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Some like a good nap, while others prefer meditation. If your idea of recharging your body is getting a good full body massage, however, you’ve come to the right place.

If you happen to feel all knotted up and you’re not sure where to visit for a relaxing session, read on. Because we’ve compiled a list of the best spas in Singapore for full body massages.

But before we reveal our top recommendations, let’s first have a look at the benefits a full body massage can bring about.

The benefits of a full body massage

benefits of full body massage

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We’re sure you’re no strangers to a massage, but what essentially happens is that the soft tissues of our bodies are manipulated to produce a relaxed state. A full body massage is, therefore, able to alleviate things such as discomfort, anxiety, pain, and fatigue.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of massage is stress relief. It lowers cortisol, our stress hormone, to reduce stress and encourage relaxation. Since it positively impacts stress, diminished stress levels can also encourage sleep and combat insomnia.

When your muscles are sore and inflamed from strain, a massage can also help to bring blood flow to the area, thereby encouraging recovery. What’s more, a massage can relieve a tension headache. By easing muscle tension in your head, neck, and shoulders, it could alleviate headache symptoms.

Best places for a full body massage in Singapore

1. Facebar n Skin – 2 Hours Spa Indulgence (One Full Body Massage + One Rejuvenate Facial) for Couples 4.6-star rating on Google reviews!

full body massage singapore face bar n skin

Want to enjoy a relaxing full body massage with your significant other, sibling, or bestie? Then you’ll love Facebar n Skin’s two-hour session, which includes a full body massage and facial of your choice.

Take the afternoon off to relax and allow the treatment to stimulate your senses, relieve tension, reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, and firm up sagging skin. You’ll feel ready to take on the week ahead after your session.

This treatment is only available on Tuesdays to Fridays (11.30am to 5pm). 

Address: 360 Orchard Road, International Building, #05-03, Singapore 238869 |
10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #03-33, Singapore 079903
Opening hours: 11.30am – 9pm (Tue to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat) | Closed on Mon & Sun
Contact: Call 6221 8676
Website | Instagram

2. Iris Healthcare – Meridian Full Body Massage (Home visit) 4.8-star rating on Facebook!

full body massage singapore iris healthcare

Dedicated to improving feminine health, Iris Healthcare is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This particular full body massage is an outcall service performed in the comfort of your home, so it’s perfectly convenient.

Its Meridian Massage applies gentle, mindful contact to your acupressure points to relax and harmonise your body, mind, and spirit. This way, it regulates the flow of energy, improves your blood circulation, eases body pain, and relieves stress.

Operating hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: WhatsApp 9111 8537 or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook

3. Pure Foot Relaxology – Full Body Tuina Massage + Foot Reflexology 4.8-star rating on Google reviews!

full body massage singapore pure foot relaxology

With a focus to help their customers ease tension or muscle knots, Pure Foot Relaxology also offers a clean and serene environment so customers can have a truly relaxing time at the massage spa.

Originating from China, tuina massage is believed to be the oldest system of bodywork. It stimulates the flow of qi to promote balance and harmony within the body.

The traditional Ruo Shi method is used to energise your meridian and acupressure points to reduce stress and anxiety as well as boost your overall mood and wellbeing. This exclusive service is also paired with foot reflexology to restore the flow of energy to your entire body.

Get it at S$65!

Address: 207 Lavender Street, Singapore 338765
Opening hours: 11am – 10.30pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: Call 6298 2930
Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Indulge Skin & Body Lab – Meridian Full Body Massage 4.4-star rating on Google reviews!

full body massage singapore indulge skin body lab

Applying both Western science and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques and products to its therapies, Indulge Skin & Body Lab helps its customers achieve their health and beauty goals with a blend of solutions.

This full body massage clears blockages in your meridian system to improve your overall wellbeing. If you experience chronic aches and pains, tension in your shoulders, or numbness in your hands and feet, this massage can help relieve them and boost your immunity.

Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista, #B1-19/20, Singapore 138617 |
53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, AMK Hub, #02-05/06/07, Singapore 569933 |
442 Orchard Road, Claymore Connect, #02-09/10, Singapore 238879
Opening hours: 1oam – 10pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 9pm (Sat & Sun)
Contact: +6583571413
Facebook | Instagram

5. Huang Ah Ma The Oriental Spa Chamber – Elixir Full Body Wellness Massage Opens till 11pm!

full body massage singapore huang ah ma

Focused on TCM therapies, Huang Ah Ma offers relaxing spa rituals that are pampering and luxurious without busting your budget. The spa also opens till 11pm, so you can still enjoy a session even if you work till late hours.

Using a custom-blended aromatic oil, this particular full body massage applies gentle to medium pressure to ease blockages in your body’s energy pathways. This activates circulation and relieves muscle aches and tension to rejuvenate your body.

Get it for S$72.76!

Address: 50 Mosque Street, Singapore 059528 (Located inside Porcelain Hotel)
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Tue to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat) | Closed on Mon & Sun
Contact: Call 6221 8676
Facebook | Instagram

6. Masego The Safari Spa – Safari Full Body Wellness Massage Most unique experience!

full body massage singapore masego the safari

After a long day at work, a relaxing escapade is more than welcome, and we’ve got just the place for you. A safari-themed spa in the West, Masego is where you can head down to for a relaxing massage session that’s inspired by nature.

Enjoy the gentle humming of tropical birds as you relax to the skilful kneads of the therapists’ hands. The therapists use a unique technique that stimulates the flow of qi to ease common ailments, such as chronic headaches and colds. It also helps to relieve pain, reduce water retention, and purge the body of toxins.

Get it at S$72.76!

Address: 333 Boon Lay Way, Level 4 SAFRA Jurong, Singapore 649848
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: Call 6790 1661
Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. SpaJelita – Aromatherapy Full Body Massage 4.3-star rating on Google reviews!

full body massage singapore spajelita

A ladies-only Arabian-style spa in Singapore, SpaJelita is a unique spot where you can visit to pamper and heal your body with an Aromatherapy Full Body Massage.

Treat your body to a re-energising deep tissue massage that uses a Jelitasoul essential oil blend. There’s nothing more relaxing than soaking in a bath filled with flower petals for 25 minutes after a pampering hour-long aromatherapy massage.

Address: 150 Changi Road, Guthrie Building, #01-02, Singapore 419973
Opening hours: 10am – 7pm (Mon to Sat) | 10am – 6pm (Sun)
Contact: Call 6345 4565
Website | FacebookInstagram

8. Spacio TCM – Deep Tissue Full-Body Massage with Complimentary Guasha 4.5-star rating on Facebook!

full body massage singapore spacio

Incorporating TCM knowledge into its services, Spacio TCM provides high-quality massages that can address health issues, as well as help you feel refreshed and ready to take on life’s challenges.

This deep tissue massage alleviates tension and muscle stiffness as it increases circulation and metabolism, which can be particularly helpful in reducing lower back pain. It also comes with a complimentary 10-minute gua sha massage that releases toxins and stimulates blood flow.

Address: View the full list of outlets on the website
Opening hours: View the full list of opening hours on the website
Contact: Call 6254 6711 (HQ)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

9. Yu He Tang TCM Clinic Body Massage (with massage oil) by the Visually Handicapped 5-star rating on Google reviews!

full body massage singapore yu he tang

Founded and helmed by a group of professionals dedicated to bringing the very best TCM treatments to every individual, Yu He Tang TCM Clinic is proud to be the first and only TCM clinic in Singapore to engage visually handicapped therapists.

Every therapist has more than 19 years of experience, so you know you’re in good hands. The full body massage helps to eliminate chronic pain sustained from any injuries as it enhances your overall flexibility.

The massage also aids in reducing migraines and headaches, promoting overall comfort and muscle relief.

Address: 2 Jurong East Street 21, IMM Building, #02-32, Singapore 609601
Opening hours: 11am – 8.30pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: Call 6993 0575 or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook

10. Ample Life Holistic Indulgence Aromatherapy Massage With Essential Oil 4.9-star rating on Google reviews!

full body massage singapore ample life

Boasting over 25 years of experience in the wellness industry, Ample Life is a spa that’s known for its holistic facials and massages that help you bring out your beauty from within.

If you seek a relaxing retreat, try this aromatherapy massage, which not only heals the mind and body, but also relieves stiff and sore muscles, all while improving your body’s immunity.

Inhale the soothing scent of essential oils during your session and feel your stress melt away.

Address: 103 Irrawady Road, #02-19, Singapore 238839
Opening hours:
11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat) | 10am – 6pm (Sun)
Call 6970 1155
Website | Facebook | Instagram

11. Our Solution Full Body Massage 4.2-star rating on Google reviews!

full body massage singapore our solution

Established in 2011, Our Solution prides itself on its commitment to delivering results to its customers, refining their beauty and improving any imperfections naturally with a suite of treatments for the face, hair, and body.

Take your pick from one of their three massages: Swedish massage, tuina massage, and deep tissue massage. An hour-long session will have you feeling rejuvenated and renewed, thanks to the expert hands of their trained masseuse.

Address: 221 Jurong East Street 21, #01-877, Singapore 600221 |
35 Rochester Drive, The Rochester, #02-14, Singapore 138639
Opening hours:
11.30am – 9.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 10.30am – 8pm (Sat & Sun) [Jurong East] |
11am – 9pm (Mon to Sun) [Rochester Mall] Contact: Call 6563 6646
Website | Facebook

12. Syoujin 60 Minutes Full Body Massage 4.9-star rating on Google reviews!

full body massage singapore syoujin

Melding the excellent customer service of Japanese culture with the knowledge of TCM, Syoujin specially crafts solutions to relax, revive, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Indulge in its full body massage, which eases aches and tension that culminate from long, stressful hours of work. The experienced therapists will prevent knots from forming, helping you to unwind. You’ll step out of the spa feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Get it at S$48 instead of S$96 at Shopee!

Address: View the full list of addresses here
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: View the full list of contact numbers on the website
Website | Facebook | Instagram

13. SKiNN Beauty 60 Minutes Full Body Massage for 1 Person 4.6-star rating on Google reviews!

full body massage singapore skinn beauty

Credit: xFrame.io

A beauty salon that offers more than just massages, SKiNN Beauty is your one-stop shop for facial treatments, IPL hair removal, lash extensions, and mani-pedis. Rest and relax as you immerse yourself in its comforting ambience.

You’ll feel recharged and rejuvenated with its 60-minute full body massage. All you have to do is enter your email address in the “message” field when you checkout, and call SKiNN Beauty and quote “Indulge Mall” at least two days before your appointment.

Get it at S$22 instead of S$40 at Shopee!

Address: 5 Ang Mo Kio Central 2, #01-02, Singapore 569663
Opening hours: 11.15am – 9pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: Call 6456 1013
Facebook | Instagram

14. Natureland Body Therapy Open till 2am!

full body massage singapore natureland

Given its prime locations, Natureland’s services are surprisingly wallet-friendly. Besides affordable massages, two of its outlets are open until 2am, so if you’re looking for a late-night full body massage to ease aches and pains, they’ve got your back – literally.

Get it for S$72.76 (60 minutes)!

Address: View the full list of locations on the website
Opening hours: View the full list of opening hours on the website
Contact: View the full list of contact numbers on the website or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook | Instagram

15. Ancient Dynasty Massage & Spa Swedish Oil Massage 4.6-star rating on Facebook!

full body massage singapore ancient dynasty

If you enjoy oil massages, then head over to Ancient Dynasty Massage & Spa. The cosy spa offers everything from Deep Tissue Oil Massage to Hot Stone Oil Massage at reasonable prices.

We particularly love the  Swedish Oil Massage, which is perfect for stressed-out individuals. Several techniques will be used to soothe your muscles, ligaments, nerves, and soft tissues all over your body to help it heal quicker.

Get it for S$60 (60 minutes)!

Address: 13 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 455206 |
5 Thong Soon Avenue, Singapore 787433
Opening hours: 11am to 1.30am (Sun to Thu) | 11am to 2.30 am (Fri & Sat)
Contact: Call 6636 3777 (Siglap) or 6458 4948 (Upper Thomson)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

16. Healing Touch Spa 4P TensionRelief Massage 4.6-star rating on Facebook!

full body massage singapore healing touch spa

Since it has nine outlets around our island, you most likely have seen this spa franchise around. Established in 2001, Healing Touch Spa has almost two decades of spa and wellness experience, garnering multiple local brand awards as well as an impressive group of loyal customers.

Ask for the 4P TensionRelief Massage to help bust muscle aches and tightness with a fusion of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, and Acupressure techniques. It focuses on delivering the 4P experience: the right Pressure, Points, Pace, and Pampering experience that’s tailored to your body condition and preferences.

Get it for S$67.41 (60 minutes)!

Address: View the full list of locations on the website
Opening hours: 11am – 10.30pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: Call 6243 0118 or 6446 6423
Website | Facebook | Instagram