.

1 Freia Consultation

According to Dr. Toby, sometimes patients get too focused on a specific flaw on their face and insist on certain treatments that may not address all of their skin issues. That’s why a consultation is essential for the doctor to advise the patients on what’s best for them from a professional perspective.

After the consultation, Marie was taken to the treatment room where her face was cleansed and numbed in preparation for the treatment. The cleanser, as well as all products used throughout the treatment, are from Valmont, a highly effective luxurious skincare brand from Switzerland known for its forte in anti-ageing, to ensure optimal results and benefits for the patient.

A massage was given to Marie after cleansing her skin to improve blood circulation and relax facial muscles before applying the numbing cream onto her face and eyelids.

2 Freia Massage 2

The last step in preparation for the treatment is a face mask, again from Valmont. The mask was kept on Marie’s face throughout the process with the serum continuously applied to keep Marie’s skin hydrated. This is to make sure her skin was well-protected from the heating effect of the plasma.

3 Freia Mask

Right before the treatment started, the specialist carefully covered Marie’s eyebrows since they could be damaged if exposed to the plasma. Marie was also given ear plugs to minimise the sound of the energy pulses.

During the actual treatment, the face is divided into four areas: two sides of the face and two eyes. While the doctor was working on one area, the other three were covered by the face mask to keep them constantly moisturised. According to Marie, the plasma pulses simply felt like warm air being blown onto her face.

4 Freia Face

5 Freia Eye

Afterwards, the specialist gently massaged the remaining serum on Marie’s face to nourish her skin and soothe any discomfort from the treatment.

6 Freia Serum

According to Freia Medical, patients will experience some redness and sensitivity around the eyes for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment. However, from what we observed, while Marie’s eyes did look slightly red and swollen immediately after the treatment, the redness was considerably reduced after applying the serum, which was a testament to how effective the serum was in soothing and calming the skin.

Freia Medical’s Neogen Plasma Face and Eye Lift Review: What is Marie’s verdict?

Freia Neogen Plasma Face Eye Lift Before After1

Left: Before the treatment | Right: After the treatment

Just after one treatment, Marie’s facial skin already looks tighter and more lifted with a glowing, brighter and more even complexion. Marie is very happy with the result, and shared that she is now comfortable with going out foundation-free and posting photos without filters. She said she would definitely come back for more sessions.

In terms of comfort level, Marie did experience mild discomfort around her eye area during the treatment, as the skin is thinner and more delicate. It was quickly gone after the treatment, but it is definitely something to take into consideration especially if you have low tolerance for pain.

Freia’s Neogen Plasma Treatment starts at SGD400 for eyelids. For optimal results, four to six sessions with one-month intervals are recommended.

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