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Black-owned American makeup brand Glamlite wants to satisfy craving for a nutritious breakfast and great makeup. And this is made possible with a collaboration with Frosted Flakes.

You would probably remember Frosted Flakes as a popular breakfast cereal brands you’ve enjoyed in your childhood and the new makeup collection includes four products that are inspired by this product.

frosted flakes glamlite collaboration

Find out what you can find in this collection.

Frosted Flakes x Glamlite Loose Highlighter

frosted flakes glamlite highlighter

The product that everyone can’t stop talking about is certainly the loose highlighter. This is housed in a jar designed to look  like a bowl of cereal with milk. Bonus: the box resembles a milk carton too!

Remove the cap and you’ll see fine loose powder with a frosty white base and glistening silver shimmer that delivers an irresistible glow.

This retails for US$16 on Glamlite’s website.

Frosted Flakes x Glamlite Palette

frosted flakes glamlite eyeshadow

We know that some of you can’t take your eyes off the eyeshadow. Featuring 15 pigmented shades inspired by the mascot of Frosted Flakes, Tony the Tiger, this is a palette that will give you a lot to play around with.

Think vibrant blues, nude tones, and pop of oranges – look forward to memorable looks that you’ll have fun creating!

This retails for US$35 on Glamlite’s website.

Frosted Flakes x Glamlite Lip Kits

frosted flakes glamlite lip kit

Left: Frosted Lip Kit | Right: Tuff Tiger Lip Kit.

Pick from two lip kits: the Frosted Lip Kit and Tuff Tiger Lip Kit; both comes with a lip gloss and a lip liner.

These retail for US$15 on Glamlite’s website: Frosted Lip Kit, Tuff Tiger Lip Kit.

Go wild with the entire collection

frosted flakes glamlite pr box

If you can’t make up your mind which one to go for and are tempted to get everything, consider the limited edition Frosted Flakes x Glamlite PR Box (US$90) or the Frosted Flakes x Glamlite Full Collection Bundle (US$75).

Glamlite ships internationally for US$39.99 for items under 3lbs. Note that international orders may be subjected to customs, VAT, or duty tax, and because of the collection’s popularity, there is a two to three weeks processing time for orders that include any items from the Frosted Flakes collection.