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While Brazilian waxing is an excellent hair removal method, the thought of having our intimate areas stripped bare by a stranger can make us a little nervous.

Well, we’re here to tell you that getting a Brazilian wax is not all that horrifying an experience.

Once you’ve got your choices covered, have made up your mind about the style that you want to go for, as well as know how to take care of your nether regions before and after an appointment, then you’ll be all set to saunter into a good Brazilian wax salon with ease.

Ahead, we share everything you need to know about this service in Singapore!

What Is Brazilian Waxing?


A full Brazilian removes all hair from the front, middle, and back.

If you want to be completely bare down there, then a Brazilian is just the right wax style for you. Brazilian waxing removes hair from the front of your bikini area, down the middle, and all the way to the back (yes, your bum) so that you’re left completely smooth and hairless.

While a full Brazilian wax removes all hair from your nether regions, you can also choose other Brazilian styles that leave you with some coverage in the front, and in any shape you desire.

The most common style is the Brazilian triangle that leaves a triangular patch at the front whilst stripping hair from the middle and back region.

Best Brazilian Waxing Salons in Singapore

Getting a Brazilian wax isn’t just a matter of finding the cheapest salon that’s near you.

To achieve optimal results, you want to look for a salon that uses the waxes that you love (like hard wax that’s gentler on the skin, or sugar pastes that are all-natural), abides by high hygiene standards (like doesn’t double-dip wax sticks), and – bonus – has a stylish space that makes you feel your best as you walk into the salon.

We’ve rounded up some of the top waxing salons around our sunny island!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Getting a Brazilian Wax Hurt?

As with all other types of waxing, you can expect it to hurt the first time. The good news is that the pain gets lesser during your subsequent appointments, because the structure of your hair changes and becomes easier to remove.

What you can do to make sure that you’re more comfortable during your session is to check that the salon you’re visiting uses hot wax rather than strip wax.

brazilian wax singapore - hot wax

Hot wax is applied on thickly, then peeled off when it dries. Photo source: prostooleh/freepik

Hot wax only adheres to hairs and not the skin so it removes more comfortably without irritating your skin. The liquid wax is applied in a thick layer on the skin and allowed to dry before the therapist peels it off.

brazilian wax singapore - strip wax

Strip wax is applied thinly onto the skin, then a strip is used to peel the way off. Photo source: wavebreakmedia_micro/freepik

Strip waxing is when a thin layer of wax is applied to the skin then removed using a paper strip. This is a method that’s suitable for less sensitive areas like the legs or arms – less for your bikini area!

How Is Brazilian Waxing Different From a Bikini Line Wax?

Although Brazilian waxing removes hair from the bikini area, it’s definitely not the same as a bikini line wax. The big difference between a bikini line wax and Brazilian waxing is that a bikini line wax doesn’t touch the hair in the middle and back regions, whereas a Brazilian bikini wax removes hair from the middle and back areas completely.


A bikini line wax touches up the top and sides of your bikini area so that no hairs show outside of your briefs.

A bikini line wax – sometimes just called a bikini wax – is when hair is removed along the panty line and across the top so that it doesn’t show outside of a modest bikini bottom. It’s more of a light touch-up that neatens the bikini area for your beach days, so you can comfortably enjoy your fun in the sun.

brazilian wax singapore - bikini

This also means that you should be prepared to turn onto your side when you get a Brazilian wax, although not for a bikini line wax. Therapists will prompt those getting a Brazilian wax to turn onto their sides so that they can remove the hair from the bum area.

Brazilian Wax vs. French Bikini Wax


French bikini wax style, a.k.a. the “Landing Strip”

Brazilian waxing is also different from the French bikini wax, which takes hair off the front and middle but doesn’t remove hair from the back area. A French bikini wax will also leave you with a narrow strip down the front – the reason this wax style is also often referred to as ‘The Landing Strip’.

What Happens During a Brazilian Wax Appointment?

If the top question plaguing your mind is “Will I have to strip down to get a Brazilian wax?” The answer is yes, you will have to remove your pants, shorts, or skirt, and your underwear in order for the therapist to perform the Brazilian waxing.

However, it’s not as embarrassing a process as you may think. Your therapist will bring you to a room where you can remove your bottoms in private. The salon may also provide you with a cleansing wipe and disposable underwear, so you can take comfort in knowing that you might not be completely bare.

brazilian wax singapore - what happens during brazilian wax?

Once you’ve removed your briefs, you’ll lay down flat on your back on the treatment bed, and the therapist will begin the Brazilian waxing process.

Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to place your legs in a butterfly position or turn over to your side – these positions allow your skin to be taut for hairs to be removed easily, or for the therapist to reach an area they otherwise can’t access.

brazilian wax singapore - hot wax (1)

Photo source: prostooleh/freepik

Of course, it’s bound to hurt when the therapist peels off the wax from your skin. But deep breaths in and out, and you’ll get into a rhythm that makes each peel more bearable. Some people like to pop an over-the-counter painkiller before their Brazilian wax appointment too, just to lessen the pain during this first-time experience!

How to Prepare Before a Brazilian Wax Appointment

Being prepared for a Brazilian wax appointment will help move the process along smoothly (literally, with fewer ingrown hair bumps too).

1. Stop Shaving a Week Before

The golden rule is to not shave at least seven days (and ideally two weeks) before you go for your appointment. You might be tempted to tidy up down there, but if hairs are too short, it makes it difficult for wax to adhere to them and almost impossible to remove.

DV tip: If you’re in doubt, it’s better to leave the hairs long rather than trim them too short. Your therapist will be able to trim the hairs to a suitable length while you’re at your appointment!

2. Exfoliate

brazilian wax singapore - exfoliate

Give your body a gentle scrub each time you shower in the few days leading up to your Brazilian wax appointment. Doing so will help to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

3. Take a Warm Shower

brazilian wax singapore - aftercare

Whether or not you’re worried, it’s a good idea to take a warm shower just before. Not only will it help you feel less self-conscious during the Brazilian waxing, it will also soften your skin’s pores thus making it more comfortable to remove the hairs.

4. Choose a Brazilian Wax Style

It’s best to know what Brazilian wax style you want before you step into the salon, saving you the panic of having to make a decision on the spot.


The ‘Martini Glass’ wax style features a small triangular patch just above the pubic bone.

Aside from the most popular Brazilian wax style that is the Brazilian triangle, you can also consider styles like the Brazilian Martini Glass – a wax style that is just as alluring as it sounds.

It removes hair from the front and only leaves a tiny triangle right above the pubic bone; the rest of your bikini area will be stripped just like a regular Brazilian wax, where your middle and back will end up completely bare.


The ‘Postage Stamp’ features a stamp-sized square patch at your pubic bone.

Even if triangles are not your style, you can try other fun shapes like the ‘Postage Stamp’ that gives you a small square section of hair above the pubic bone. Or, enter the ‘Heart Attack’ that’s in the shape of a cute heart.

However, you should know that professionals recommend a simple style because more complex shapes will require waxing to be performed in the opposite direction of hair growth, ultimately causing ingrown hairs and discomfort.

When you’re at the salon, also be sure to speak to the therapists about the style that you wish to get. Describe the style that you’re going for even if you’re not sure of what it’s called – you don’t want to leave with a wax that’s completely different from what you were expecting!

The Dos and Don’ts After a Brazilian Wax

Your skin will be sensitive after a Brazilian wax session, so take care not to irritate it further.

1. Don’t: Exfoliate

Although exfoliation is a must-do before your appointment, you should stay clear of exfoliating products for 24 to 48 hours after as they will aggravate your sensitive skin.

2. Do: Take a Lukewarm Shower

You can certainly take a shower after you’re done with your Brazilian waxing, but adjust the heater so that you enjoy a lukewarm or cold shower – hot water can cause your skin to dehydrate.

3. Don’t: Use Harsh Soaps or Products

Stay away from soaps that are too harsh and drying, and opt for gentler body washes like the Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Fragrance Free Body Wash (S$17.15) or The Honest Company Purely Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash (S$17.26) that are both fragrance-free, mild, and gentle for sensitive skin.

brazilian wax singapore - cetaphil

4. Do: Use Ingrown Hair Products

Aside from staying away from harsher skincare products, you can also include certain products to calm your skin and prevent ingrown hair or pesky bumps that your skin is more likely prone to after a waxing.

Ingrown hair lotions like the Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion (S$26) or Fur Ingrown Eliminator (S$35.40) can be applied to skin 48 hours after, and once a day or according to the product’s instructions. These skincare products can help to release trapped hair from under your skin, getting rid of those uncomfortable bumps may turn up after a Brazilian wax.

brazilian wax singapore - skin doctors ingrown go

5. Don’t: Head Straight to the Beach

brazilian wax singapore - aftercare

Put off your beach activities for at least 24 hours, and ideally 48 hours.

With your skin clean and baby smooth, you might be tempted to hit the beach. But remember again that your skin is also still very sensitive post-Brazilian wax – which means that you should wait for about one or two days before you resume your regular physical activities.