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Ever dream of exuding confidence with a toned, healthy body, but feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to squeeze in a proper workout? You’re not alone.

As we juggle careers, families, as well as personal lives, prioritising our fitness and well-being often gets pushed aside. But what if there was a secret weapon – a powerful yet time-efficient way to sculpt your body and boost your energy – waiting right at home?

Introducing the FUJITEC Q.moove, your ultimate fitness partner that will help you achieve gym-worthy results in just 10 minutes a day, all from the comfort of your own living room.

Sounds too good to be true? To find out just how effective this body exercise device is, Daily Vanity invited 10 readers to try FUJITEC Q.moove for a week and give us their honest opinions about it.

Spoiler alert: the average verdict was a 4.3-star rating out of 5! Before we dive into the reviews, let’s learn a little more about the FUJITEC Q.moove!

About FUJITEC Q.moove

FUJITEC Q.moove review

FUJITEC, a distinguished brand under the esteemed OGAWA Group, offers an exquisite range of wellness and lifestyle solutions.

Their latest star product, the FUJITEC Q.moove, provides a quiet and effective way to enhance your fitness journey, offering an escape from crowded gyms and monotonous work routines.

Unlike other body exercise devices that may leave you feeling shaky and dizzy, the Q.moove is powered by unique Pivotal Oscillation Technology, a left-right vibration movement that provides a complete workout without discomfort, making it suitable even for beginners.

It’s specifically designed to prevent giddiness, unlike vertical vibration technology, which can cause more head movement and discomfort.

By gently vibrating, the Q.moove triggers muscle contractions, aiding in burning calories, boosting metabolism, and toning specific areas of your body. This process demands energy and effectively burns calories, making your workouts efficient and productive.


Featuring a compact 15-inch stepping board, the Q.moove offers agility and ease, resembling gym-like equipment in a nano and convenient form. Its versatility allows you to customise your fitness routine, whether you’re seeking a quick toning session, a more intense workout or a targeted workout.

Fujitec Q.moove

Furthermore, you can exercise worry-free with its anti-slip design, including suction cups for stability and an included yoga mat for protection and noise reduction. An added bonus is the user-friendly remote control, allowing seamless adjustment of settings during workouts.

Fujitec Q.moove

With 30 intensity levels catering to all fitness levels and its 10-minute programmed sessions offering the benefits of hour-long workouts, the Q.moove maximises your time for activities you love. Its portable and lightweight design also enables you to create your personal fitness space anywhere you go.

Beyond its physical benefits, the Q.moove also promotes overall well-being, leaving you feeling stronger, more energised, and more confident without intense training sessions.

FUJITEC Q.moove review

Q.punch, on the other hand, is a compact and lightweight (about the weight of a can of coke) massage device designed to alleviate sore muscles and enhance your self-care routine.

Made with waterproof silicone material, it’s effortless to clean and maintain. With wireless rechargeability, you can enjoy up to two hours of usage after just three hours of charging.

Its sleek design and textured silicon surface ensure a secure grip during use. Plus, its impressive hitting speeds of up to 2800rpm make it ideal for post-workout recovery or daily relaxation!

FUJITEC Q.moove retails for S$398

Shop here

FUJITEC Q.moove* is also available on Shopee, and Lazada. FUJITEC Q.punch retails for S$268 and is available at FUJITEC SG Official Site, Shopee and Lazada.

*Q.moove comes with one year warranty.

FUJITEC Q.moove: Writer’s Review

FUJITEC Q.moove review

It has always been a struggle to find a balance between my busy work schedule and staying fit. Going to the gym never seemed like a practical option for me, considering the expenses and my unease in crowded fitness centres.

That’s why I decided to explore home workouts as an alternative. And when I got the chance to try out the FUJITEC Q.moove, I eagerly seized the opportunity.

The simplicity and versatility of the Q.moove immediately caught my attention. Its compact design allowed it to seamlessly blend into my home, and the suction cups provided an extra layer of stability. I appreciated the automatic shut-off feature after 10 minutes, as it prevented me from overexerting myself.

Incorporating the Q.moove into my daily routine was a breeze. With 30 intensity levels, I could customise my workouts to focus on specific areas like my arms, legs, and buttocks. Despite my initial doubts, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and even therapeutic it is to use the device.

FUJITEC Q.moove review

I was also amazed by the Q.moove’s ability to deliver noticeable improvements in just one week of regular use. I felt my body becoming more toned, my bloating reduced, and my confidence in my appearance soared.

What truly impressed me about the Q.moove was how time-efficient it was. Just 10 minutes on the device equaled an entire hour of traditional exercise, which allowed me to stay consistent without sacrificing productivity.

Another great feature was the ability to multitask while using it. I could watch TV or do other enjoyable activities while working out, making my routine even more enjoyable.

Ultimately, the FUJITEC Q.moove has transformed my approach to fitness, making it accessible and effective. It’s a fitness device that I wholeheartedly enjoy using, deserving of five stars and a strong recommendation to friends and family.

Fujitec Q.moove

I also gave the FUJITEC Q.punch a try to help ease the soreness and tension after my workouts. What caught my attention was its sleek design and lightweight construction, which set it apart from other bulky massage guns I’ve used in the past.

I was amazed by the effectiveness of the Q.punch in soothing my aching muscles and getting rid of knots. With the Q.punch, I can now experience affordable and convenient muscle relief in the comfort of my own home. No more need to spend a fortune on expensive spa trips!

The combination of the FUJITEC Q.moove and Q.punch is like a perfect match, just like peanut butter and jelly. Together, they provide a comprehensive fitness routine and a holistic self-care option. I’ve noticed remarkable improvements in both my physical and mental well-being in just one week.

But don’t just take my word for it—here’s what 10 of our readers had to say about the FUJITEC Q.moove and Q.punch.

FUJITEC Q.moove Review: 10 Readers Give Their Honest Opinions



The Fujitec Q.moove stands out for its compact design and user-friendly interface, making at-home workouts convenient and enjoyable.

Reviewers appreciate its effectiveness in targeting specific muscle groups and improving workout consistency.

The Q.moove’s versatility allows it to be used in a variety of exercises, from squats to core workouts, with adjustable intensity levels for custom routines. Additionally, its portability allows for workouts anywhere, encouraging a more active lifestyle for reviewers.

Over the course of a week, several reviewers noticed significant improvements in muscle tone, energy level, and overall fitness level, indicating the Q.moove’s efficacy in achieving fitness goals.

As for the Q.punch, its sleek and portable design, along with its rechargeable function and waterproof feature, provide convenient relief for muscle soreness and tension. Reviewers also praise its effectiveness and long-lasting battery, deeming it an essential addition to their self-care routines.

Overall, both devices contribute to a holistic approach to fitness and self-care, encouraging reviewers to prioritise their physical well-being. They also saw noticeable improvements in muscle toning and recovery after just one week of use.

Rae Fung, 27

Fitness level: Moderate (E.g. six months to one year of active involvement in fitness or exercise)
Workout frequency: Two to three times a week

FUJITEC Q.moove review

To maintain my weight and keep my energy levels up, I usually go to the gym three times a week for treadmill runs and light weightlifting. However, with the FUJITEC Q.moove, I’ve found a versatile solution that allows me to work out while working or watching movies, making it incredibly convenient.

I was pleasantly surprised by how effective it is – it really gets me sweating and engages my muscles, especially when I’m doing push-ups or standing on the machine.

Even when I have limited time, I can easily fit in workout sessions using the Q.moove throughout my day, sometimes even combining them with late-night family movie time or work at my standing desk.

And let me tell you, the results have been incredible! I have so much more energy, my waist is more defined, and my overall confidence has received a major boost. By using the machine on a low speed, I can specifically target my arms and core, which has enhanced my toning efforts.

What I love most about Q.moove is that it seamlessly integrates into my busy schedule, reigniting my motivation to exercise and making it easier for me to have consistent workouts and burn calories!

FUJITEC Q.moove review

The FUJITEC Q.punch surpasses other massage guns I’ve tried. Unlike other models I’ve tried before, it’s gentle on the skin and boasts a comfortable grip.

I appreciate the ease of adjusting massage intensity simply by applying more pressure, and its sleek design adds to the overall comfort. In just five minutes, my muscles feel noticeably relaxed and at ease!

Karen, 25

Fitness level: Beginner (E.g. less than six months of active involvement in fitness or exercise)
Workout frequency: Once a month

FUJITEC Q.moove review

My experience with the Q.moove has been nothing short of enjoyable and hassle-free. I’ve been using the FUJITEC Q.moove to improve my physical health and incorporate more movement into my daily routine.

Previously, I only relied on walking to increase my activity level, especially during travels, which occur every few months.

Its compact design and portability make it convenient for activating blood flow and circulation wherever I am. I typically use it in the morning and at night, adjusting the settings for different exercises like toning my calves while playing mobile games.

The results have been impressive – from maintaining fitness and improving metabolism to shaping my legs and increasing workout consistency. I’ve even noticed a weight loss of 0.8kg in just one week!

Overall, the Q.moove has motivated me to adopt healthier habits, all from the comfort of my home. It’s effective, comfortable, and specifically targets areas, especially my calves, making it an essential addition to my routine that I never knew I needed.

FUJITEC Q.moove review

My initial impression of the Q.punch is overwhelmingly positive – it’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly portable, allowing me to showcase it wherever I go.

Its compact size doesn’t compromise on power, and the option for wireless use is a definite plus. As someone dealing with chronic shoulder pain, it serves as an excellent substitute on days when I can’t make it to my massage appointments!

Overall, both the Q.punch and Q.moove have made me feel more productive and motivated to stay on track with my fitness goals.

Zakiah, 27

Fitness level: Intermediate (E.g. one to three years of active involvement in fitness or exercise)
Workout frequency:
Two to three times a week


Dealing with the hurdles of finding available slots for gym and spin classes was a struggle, leading me to explore alternative workout options.

Which is why I’m keen to integrate the FUJITEC Q.moove into my daily fitness regimen to aid in my weight loss journey, keep myself in shape, and boost my mental well-being.

Upon trying the Q.moove, I was pleasantly surprised by its user-friendly design, and its ability to strengthen my muscles, as well as shape my legs and buttocks.

Now, on days when I can’t make it to the gym or spin class, I turn to the Q.moove for a quick and effective workout session. Although visible changes may take some time, I’ve already noticed a subtle improvement in my leg muscle tone after just one week of use.

What I love most is the ability to tailor the intensity and target specific muscle groups with ease. Whether I’m doing a plank or simply multitasking while exercising, the Q.moove provides a comfortable and efficient workout experience right in the comfort of my own home.

I plan to continue incorporating it into my routine alongside my usual workouts for ongoing maintenance. Its compact size, customisable features, and safety considerations make it a perfect fit for my fitness journey!

FUJITEC Q.moove review

I was also pleasantly surprised by the Q.punch. It feels comfortable in my hand, and its lightweight design makes it easy to use, especially with the wireless feature.

Unlike other massage guns, I appreciate that the Fujitech model offers a deeper massage head movement, providing more effective strokes. Its compact size and various intensity levels also make it perfect for muscle recovery or a quick relaxation session.

Overall, both the Q.punch and Q.moove are excellent additions to my fitness and self-care routines!

Peiying, 27

Fitness level: Beginner (E.g. less than six months of active involvement in fitness or exercise)
Workout frequency:
Once a month

FUJITEC Q.moove review

I’ve incorporated the FUJITEC Q.moove into my daily routine to prioritise my health and well-being. Previously, I relied on activities like aerial yoga and reformer pilates but struggled with the time and inconvenience of travelling to the studio.

I turn to Q.moove on days when I can’t make it to the gym or spin class for a quick workout, and it’s been incredibly beneficial for muscle strengthening. I’ve even noticed my leg muscles tightening, which means that there’s a toning effect in just one week of use!

The device also provided a less dizzying exercise experience. The remote control function also adds to the convenience, eliminating the need to bend down during use.

Unlike other workout routines that require travel and are time-consuming, the Q.moove offers a fun and efficient alternative that doesn’t require excessive sweating. Overall, it’s been a convenient and effective way to prioritise my fitness goals!

Fujitec Q.moove

Q.punch’s vibrant pink colour and easy-grip design immediately drew my attention. Not only does it effectively target sore areas, but its waterproof design makes cleaning simple.

The long battery life is a significant advantage, as it ensures that I can use it as a massage tool even after a long day.

Both the Q.moove and Q.punch have motivated me to keep up with my workouts, especially with the added convenience of the Q.moove, which my father even enjoys using in the mornings!

Jing Ting, 28

Fitness level: Advanced (E.g. More than three years of active involvement in fitness or exercise)
Workout frequency:
More than three times a week


Incorporating the FUJITEC Q.moove into my routine has been instrumental in my fitness journey, helping me burn calories and stay in shape, especially when I’m in competition mode.

Previously, juggling gym sessions and runs amid a hectic work schedule was challenging. However, the Q.moove’s user-friendly design has made workouts more accessible.

I particularly enjoy using it for squats and find it enhances exercises like Russian twists. It’s been effective for muscle strengthening and overall body toning, and it’s also allowed me to multitask while working or watching TV without becoming tired.

I like its compact size, anti-slip features, and the included yoga mat for protection, which makes it easy to move to different rooms for workouts. The vibrations also stimulate my muscles, which contributes to calorie burn.

Overall, it has become an indispensable tool for optimising my workouts and achieving desired results in less time!

Fujitec Q.moove

The Q.punch has impressed me with its stylish design, lightweight construction, and comfortable material. Its pocket-sized size makes it easy to use wherever I go.

Incorporating the FUJITEC Q.moove and Q.Punch into my routine has been a game changer, giving me a personalised fitness routine at home to help me maintain my overall health.

Riley, 25

Fitness level: Beginner (E.g. less than six months of active involvement in fitness or exercise)
Workout frequency: Rarely


I want to lose weight and fat, but I don’t naturally enjoy working out. Going to the gym can be intimidating without someone to guide me or keep me company.

Previously owning a bulky body exercise device, I’m amazed at the compactness and portability of the FUJITEC Q.moove.

I appreciated how it facilitated exercise even without a structured routine; simply placing my legs on the device while seated or under a desk significantly improved my blood circulation.

Within a week, I noticed that it strengthened my muscles, shaped my legs, and reduced soreness. I will definitely keep using it and recommend it to others because it’s simple to use and effective!

Fujitec Q.moove

I’m equally impressed by the Q.punch – it’s undoubtedly the best massage device I’ve encountered. Unlike larger models that are prone to cable misplacement, its compact size is a definite plus.

I appreciate its portability, allowing me to bring it along wherever I go. Additionally, I’m amazed by its surprising power in its settings!

Joycelyn, 32

Fitness level: Advanced (E.g. More than three years of active involvement in fitness or exercise)
Workout frequency: Two to three times a month

FUJITEC Q.moove review

Integrating the FUJITEC Q.moove into my home workout regimen has truly transformed my fitness journey. Previously, balancing spin classes, yoga sessions, and daily walks was quite the challenge, especially with my hectic schedule and post-work exhaustion.

However, since discovering the Q.moove, exercising has become more convenient and enjoyable. Its compact design and intuitive interface make it a breeze to use, whether I’m doing squats or core workouts.

I’ve noticed significant improvements in my fat burning, muscle strength, and overall body tone, leaving me feeling more confident and energised.

What I love most is the variety of vibration settings, which add an extra layer of intensity to my workouts, pushing me to new limits without having to leave the comfort of my home.

Moving forward, I plan to incorporate the Q.moove into my cardio routine to further enhance my muscle tone and overall fitness level.

FUJITEC Q.moove review

The Q.punch has become a favourite of mine due to its easy grip and ability to delivers stable vibrations targeting specific sore spots. Its sleek and portable design also makes it a joy to bring along wherever I go.

Incorporating both devices into my routine has truly simplified my workout regimen, offering a hassle-free way to stay active and fit!

Alicia, 36

Fitness level: Moderate (E.g. six months to one year of active involvement in fitness or exercise)
Workout frequency: Once a week

FUJITEC Q.moove review

I’ve started using the FUJITEC Q.moove to help me on my journey to lose weight and maintain my overall health. While I used to rely on spin classes and nightly walks, the hassle of travelling to town, especially on days when I work from home, has been a challenge.

The Q.moove’s compact size and simple setup immediately caught my attention, making it a convenient solution for my fitness needs.

I’ve found it particularly useful on rainy days or when I can’t secure a spin class slot, noticing improvements in my fitness levels and the toning of my waist, buttocks, and legs.

What really strikes me is its versatility and how well it works; I can complete my entire workout right at home in less than an hour, hitting all my muscle groups effortlessly.

One thing I’ve discovered is how impactful it is when I incorporate it into my plank exercises; it really adds an extra challenge and intensity to the workout.

Integrating it into my routine has been a game-changer, offering busy individuals like myself, including working moms, a convenient way to stay fit and healthy!

FUJITEC Q.moove review

The Q.punch has been extremely effective in relieving my muscles after a workout. What I like best is its versatility; I can use it even when I’m sweating or using massage oil, and it’s simple to clean up afterwards.

With a long battery life and adjustable intensity levels, it’s become a handy tool for on-the-go muscle relief.

Along with other workout routines, both devices work well together for maintenance and post-workout recovery!

Jane, 36

Fitness level: Advanced (E.g. More than three years of active involvement in fitness or exercise)
Workout frequency: Two to three times a month

FUJITEC Q.moove review

Incorporating the Fujitec Q.moove into my fitness routine has been a real game-changer for me. Amidst my busy work schedule, finding time for exercise has always been a challenge, but this compact and lightweight device has made it so much easier.

I mainly use it to target my glutes and back muscles, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in both tone and definition. The higher intensity settings from speed three onwards have also been incredibly effective, especially when combined with exercises like raised calves and squats.

FUJITEC Q.moove review

What I appreciate most is the ability to multitask during my workouts, like catching up on a webinar. Q.moove makes this all possible!

Overall, it’s made my daily home workouts much more convenient and enjoyable and allows me to exercise comfortably whenever I want.

FUJITEC Q.moove review

Unlike my old, bulky massage gun, Q.punch is incredibly easy to hold and carry around. Its compact size makes it ideal for travel, and the fact that it is waterproof and wireless means I can use it anywhere without worrying.

I love that the different intensity levels allow me to customise my massage experience, and the ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort.

Similarly, I find both devices contribute to my holistic self-care routine, enhancing my overall well-being!

Nico, 42

Fitness level: Beginner (E.g. less than six months of active involvement in fitness or exercise)
Workout frequency: Rarely

FUJITEC Q.moove review

I’ve never been one to stick to an exercise routine, but the idea of at-home workouts with Fujitec Q.moove intrigued me. Hoping it could spark some motivation, I gave it a try.

My first impression was its simplicity; setting it up was a breeze. Now, I find myself doing 10-minute squat sessions after work, and I’ve noticed a difference. My muscles feel less tense, and I’m more consistent with my workouts.

FUJITEC Q.moove review

I love that I can exercise at home and my body feels lighter. I’m excited to keep using Q.moove and see where it takes me in my fitness journey.

FUJITEC Q.moove review

I like that Q.punch is rechargeable and made of silicone for easy cleaning. It’s been effective in relieving my sore shoulders, and the fact that it’s waterproof adds to its convenience. The battery life has also impressed me; even after a few days of use since the first charge, there’s still plenty of power left.

Overall, both devices have motivated me to prioritise my physical well-being and enhance my fitness routine!

This article is brought to you by FUJITEC.