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Gold is a precious metal that’s not just coveted in jewellery, but it’s also considered a miracle ingredient in skincare. We’re seeing more brands infuse this expensive element into their skincare products – metallic gold masks, speckled gold serums, shimmery face creams, just to name a few.

It isn’t just for the luxurious experience too. Gold is actually an antioxidant that’s been touted as an anti-inflammation and anti-ageing ingredient for the longest time, which is why you’ll also find it in facials.

What are gold facials?

The benefits of gold for the skin are so plenty that facials are getting in on using gold for treatments too! Yes, you can expect the estheticians at facial spas in Singapore to use a 24K gold serum or mask on your skin.

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Photo source: Anna Shvets from Pexels

Since gold is said to defend the skin against harmful free radicals, soothe inflamed skin, and support collagen production, most gold facials are aimed at brightening and rejuvenating the skin. So, if your skin needs a youthful boost, then gold facials are something you should definitely consider.

However, reading about the benefits of gold just wasn’t the same as experiencing them for myself, which is why I was excited to try the Korean 24K Gold Brightening & Lifting Facial at Spa Aperial – the first gold facial that I have ever tried!

24K Gold Brightening & Lifting Facial at Spa Aperial


I had chosen Spa Aperial’s Marine Terrace outlet and was surprised to find that the salon was tucked away under an HDB block.


When I entered the salon, I was greeted by an esthetician who was seated at the consultation table. What stood out to me was the clear shelf behind the desk that housed an array of skincare products, and displayed some pamphlets explaining their facial treatments.

I sat down at the desk while my esthetician gave me a brief rundown of the treatment before ushering me into a small, private room to begin the gold facial.

Steps in Spa Aperial’s 24K gold facial

The esthetician started by cleansing my skin to remove impurities. If you’re wearing makeup (I wasn’t wearing any for the facial), this step removes it too.


She followed this step using a “24K Cleanser” that contained gold leaf and amino acids to thoroughly cleanse my skin – my face had received its first ‘shot’ of gold-infused skincare.

Next, the esthetician applied a “hyaluronic exfoliating gel” to my face and massaged my skin lightly with her fingers. This was to get rid of the dead cells on the surface, prepping my skin for the steaming that followed.


However, the steam wasn’t very uniform, as it felt like it was hitting one part of my face more than the rest. Nevertheless, it still felt somewhat comfortable.


The esthetician then proceeded to perform the extraction. Thanks to her deft hands and light touch, I barely felt any pain during this step.

She then used a toner on my skin, before drenching my face with a 24K gold serum. She explained that this helped with lifting and hydrating, as well as anti-ageing.


Red Light Therapy (RLT) is known for treating acne scars, wrinkles, and other effects of ageing by using low-level wavelengths.

Next, my esthetician used a red light therapy device and glided it smoothly over my skin, which made me feel like I was receiving a calming face massage. This firms and lifts the skin, she said.

This was followed by a facial massage – this time, it wasn’t with the device but with my esthetician’s skilful hands. She gave me a long and comfortable massage, also tapping her fingers on my face to stimulate blood circulation.


The highlight of the facial was the next step: applying the (awaited) gold mask. She had left the room to prepare the mask, and when she came back to apply it on my face, it felt nice and cool on my skin. She slathered a generous layer of the mask all over my face, which was thick in consistency and weighty on my skin – a very comfortable feeling.

Then, with a chirpy, “You can fall asleep now!” she exited the room. Since the face mask felt so cold and pleasant on my skin, I ended up falling asleep just as she said.

The facial concluded with the application of toner, moisturiser, and sunblock. She also gave me a final head massage, which was a good end to the entire experience.

Results of the gold facial

My face felt cleaner and smoother after the facial, and it worked to firm and even my skin tone. The facial was also calming and comfortable, with my favourite step being the gold facial mask.


A no-frills spa, Spa Aperial is one you’ll want to visit for effective facial treatments.

I also liked that my esthetician was attentive to me, checking in with me as she performed my facial to make sure I was comfortable, as well as taking me through the different steps.

As for whether gold facials are really effective, this one facial wasn’t enough for me to decide, but it’s one I’ll come back to for smoother, firmer skin.

Spa Aperial’s 24K Gold Brightening & Lifting Facial is definitely worth a try, and it’ll help you to decide whether you want to come back for more opulent gold facial treatments. Plus, you’ll leave the spa fresh-faced and with a healthy glow!

Featured image credit: MART PRODUCTION from Pexels