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You probably have heard of gua sha or even tried it on your body in a TCM clinic.

While gua sha is often associated with red, scary-looking marks in TCM body treatments, the good news is that gua sha facials are not the same – they’re much gentler and rarely, if ever, leave any marks behind.

If you want to give gua sha facial a try, consider going to one of these affordable salons in Singapore!

What Are Gua Sha Facials

gua sha facial

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The gua sha you’ve probably experienced in traditional Chinese therapy involves scraping your skin with a tool and is said to improve micro-circulation and improve your qi, in order to reduce inflammation.

Gua sha facial is a variation of this technique that is gaining popularity for its numerous skincare benefits. It uses a flat, smooth-edged tool, often made from jade or rose quartz.

Using light to moderate strength, the practitioner will glide the gua sha tool along the contours of your face, and in an upward and outward direction.

Benefits of Gua Sha Facials

gua sha facials singapore

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Gua sha facials can help to promote a healthy, radiant complexion as the scraping action will stimulate blood flow to the skin, improving circulation.

Gua sha facials can also reduce puffiness and swelling, as it encourages lymphatic drainage by removing waste and toxins.

This overall relaxing massage will also help to relax tensions in your facial muscles, resulting in lesser fine lines and wrinkles appearance!

Best Gua Sha Facials Salons to Visit

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