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When we think of perms, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly the C-curl perm. This type of permed hair gives anyone who styles it an elegant and classic look, much like some Korean celebrities such as Son Ye Jin and the beloved K-pop idol IU.

However, for those seeking something out of the ordinary, a plethora of perm styles awaits exploration and it doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, straight or wavy—anyone can effortlessly pull off a permed hair look.

All you need to do is book an appointment at any of Singapore’s 17 best hair salons.

With experienced stylists and up-to-date techniques, you’ll strut out of the salon with hair so naturally chic that you might as well be the next leading star in a Korean drama!

What Are the Different Types of Perms?

If you’re considering getting a perm on your next visit to the salon, here are some popular curl styles you might want to explore.

C-curl Perm


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A C-curl perm is a hairstyling technique where the hair is permed into loose, elegant curls that resemble the shape of the letter “C.”

This style creates soft, relaxed curls that typically start from the mid-length of the hair and flow downwards, naturally. Plus, it gives you an effortless look, while also adding volume and gentle waves to your luscious locks.

Known for its versatility, the C-curl perm is suitable for various hair lengths, making it a popular choice for those seeking a casual yet elegant appearance. It’s also a favourite among those who desire a graceful, chic, and romantic hairstyle.

S-curl Perm

Don’t get confused with the C-curl perm though!

Unlike the C-curl perm, this style features loose coils along nearly the entire length of the hair, giving your hair a gentle back-and-forth coil, shaped like the alphabet S.

S-curl perms are perfect for those who want to add a little movement to their hair so that it doesn’t appear to be pin-straight.

The S-curl perm creates a natural and relaxed appearance, often starting at the mid-length of the hair and adding volume and movement. If you want a bohemian or beachy hair look, this would be the perfect choice to go for.

Jelly Perm


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Jelly perm, also referred to as the hippie perm, is a revived hairstyle reminiscent of the 1960s. This trend features loose, untamed curls that exude a relaxed and effortlessly natural appearance.

It particularly appeals to individuals who appreciate a casual, bohemian aesthetic, as it complements a laid-back and free-spirited lifestyle.

This perm hair is ideal for those who want to embrace their natural texture and add a touch of retro charm to their appearance without the need for rigorous styling.

Korean Hippie Perm


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Loved by many Korean celebrities, this permed hairstyle, known as the Korean hippie perm, extends from the root to the tip. The hippie perm is a style that replicates the hairstyles of hippies and bohemian gypsies from the 1960s.

Characterised by soft curls and a natural bounce, it adds volume to your hair, making it perfect for those with thin hair.

Best Salons for C-Curl Perms and More

How To Maintain and Care For Permed Hair?

To maintain the longevity of your perm, especially if you have a C-curl or another type, it’s crucial to follow these steps in the initial days post-perming:

Wait 48 to 72 Hours Before Washing Your Hair

Begin by letting your curls settle. Refrain from washing your hair for the first 48 hours after your permed hair. If you’re battling greasiness, which is common, you can opt for a reliable dry shampoo.

Swimming Caution

Did you know that exposure to both chlorine and saltwater can affect your permed hair? Hence, why it’s best to steer clear of swimming pools and hot tubs for at least three days to a week.

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