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“Wash your hands regularly” and “don’t touch your face” are two of the most common advice we’ve heard in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The importance of safe hygiene has definitely moved further up our priority list, and conceivably will be here to stay.

From the healthcare point of view, using beauty products that require less hand contact may be a good way to minimise the transfer of germs and viruses while helping us further get used to the new normal (of not touching our faces). But from a beauty point of view, we also know that our hands carry bacteria no matter what and reducing contact with our face can be one way to eliminate the chances of inflammation, which in turn can prevent problems like acne and redness.

If you’re ready to hop on the hands-free application bandwagon, here are some products you can consider.

No-rinse cleansing spray

Known for their organic plant-based skincare range, Botanic Organic’s Chamomile & Lavender Facial Cleansing Spray is a gentle non-drying facial cleanser perfect for at home or on-the-go use.

Containing Calendula Hydrosol, an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic super-ingredient, this cleanser is suitable for all skin conditions. The natural lavender distillate repairs damaged or fragile skin, bringing along with it a calming aroma.

Soak a cotton pad with several sprays of cleanser and gently wipe away at all dirt and dead skin cells, leaving behind naturally firm skin. What’s better? This cleanser doubles up as a makeup remover!

Botanic Organic Chamomile & Lavender Facial Cleansing Spray retails for US$18 on the Botanic Organic website.

Hands-free toners

This cult-favourite Rosewater Spray by Mario Badescu helps tone the skin, sweeping away any remaining impurities after cleansing.

Infused with fragrant botanical extracts like Aloe Vera, Rose and Bladderwrack, this spray is ideal for dry-environments and is non-irritating on the skin. Although you can pat in the toner with your hands after spraying it all over your face, you can also spray it onto a cotton pad before swiping it all over your face.

This is also great for a mid-day office spritz without disturbing your makeup!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray retails for S$12 at Sephora

You can also consider InstaNatural’s Rose Water Facial Toner, which is imported directly from Morocco and contains all-natural ingredients that soothe and brighten the skin.

This product does not contain any alcohol, an ingredient commonly found in toners that dries out the skin as it evaporates. Not only does this spray provide deep nourishment to your skin, but it can also be used on dry hair ends!

InstaNatural Organic Rose Water retails for S$57.31 and is available at Lazada.

Serum spray

Truffles aren’t just in your fries, they should be in your skincare routine too! Packed with white truffle from Italy to promote the renewal of skin cells, this mist serum from D’Alba Piedmont is ideal for both dry and combination skin types.

This product is not only vegan and cruelty-free, but it’s also free of all highly-detested cosmetic nightmares: parabens, sulphates, artificial colours, and animal products!

Formulated with chia seed extract and avocado oil, this serum calms blemishes quickly and deeply moisturises, protecting the skin barrier hands-free! Do remember to shake the bottle well before use to combine the upper oil layer and lower water layer of the spray.

d’Alba First Spray Serum retails for S$42 and is available at Lazada.

Glide-on eye cream

Lock in every precious drop of this eye cream from innisfree with the neat rollerball massage tip, no hands!

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye & Face Ball

The innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye & Face Ball is enriched with 16 amino acids, promising a highly hydrating serum that soothes tired and dull eyes. Not only is the risk of bacteria infection now removed from the equation, but you also save yourself from aggravating late-night eye bags with this cooling applicator that doubles up as a gentle massager by stimulating your delicate under-eye area.

The innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye & Face Ball (10ml) is available at all innisfree outlets islandwide, retailing at S$29. Available on iHerb as well.

Spot-on Spot Treatment

Afraid to touch that pimple for fear of aggravating it? Opt for these hands-free spot treatments that you can apply on-the-go!

Glossier Zit Stick just might be the only blemish emergency plan we need! This highly-portable product made with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide is sure to kill all blemish-causing germs hidden under that mask.

Vegan and cruelty-free, this spot treatment is quick to dry and zaps the most unwanted of zits away asap.

Glossier Zit Stick retails for S$29.90 and is available at Lazada.

Non-invasive light therapy

Commonly recommended for skin patients experiencing acne, eczema, and sun damage, LED light treatment penetrates the skin to fight acne-causing germs, reduce wrinkles and help plump up the skin. Good news: it’s now in a handy, easy-to-use form!

This new state-of-the-art device uses two LED lights (red and blue) to clear and prevent future acne breakouts. This product resulted in the 100% reduction of acne in a two-week, daily use clinical study.

To use, place device over dry target spot for the whole three minutes programmed daily. This handy device allows you to tackle skin problems on the go!

Dr. Dennis Gross Drx SpotLite Blemish Reducer retails for S$100 and is available at Sephora

Sunscreen spray

I’m sure we’ve all heard about how important sunscreen is for our skin. But can’t these products just be a little less tedious to apply?

La Roche Posay Anthelios Anti Shine Invisible Fresh Mist

Consider La Roche Posay’s SPF50 Anti-shine UV Face Mist, which will make layer after layer of strong-smelling and sticky UV protection a thing of the past!

Tested under dermatological control for sensitive skin, this spray-on sunscreen is paraben and alcohol-free, misting your skin with a pleasant fragrance and light finish. It utilises mattifying micro-particles that immediately absorb and control all sources of shine caused by sebum, sweat and humidity, leaving your skin clean, bacteria-free and most importantly, without the ghastly white cast!

La Roche Posay SPF50 Anti-shine UV Face Mist retails for S$26.90 and is available on Lazada and at all Guardian outlets.

Facial rollers

You’ve most likely seeing one of these on Instagram and doubted its capabilities. We’re here to clear some myths and shed some light on these cute little gadgets!

Commonly found in the rose quartz, jade or amethyst versions, facial rollers not only aid in lymphatic drainage to help depuff and contour your face (yes, here’s a way to look slimmer temporarily), they are typically used for the easy glide-on and deep absorption of serums and moisturisers as well!

Grace & Stella, Rose Quartz Facial Roller

The Rose Quartz Facial Roller by Grace & Stella is a cute little gadget that offers two sizes of the pale pink crystal on each side – use the larger end for the forehead, chin, cheeks, and jawline and the smaller side around the delicate eye area.

Heralded as the stone of love and healing, the cooling rose quartz emits a vibration that releases tension, calms inflammation and encourages cell restoration. If you’d like the crystals at a lower temperature, store this roller in the refrigerator before use!

Minimise hands-face contact when putting on your favourite products with this convenient tool available now on iHerb and at all Sephora outlets.

Sustainable disposable applicators

As a leading supplier of disposable makeup applicators to the beauty industry for over 25 years, Qosmedix is a brand to look out for this season. From mascara wands to lip brushes, Qosmedix ensures you maintain a high level of hygiene in your life with its environmentally sustainable applicators.

Though created with the professional makeup artist in mind, these tools can still benefit everyday folks who do frequent reapplications of facial products.

Qosmedix Bamboo Disposable Cosmetic Applicator Kit is customisable and is available on their website. Its price is dependent on the number of pieces you purchase.

Two-in-one applicators

Designed for the ultimate mess-free experience, these tubes consist of a removable top and a detachable applicator made of zamac or ceramic that help keep the product separate from the bacteria of everyday life.

The Tense tube holds 7 to 20ml of product and is best used for eye contouring and face massages with serums, oils, gels and creams. With this handy tube, you’ll be able to go hands-free and apply your favourite eye cream anywhere, anytime! Simply squeeze onto the convenient round-head applicator and apply.

Cosmogen Tense Tube is available on their website. Price is unavailable.

If you find it difficult to access hard-to-reach areas with this flat applicator, do check out the other products from CosmoCares, an extensive product line consisting of body, nail, eye, lip, and face products by sustainable skincare brand Cosmogen.

One of which is the Precise Ball Tube, which comes with a 13mm metal tip that instantly cools and refreshes the skin. The Precise Ball Tube best stores gels, creams, and oils for those inconspicuous areas around the eyes, eyebrows, lips, and nails.

Precise Ball Tube is available on the Cosmogen website. Price is unavailable.