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Daily Vanity reader Pei Wen has always had thin and limp hair that looks flat for as long as she remembered, but she noticed that she started losing more hair and that they grow back more slowly after she entered her 30s. Working in the finance industry, Pei Wen leads a busy lifestyle, and often have to meet her clients after work hours and on weekends.

But no matter how packed her schedule may be, she still tries to make time to care for her appearance, including going for hair and scalp treatments that could help her with her concern.

Glower Hair Care Review Consultation3

Pei Wen has been trying out different hair and scalp treatments for many years now, and was recently introduced to Glower Hair Care by Daily Vanity.

Part of the famous Ashley & Martin Group that has 23 outlets in the Asia-Pacific region, Glower Hair Care is staffed by accredited trichologists who specialise in diagnosing and treating hair and scalp problems. Their treatments combine Chinese and European herbs, multivitamins, laser and ozone therapy, and restorative massage to achieve better health for hair and scalp.

Glower Hair Care review: How did her first appointment go?

At her first appointment, Pei Wen was impressed by the thorough and professional consultation by the Glower Hair Care’s in-house trichologist. Through understanding Pei Wen’s lifestyle and studying her hair follicles using a digital microscope camera, the trichologist made recommendations accordingly.

Glower Hair Care Review Consultation 2

A hypothesis that Pei Wen has an iron deficiency was made, and it was verified by Pei Wen herself based on a recent blood test that she has taken. The trichologist shared that iron deficiency can slow down hair growth, which may be why she has been seeing thinning hair – because she can’t replace hair fall at a fast enough rate.

The trichologist said that Glower Hair Care may also recommend blood tests for their customers to understand the cause of their hair loss problem better; a blood test will be able to show if it could be a deficiency in any nutrients or a hormonal imbalance issue. This scientific understanding of their customers’ cause of hair loss helps them recommend the right treatments.

Glower Hair Care Review Consultation 1

The trichologist recommended Pei Wen a few lifestyle changes that can help her slow down hair fall and see more hair growth. At the same time, she recommended the Glower Hair Care Repairing Scalp Treatment, which is great for improving scalp health.

Pei Wen said that this is one of the most comprehensive consultations she has ever gone through. She likes that the consultant is a trained professional who is knowledgeable about everything related to hair and scalp and could give useful tips, instead of a salesperson who’s merely trying to sell her a treatment package.

Glower Hair Care review: What was the treatment like?

Glower Hair Care Review Treatment1

Glower Hair Care Review Treatment2

After a relaxing scalp and hair wash, a scalp mask was applied. This mask is packed with natural hair-loving goodness that helps provide pH balance to the scalp while delivering moisture to the hair strands so that Pei Wen can see more body, bounce, and shine right after the treatment. This mask would also benefit customers who are suffering from scalp dryness and damage caused by hair colouring.

Glower Hair Care Review Treatment3

A restorative massage was then administered. This massage doesn’t just help to work the mask into the scalp, but also enhances blood circulation – an important factor that improves scalp health and encourages hair growth.

Glower Hair Care Review Treatment4

Finally, a low level laser treatment was administered. This helps to boost microcirculation and hair growth.

Glower Hair Care review: What were the results like?

Within one session, Pei Wen’s scalp looked much cleaner than before. Her hair follicles were unclogged, which would kick off the process of helping her hair grow more easily. Thanks to the nourishing mask, her hair also had more body after one session.

Glower Hair Care Review Before After

Pei Wen’s scalp looked much cleaner after one session.

Going back for another session a week later, Pei Wen reported that she already noticed less hair fall right after her first treatment. Her scalp also looked cleaner than before she started her treatments at Glower Hair Care.

At her second session, the treatment protocol was repeated and Pei Wen said that she had a relaxing time, just as she did the first time round. She look forward to seeing further improvements to her hair and the positive experience made her keen to find out more about Glower Hair Care’s treatment plans for customers like her.

Glower Hair Care is located at 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #04-18, Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924. Visit the Glower website or call 6338 1988 for more information about them and their treatments.



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