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At the age of 23, I’ve barely given any thought to the collagen levels in my skin. Granted, I’ve been warned that I start losing collagen once I hit my twenties, but with other more pressing problems on hand (acne, for example), collagen depletion is usually a low priority to me when I am looking for targeted skincare products and facials.

When I found out that Geo Aesthetics was offering an Award-Winning Signature Facial that could resolve my most urgent issues (clogged pores and dull complexion), as well as stimulate collagen production for younger complexion, I was thrilled to try it for myself and see if it could really make a difference to my tired face.

Geo Aesthetics is conveniently located in the CBD area, making this easily accessible for OLs who want a quick pampering session during lunch or after work. There were a few ladies and gentlemen dressed in office attire in the waiting area, most likely slotting in a treatment session during their lunch break.

Geo Aesthetics Survey

Doing a survey to declare my medical history

Geo Aesthetics Room

Tidy and comfortable treatment room

After completing a survey to declare my medical history and potential health risks, I was shown to the room where I would have my treatment.

Geo Aesthetics Review: Award-Winning Signature Facial Process

The first step was a face assessment. This helped the specialist to better understand my skin type and current condition. It also allows customers to see the immediate difference that the treatment has made. Personally, I thought this was quite a bold claim because most other facial places that I have been to told me that it would take a few sessions to see any visible results.

Two close-up photographs were taken during the assessment. The first was on my arm (which is said to be the ‘gold standard’, as skin on the arm is exposed to fewer external aggravators), and the second photo was my facial skin.

I was shocked to see that my face was extremely red – a sign that it was sensitive and irritated. There were no clear signs of collagen fibers, which could explain why my face has a dry and rough texture, rather than a smooth complexion. It also meant that the warnings were right: I have been losing collagen as I aged, but I never realise it!

Geo Aesthetics Skin Assessment

Face Assessment

The treatment began with the specialist gently cleansing my face with a milk cleanser, followed by double cleansing to thoroughly exfoliate all the dead skin cells from my face.

Geo Aesthetics Cleansing

Double Cleansing

Once all the makeup was removed, the specialist carried out simple extraction. She avoided extracting those that were inflamed to prevent aggravating them, which could cause infection and scarring. Instead, she worked on the tiny, persistent bumps that dotted my forehead and cheeks.

It wasn’t totally painless, but not as painful as I had expected either. Having undergone a few extractions previously, I thought that this was certainly one of the least painful experiences I have had.

Geo Aesthetics Review Extraction

Simple extraction

After that was completed, the specialist sterilised with Soothing Tonic, before applying an Intense Hydrating Ampoule. 

The Soothing Tonic helped to calm my face down after the extraction process, which would usually leave my skin looking very red because it was so sensitive. I enjoyed the nice, cooling feeling, and I could definitely sense my skin being calmed.

The Intense Hydrating Ampoule, on the other hand, was meant to supplement moisture and give an instantly plumped look. Due to the fact that I have oily-combination skin, moisturising can be very difficult for me, as a lot of moisturisers I’ve used tend to clog my pores. This Intense Hydrating Ampoule, however, managed to deliver a burst of hydration without feeling sticky or oily.

My cheeks, which are the driest parts of my face, had never felt so refreshed and well-hydrated before.

Geo Aesthetics Soothing Tonic

Soothing tonic application

The next step was the highlight of the treatment – using Ultrasound technology to stimulate the penetration of collagen into my skin!

My specialist told me that this machine that is specially brought in helps to promote activation of cells and blood circulation, which also results in increased collagen production, faster cell renewal, and repairing damaged skin tissue. It can also restore moisture, shrink large pores, and even out wrinkles & fine lines.

Collagen gel was first applied evenly onto my face, then the specialist gave me a heads-up that she would be gently rolling the machine over my face, and that it would feel warm. It did feel a little warm and prickly when it was first applied to my face, but it slowly subsided into a comfortable, warm sensation that I actually enjoyed when it massaged my face.

Geo Aesthetics Ultrasound

Using Ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen absorption & production

A face lymphatic massage was expertly carried out to aid the removal of toxins, which is commonly believed by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to cause skin problems, especially acne.

I enjoyed this step very much as it helped to release some facial tension, and I felt that my blood circulation certainly improved, thanks to the professional techniques of my specialist.

Geo Aesthetics Massage

Face Lymphatic Massage

After the massage was another relaxing step: putting on a collagen sheet mask. This was done to brighten my complexion, as well as boost elasticity and texture. It was also said to help reduce pigmentation. I had a few pigmented spots that were caused by sun damage and acne, so this definitely came in handy.

I was given some time to rest and relax as the sheet mask worked its magic. It was so comfortable that I actually fell asleep during this step!

Geo Aesthetics Mask

Enjoying the Collagen Sheet Mask

The last step of the treatment was to make sure that I was ready to head out after the intensive treatment done to my face. Toner and moisturiser were used, before applying sunblock so that I can head out in the sun without worry-free.

Each step of the treatment was carried out steadily by my professional specialist, who didn’t appear to rush through any of the steps even though it was a 30-minute session. I also find it quite impressive that so many steps were incorporated into the session.

Geo Aesthetics Review: Award-Winning Signature Facial Results

After the treatment was completed, I was ushered into another room to have some water and macarons as I did another face assessment. This was for me to check if the Award-Winning Signature Facial has helped deliver any improvements to my skin.

Geo Aesthetics Skin Analysis Before After

Left: After. Right: Before.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that my complexion looked so much healthier and more radiant after the facial! I can now see the collagen fibers clearly, and it is less red than before. My skin also appeared to be well-hydrated, plump, and a lot smoother.

A comparison of my before and after the treatment showed the clear contrast as well:

Geo Aesthetics Review Front Before After

Geo Aesthetics Review Left Before After

Geo Aesthetics Review Right Before After

My face looked much brighter from all angles, and there were fewer bumps and less redness around my cheeks. My left cheek and jaw was in a much better condition than before – you can see from the last photo that it looks much less inflamed, while some of the red spots have even disappeared! My dark eye circles even looked like they have been alleviated to some extent, which was very impressive as I had never managed to make them look better, no matter how hard I tried.

What really surprised me was the fact that I actually saw instant results after undergoing the Award-Winning Signature Facial at Geo Aesthetics, especially because my skin is very sensitive and tends to turn red easily after undergoing extraction. My previous experience at facials would always leave me with red skin and sometimes even more prominent bumps, before they faded away after a few days. It certainly proved that this facial was highly-effective and suitable for people with very sensitive skin!

Over the next couple of days, I also noticed that my skin continued to look hydrated and bright, and the pesky bumps all over my forehead had largely disappeared. I think that this could be attributed to the fact that the signature facial at Geo Aesthetics helped me to replenish my collagen levels, which I had neglected over the years.

I am very satisfied with the long-lasting results that I have seen, especially since the entire facial treatment took just 30 minutes. Even though it was a 30 minutes facial session, none of the steps were compromised and my specialist carried out each step thoroughly.

I highly recommend that you try this effective signature facial out for yourself to find a targeted solution that works for you. You could also be facing a face problem that you never knew you had, and it’s a good way to get an expert’s opinion. Plus, you don’t even need to spare a lot of time – just half an hour is all you need to get brighter and younger complexion!

Geo Aesthetics Award-Winning Signature Facial retails at SGD380 per session, but they are currently having an exclusive promotion where you can see these amazing results for yourself at just SGD28! You can book an appointment at this special price here.

Geo Aesthetics Sign