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Most of us know the importance of applying sunscreen, especially in a country where we endure high exposure to UV rays all year round. However, not all of us may be aware that we may be making mistakes with our sunscreen, and these can cause us to be at high risk of serious skin damage, and even skin cancer.

Read on to see whether you are guilty of making these mistakes!

3 mistakes you may be making with your sunscreen

1. Not reapplying sunscreen every two hours

Heliocare Oral Review Reapply Sunscreen

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Did you know that sunscreen has to be reapplied every two hours? SPF numbers you see on the bottles of sunscreens are actually based on how much protection a certain sunscreen will give you against the sun for two hours.

According to John Zampella, a dermatologist at NYU Langone Health, if you put on an SPF of 50 at 10 a.m., by noon you’re probably still getting some protection, but you are no longer getting that full SPF50 protection that your sunscreen promised you – in fact, the protection you get drops to about that of SPF10 sunscreen. Yikes!

And if you are doing vigorous outdoor activities (think swimming, excessive sweating, and cleaning your skin with towels), further reapplication is even more necessary because your sunscreen would likely have been removed from your skin by then.

2. Not applying enough sunscreen on our bodies

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Most of us also do not apply a sufficient amount on our body, or only remember to put sunscreen on our faces. To ensure that you get the full SPF of a sunscreen, you actually need to apply about a shot glass full.

However, studies have shown that most people apply only half to a quarter of that amount, which means the actual SPF they have on their skin is lower than advertised.

3. Taking sunburn as the only indicator of UV damage

Heliocare Oral Review Sunburn

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We also tend to use “reddening” of the skin to determine if we are suffering from UV damage. If we do not see any red patches, we take it that there has been no damage caused by the sun, and this results in us being increasingly complacent with sunscreen.

The truth is, getting a sunburn is a visible reaction to only the UVB rays (reaches only superficial level of skin), but does not tell you about what UVA (skin-deep penetration) damage you may be getting. Yes, that means that you could be on your way to premature ageing of skin and a higher risk of skin cancer, but your skin does not necessarily show any warning signs.

Oral sunblock: what it is, and how it overcomes limitations of topical sunscreen

It is easy to make mistakes with topical sunscreen, which can put us in danger of suffering from harmful UV damage even when we think that we are diligent with our sunscreen habits.

In order to tackle the limitations of topical sunscreen, Heliocare developed the world’s first oral sunblock. While topical sunscreen refers to sunscreen that is applied on skin, oral sunblock is consumed in the form of pills.

Oral sunblock is not used to replace topical sunscreen, but rather taken to complement protection against harmful UV damage. Oral sunblock usually contains strong antioxidants that we may not get enough of in our day-to-day diet, and these help to protect our bodies against free radicals caused by ultraviolet light’s interaction with cells in our body, which can actually damage our protein and DNA.

Heliocare Oral Review

Heliocare Oral is formulated with a key ingredient called Fernblock – this was researched by Harvard Medical School over a period of 12 years and is currently sold by dermatologists and doctors in more than 80 countries.

Fernblock has excellent antioxidant properties that are able to reduce damaging free radicals by up to 50%, preventing the formation of hyperpigmentation caused by UV rays. It protects the entire skin surface, and increases the skin’s resistance against sunburn and redness by up to 300%. This was proven in a recent clinical study conducted in the National Skin Centre (Singapore), where a 62% improvement in melasma (a pigmentation disorder that appears in brown and gray patches) was observed when compared to baseline, in just 12 weeks.

By protecting skin from UV damage, Fernblock has also been clinically proven to slow down skin aging by up to 55%. This is because exposure to UVA causes collagen to be depleted, so when skin is sufficiently protected against damage from UVA, it protects the skin’s collagen levels as well.

Heliocare Oral is recommended to be consumed 30 minutes before exposure to the sun. Take two capsules a day for daily sun exposure – one in the morning, one in the mid day (i.e. 30 minutes before lunch). If you expect intense sun exposure (for example, if you are out hiking on a hot day), you should take four capsules a day for intense sun exposure – two in the morning, two in the mid day (3 hours after first dose).

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Heliocare Oral review: 3 women try oral sunblock and share their experience

Natalie, 24

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I get sunburnt very easily, and have skin pigmentation issues. Even though I use topical sunscreen regularly and even reapply at least once a day, my face still turns red easily after a day out in the sun.

As a result, I highly prioritise getting maximum protection from UV rays, and know quite a fair bit about sunscreens. I have heard of oral sunblock before and its benefits, but never actually tried it before. Prior to trying out oral sunblock, I did think that it was a very unique and convenient way of increasing my protection from the sun, but was not sure if it would be effective.

Throughout the review period, I left the pills on my office desk so I could easily consume them before heading out in the afternoon. I would pop a pill before heading out for lunch or an afternoon meeting, because that’s when the sun is the harshest.

When I consumed Heliocare Oral together with the application of topical sunscreen (I use Heliocare Advanced XF Gel SPF50) on a really hot day, I noticed there was significantly less redness on my skin as compared to just doing the latter. It really impressed me, because I always suffered from so much redness even though I diligently apply sunscreen, and this was the first time I had seen so little damage from the sun on my skin!

Typically I start my day early, and I know that topical sunscreen may not offer sufficient protection by the time it is late afternoon, so it is very reassuring to know that I am protected from the sun throughout the day even if I don’t go through the trouble of reapplying sunscreen. Hence, I would definitely take Heliocare Oral again for the convenience and ease of mind that I get.

The results I have seen from taking Heliocare Oral are very satisfactory, so I will recommend this product to people who are concerned with sun protection, especially for those that experience frequent exposure to the sun.

Wan Kee, 26

Heliocare Oral Review Wan Kee

Wan Kee exercises outdoors regularly

I am frequently exposed to sunlight as I lead an active lifestyle. I am always on the go, be it exercising outdoors frequently or travelling overseas and taking long road trips. Although I do apply topical sunscreen regularly, I do not reapply it throughout the day as it is troublesome and I simply forget about it.

I am aware that oral sunblock exists, but this was my first time actually trying it out. Before trying Heliocare Oral , I was actually a little skeptical and not sure if it would really work, or if the ingredients used in this sunblock are artificial and might cause discomfort. Thus, I did some research and found extensive studies that were done on the key ingredient, Fernblock. In addition, I found out that Heliocare is a brand trusted by doctors, and that gave me ample confidence to consume the oral sunscreen.

Initially I kept forgetting to take the pills, but eventually I figured out that I should place the bottle in a more prominent area, such as my office desk, so that I will remember whenever I see it in office. Eventually, it became easier over time once I developed a habit of eating the oral sunblock, and I made sure to consume Heliocare Oral everyday. I would also keep a few capsules in my bag, just in case I head out without remembering to consume them.

Knowing that Heliocare Oral is trusted by dermatologists and made with plant-derived ingredients helped to change my perception of oral sunblock being potentially harmful. I also did not experience any physical discomfort or allergic symptoms after taking Heliocare Oral.

Taking Heliocare has helped to maximise the protection I get from sun exposure and prevent me from getting sunburned, so I am now convinced that Heliocare Oral is a very effective complement to my topical sunscreen. Previously, I only used sunscreen for my face and not on my body daily. Now I feel more safe knowing that I’m fully covered against UV damage from inside out.

Vivian, 23

Heliocare Oral Review Vivian

Vivian heads out for events under the hot sun

Due to the nature of my job, I frequently head out for events, some of which are under strong sunlight. I do try to use sunscreen regularly, but most of the time I only limit it to my face, and barely touch up at all. Sometimes the sun is much stronger than I expected, so I end up with red patches on my face and arms.

I would apply Heliocare Advanced XF Gel SPF50 on my face as the last step of my skincare routine, before proceeding to do my makeup. Before I head out of the house, I take one Heliocare pill, and another one before going out for lunch. In order to prevent myself from forgetting, I would always put the pills next to my makeup pouch, so I will see them and hence remember to eat every day about half an hour before I head out.

At the beginning I found it a little difficult to remember consuming the pills, but the key is to put them in a highly visible place. For example, in my case, I place my Heliocare Oral pills next to something I use everyday (makeup pouch), which makes it easy for me to see and remember. Another useful tip is to think of it as a skincare step that you incorporate into your daily beauty routine – if we are capable of pulling off 10-step skincare routines, surely adding just one more step isn’t too difficult!

After trying Heliocare Oral for a period of time, I am convinced that it is very good to have a supplement that can enhance my UV protection coverage, because reapplying sunscreen on a face full of makeup is rather inconvenient, especially when you are busy with work. After I consume Heliocare Oral, I find that I am less prone to getting sunburned and having red patches on my skin even after a day out under the hot sun, so I know this oral sunblock has certainly helped to strengthen my body’s protection against harmful UV rays.

Trying the pills for myself has also dispelled my fears that such a product might be bad for my health. I have very sensitive skin and a weak digestive system, so I am very cautious of the type of skincare products and supplements that I consume. I was happy to find that consuming Heliocare Oral was much safer than I had initially feared – in fact, I saw my skin condition improving because of the enhanced protection from the sun!

Some of my friends get sunburned easily, and a few others often engage in outdoor activities. They are just like me – they never remember to touch up or apply sunscreen on areas other than the face. I think Heliocare Oral will definitely be very helpful for them, so I will highly recommend this oral sunblock for them to try.

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