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When bidding farewell to our fuzz, we’ve fearlessly wielded our trusty shavers and bent ourselves out of shape to pluck hairs one at a time.

Yet, for tricky spots like the bikini line, even our mastery sometimes falls short – and hair waxing sessions come to the rescue.

Equal parts revered and feared, hair waxing effectively strips hairs out from the root for longer-lasting baby-smooth skin. Still, the biggest “but” remains that the hair-stripping, well, hurts and part of the process involves awkwardly baring it all to a total stranger.

If you’re mustering up the courage for a salon visit, your first step is understanding what hair waxing really does. To help you out, we’re introducing everything you need to know about hair waxing and the best salons in Singapore to visit.

What is Hair Waxing?

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Waxing involves applying a wax-like substance onto the skin in the direction of hair growth to allow the wax to adhere to each strand.

The wax is quickly removed in the opposite direction of hair growth, pulling out the hairs from the root and resulting in smoother, fuzz-free skin.

There are different techniques for waxing, the two main types being hot waxing and cold waxing.

In hot waxing, the wax is heated to a liquid consistency and applied to the skin whilst hot. The wax is allowed to cool slightly on the skin and is removed by swiftly flicking the hardened wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.

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Cold waxing strip. Photo source: veetuk

Cold waxing uses pre-made wax strips and is often used during at-home waxing sessions. Even though hot waxing can also be done on your own at home, it is generally recommended to have it done by a professional as the high temperature of the wax could leave you with accidental burns.

Either way, using poor-quality wax or the wrong technique to flick off the wax is likely to result in hairs broken at the shaft rather than pulled out completely at the root.

What are the Benefits of Hair Waxing?

Anyone who has had their body waxed will know that waxing leaves you with baby-smooth skin for a longer time since hair is removed from its end.

  • Less upkeep: When it comes to shaving, it’s normal for prickly stubble to appear as quickly as within a day. Waxing extends the amount of time you enjoy smooth and fuzz-free skin to two to three weeks as new hair has to begin its growth cycle from scratch.
  • Finer hair growth: The reason we experience blunt and thick hair growth after shaving is that the blade cuts the strands at the shaft. However, with waxing, hair re-emerges from the follicle, which means that you’ll see the finer tips of the new strands appear after a few weeks.
  • Reduced hair growth: Pulling the hair from the root damages the follicles over time, so you might notice that you stay hair-free for longer intervals between appointments. Due to reduced hair growth in the long run, waxing is often considered a worthy alternative to semi-permanent hair removal methods such as IPL.

Is Sugaring the Same as Waxing?


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If you’ve got a low pain threshold and are looking for a gentler alternative to traditional hot waxing, sugaring might be the hair removal option for you.

Similar to waxing, sugaring involves applying a heated gel-like paste to the areas of hair growth, before skillfully flicking it off to pull hairs out from the bulb.

What’s special is that, instead of wax, sugaring uses a 100% natural mixture of lemon, sugar, and water, which effectively clings to hair but not to the top layer of the skin, making it the less painful “waxing” method.

Best Hair Waxing Salons in Singapore

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