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Struggling to find the perfect blush shade? Why not try one that’s perfectly tailored to your skin?

pH-reactive makeup has been popular in the beauty industry for some time, but this particular C-beauty brand has a brand-new take on black blush, infusing it with the brand’s distinctive style.

We did a deep dive into how the blush works, what people are saying, and where you can get it, so keep reading for all the details!

The Girlcult Aesthetic

With its uniquely dark aesthetic, this C-beauty brand definitely stands out from the crowd!

Girlcult has been making waves with its grungy aesthetic and dark shades, compared to the sweet and cute aesthetic usually favoured by most C-beauty brands.

Their collections are also centred around unexpected themes and aesthetics, such as a cyberpunk collection that featured alien-like metallic shimmers and chrome lip glosses.

This particular blush mud comes from a collection inspired by the Four Great Inventions of ancient China – papermaking, printing, gunpowder and the compass.

The unique compact is decorated with elegant traditional Chinese calligraphy, and the blush itself is embossed with artwork of a stylised sun.

Although the blush appears black in the compact, it actually harnesses your skin’s pH in order to transform into a muted berry shade. This neutral colour flatters a wide range of skin tones, giving you a natural glow from within.

Plus, its soft texture makes it perfect as a blush, eyeshadow, or lipstick!

How Does It Work?


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Wondering how the blush shifts from that intimidating black shade to its gorgeous rosy shade? Get ready for a mini chemistry lesson, to discover the secret behind its magic on your skin!

pH-reactive makeup products utilise dyes with colourless, weak acids. These dyes then act as pH indicators and respond to the specific pH level of your skin, which varies from person to person.

Your skin’s pH level changes throughout the day, which explains how your blush might be a slightly different shade each day.

Plus, if your blush is doubling up as lipstick, it might look slightly different, since your lips tend to have a higher pH level than your cheeks.

However, you won’t have to worry about damaging your skin – the acids used in these makeup products are very weak and will not affect your skin’s pH, especially since your skin is naturally able to balance its pH level.

Since the product’s formula shifts based on your skin’s unique pH balance, everyone’s shade is slightly different, making it truly tailor-made for you.

No matter what shade the blush appears as on your cheeks, it’s sure to give you a naturally radiant and flushed complexion!

This blush can be applied with a powder puff, a dense brush, or just your fingers. It’s a unique mousse-to-powder formula, starting off creamy and drying down more matte. Plus, the formula is on the drier side, so it won’t disrupt your flawless base.

What Are People Saying?


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Tiktoker Melyssa (@melyssamochi) was surprised by the lightness and subtlety of the blush’s colour, but finds that it’s good for gradually building up pigment for a more natural look.

She also shares that she likes the texture of the blush and finds it comfortable – it isn’t sticky like cream blushes often are, and powder products will still sit well on top of the Girlcult blush.


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Tiktoker Yashora (@yashoras) finds the berry tone of this blush to be a flattering shade for darker skin tones like hers, which isn’t always easy to find in the C-beauty world!

She particularly likes the way this blush starts off with a gel-like texture, and dries down with a soft matte finish.


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Makeup artist and Tiktoker John (@johnmua) found the blush to be less saturated than he had expected, making the pigment versatile and buildable for a variety of makeup looks.

Plus, it’s also sheer enough to look like a natural flush, so you can easily avoid going overboard.

If you’re worried about applying a little too much blush, or losing control of an overly-pigmented product, this blush should give you an easier time!

Where To Find It?

The Girlcult Blush Mud retails for S$25.61 on LookHealthyStore. This particular black shade is 18 Black Fuwa, but you can also check out 17 True Colour, a nude almond-like shade, and 16 Leave Blank, a pearlescent highlighter.

Featured image credits: @melyssamochi/Tiktok, @mehimemwxig/Tiktok, @yashoras/Tiktok.