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We know that everyone loves having a pampering facial treatment regularly to restore the radiance in our skin, so at Daily Vanity, we are always on the lookout for salons that can provide high-quality and effective beauty services that won’t hurt your wallet.

We recently discovered a beauty salon that offers professional beauty services with a personal touch, sans the hefty price tag: Glam Zone.

Glam Zone Beauty Salon

This luxury boutique beauty salon in Orchard may not be as well-known as some other bigger names, but insiders will have you know that Glam Zone is a hidden gem that you’d definitely want to check before it becomes too difficult to book an appointment.

Curious to find out why? Read on to find out!

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Professional expertise in beauty treatments

Glam Zone Lilya Muedinova

Lilya Muedinova

Glam Zone’s director, Lilya Muedinova, has always been passionate about beauty and took care of her skin since young. As a perfectionist, she was constantly searching for the best treatments and professional services but nothing had quite met her personal standards.

The desire to seek out the best of the best in the beauty industry, together with her passion and interest, led to Lilya obtaining a Diploma from CIBTAC, London and COSMOROF ACADEMY in Singapore.

For the next five years following her graduation, she started gaining a regular clientele, and then moved on to working at CHI SPA in Shangri-La for a brief period to gain more experience as a professional beauty therapist.

After honing her skills and amassing professional expertise over the years, Lilya took a leap of faith and opened her own beauty salon, where she personally conducts the facial treatments and gives skin consultations to her customers.

Highest quality natural products used in every treatment

Glam Zone Biologique Recherche Products

Biologique Recherche products

Beauty junkies may be familiar with the renowned Paris-based skincare brand, Biologique Recherche – which is known for products that are made with botanical, marine, and biological extracts. The products also contain no artificial fragrances, so it is safe to use even for those with sensitive skin.

Glam Zone uses Biologique Recherche products in every facial treatment and is also an official retailer of the brand, so you’ll find that they carry almost the entire range of these highly efficient, results-driven skincare products.

In fact, their customers love the exquisite products used in Glam Zone’s skin treatments so much that almost all of them would buy Biologique Recherche products so that they can sustain the delightful results from the facial treatments at home!

Treatments customised according to your needs

Glam Zone Products

Glam Menu of treatments

No two people have the exact skin types or issues, so the best way to obtain effective results is to undergo a facial treatment that is tailored to your skin.

Unlike bigger facial places that provide cookie-cutter facial services, Glam Zone prides itself on its ability to provide a bespoke service that is very different from other places where therapists just “work on” you.

Due to the fact that Lilya herself oversees and conducts all facial treatments at Glam Zone, there is a high level of quality control. She ensures that a high level of personal care is provided to each and every customer, such as making sure that she really understands the state of your skin and advises on the best skincare routine to adopt.

Here is an example of how the beauty salon customises treatments to their customers: their Pro Reveal Facial System is the only Hydro-Dermabrasion that allows full customisation for all skin types. Even if you have highly-sensitive, acne-ridden skin, you can still enjoy the brightening and repairing effects of this facial!

High efficacy of treatments

Glam Zone Happy Customers

Lilya with her happy customers

As Glam Zone’s customers would gladly testify, the high efficacy of treatments at this boutique salon is made possible by its winning formula: the ability to customise facial treatments according to your needs, usage of high-quality natural skincare products, and of course Lilya’s professional dedication.

Not fully convinced that every customer leaves Glam Zone with beautiful skin? Judging from reviews on Google and Facebook, we are pretty certain that the treatments at Glam Zone are as effective as they claim to be.

One customer, Teresa Wong, shared that her skin looked quite haggard despite using very expensive skincare, but her skin managed to glow after just one facial session at Glam Zone. Another happy customer, Kyrsten Poh, also saw a vast improvement in radiance and hydration since her first facial at Glam Zone.

It is rare for a beauty salon to receive so many sincere compliments from real customers’ reviews, so you can consider us duly impressed!

Which treatment should I try at Glam Zone?

Interested in booking an appointment at Glam Zone before everyone else catches on this gem of a facial place, but don’t know which ones to go for? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Glam Zone offers three facial categories that use different instruments and procedures, the most popular among them being the Biologique Recherche Face Treatment.

Each session starts with a Biologique Recherche Signature lymphatic drainage welcome massage to stimulate the epidermis.

Glam Zone Facial Treatment

Biologique Recherche Face Treatment

The full range of Biologique Recherche skincare program is used throughout this treatment (cleansers, lotions P50T, quintessential serums, creams, masks, and finishing serums) so that you can enjoy all the amazing benefits of the premium skincare range.

Depending on your skin type and existing issues, you can select from 4 facial booster treatments that can either be used on its own or as a combination pack of up to three boosters.

If you have dehydrated and sensitive skin

Constantly suffering from problems such as peeling skin, irritation, and rosacea? You are recommended to opt for Booster 1–Soin Lissant Facial (Soothing + Hydrating + Regenerating).

Containing a skin-loving cocktail of amino acids, fatty acids, royal jelly, squash, and hyaluronic acid, this protective and repairing booster calms, hydrates, and sculpts the skin. You can expect to leave feeling stress-free, highly reinvigorated, and absolutely glowing when you add this booster to your facial treatment.

This booster is suitable for all skin types, although those with dehydrated and sensitive skin will benefit best from it.

If you have normal to seborrheic skin

For those blessed with relatively good skin or even those suffering from scaly and dry skin, Booster 3–Soin Lift CVS (Lifting + Exfoliating + Nourishing) will do just the trick for you.

This is described as the ultimate facial to accelerate cell renewal so that you can get the firm and hydrated skin you’ve always wanted. Your skin will be left feeling youthful, energised, and toned after the session.

This booster contains ingredients that purify and hydrate your skin, including diatome powder (dries out toxins in the skin), amino acids, silk proteins, and hyaluronic acid.

Glam Zone is located at 150 Orchard Rd, #04-46, Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841. To make an appointment, call or Whatsapp +65 9632 2730, or email [email protected].

Visit Glam Zone at glamzone.com.sg | Facebook | Instagram.

This article is brought to you by Glam Zone.