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My hair has always been prone to a slew of issues, including dryness, shedding, breakage, and tangling. But entering my 20s came with a storm of hormonal fluctuations I had never experienced before.

My thick and healthy hair during my teenage years deteriorated due to hormonal imbalances combined with the everyday stress of adult life which brought about a number of problems, including hair loss. After Googling endlessly to salvage my lacking locks, I realised that good hair starts from the roots.

Phs Generic Hair Loss

A clean scalp would promote high cell turnover and present a healthy environment for optimal hair growth. I made a commitment to start taking better care of my hair by selecting scalp products tailored to my thinning hair concern. Good ingredients to look out for in hair growth products include Niacin, multi-fruit or plant extracts to strengthen the hair from the root, and the best is if products are developed with the expertise of trichologists (someone who studies and specialises in hair loss problems).

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Phs Hairbrush On Hair

There are many hair growth products around. Most that I’ve tried made optimistic claims but deliver little to no results when I try them. Unlike most products I know of, the PHS HAIRSCIENCE Daily Regime Bundle contains botanical stem cells and a high concentration of botanical essences with absolutely no parabens, benzophenone, mineral oil or artificial colourants at all.

Phs Products1

When I learnt that the PHS HAIRSCIENCE Daily Regime products help to control and prevent mild hair loss and thinning by improving scalp health and supporting healthy hair growth, I was ready to give this regime a shot for two weeks. You see, I’d always focused on products specifically targeted at hair loss and had more or less neglected a proper daily hair care regime that could potentially combat hair loss. 

The FEM daily regime starts off with double cleansing – the backbone of a good daily regime. Similar to skin cleansing for clear skin, double cleansing is a critical step for anyone who desires strong, healthy and beautiful hair. Using breakthrough shampoo technology and trichology-based formulation, the PHS HAIRSCIENCE shampoos are designed for double cleansing and nurture and defend the scalp and hair without stripping off its natural protective oils – no more battling with oily scalp issues too! Armed with this information, and feeling like my scalp was in good hands, I began the two-week long process. 

Phs Hairscience Shampoo

From L-R: PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Nutrition Shampoo, PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Fortify Shampoo

The first step in this double cleansing regime is to use the ADV Nutrition Shampoo to remove unhealthy scalp build-up. To reduce hair fall and prevent hair thinning, follow up next with the FEM Fortify Shampoo. Both shampoos leave behind a tingling sensation after rinse off – the kind that makes you feel your scalp is extra clean. As someone who hasn’t religiously followed double-cleansing, it’s only now that I’ve realised what I was missing out on. As important as double-cleansing is for the skin, it’s also as crucial for the skin on your head.

After all, scalp-care is the new skincare, right?

Phs Conditioner On Hair

PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Fortify Conditioner application

Everyone loves conditioners for the instant results they produce on our hair.

Especially since shampooing tends to strip the hair of its moisture, conditioners contain ingredients to replenish this. The PHS HAIRSCIENCE daily regime includes this very important step with the use of the FEM Fortify Conditioner which works to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage by leaving it on for five minutes.

Right from my very first use, I fell in love with the fragrance of this conditioner. Fruity and fresh-smelling, it summed up my in-shower hair routine beautifully, leaving me with incredibly moisturised tresses. 

Phs Hair Tonic

PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Fortify Tonic application

Tonics are being recognised as an integral step in scalp care – the idea being that we need to ‘feed and water’ our scalp with nutrients for healthier, stronger and lusher hair. With my research expertise from previous experiences of searching for an effective tonic, I knew that the most important thing to look out for in a scalp tonic was to make sure it did not come with a side-serve of parabens, mineral oils or  benzophenone – these skin irritants (cue a red and itchy scalp!) are linked to cancer and are known to dehydrate your skin and hair.

The FEM Fortify tonic contains no harmful irritants and works to reinvigorate hair follicles and deliver vital scalp nutrients. All I had to do was to section my hair and spray it directly onto my towel-dried scalp after a shower. Unlike other tonics I’ve tried, this product is surprisingly light and has a watery-consistency. Perfect to leave on for the rest of the day without feeling like your scalp is heavy and overloaded with products. 

Phs Hairscience Before And After

Pictures were taken 2 weeks apart.

After religiously following this three-step regime – double cleanse, moisturise & treat, for two weeks, I was surprised to see how my hair volume had transformed. From fine and limp hair to fuller and almost wavy hair, I was loving the change. If feeling it wasn’t a testament enough, the reduction of hair trapped in my hands when I ran my hands through my hair was definite evidence. Regularly faced with a substantial amount of hair when I ran it through my hair, I now see barely two to three strands in my hands despite doing the exact same motion.

Phs Hairfall Before After1

Photos were taken 2 weeks apart.

To see if this regime truly provided me with measurable results, I compared the circumference of my ponytail, pre and post this experiment. Despite knowing that this set delivered scientifically-proven results, I was still astonished at the slight difference in thickness – from 3.3 inches to 3.6 inches – as well as the overall improvement in hair smoothness and texture.

Phs Hairscience Ponytail Before After

Photos taken 2 weeks apart.

It might have been due to the highly concentrated PHS HAIRSCIENCE products derived from plant stem cells and pure botanical extracts or how they’re created with patented ingredients and technology without any harmful additives, but the difference is something I welcome with open hair and arms.

The PHS HAIRSCIENCE Daily Regime Bundle retails at SGD211 (U.P. SGD264) and is available at PHS HAIRSCIENCE online.

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