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There’s no denying that a good chemical peel can lead to smooth, unblemished skin, and an overall improved complexion.

Still, there’s always the concern that it may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin, and can potentially lead to permanent scarring, or worse, an infection.

So when we heard about a peel that doesn’t use chemicals, and achieves equally great— if not, better— results, we jumped at the chance to test it out.

Known as the Ultimate Clarity Marine Algae Skin Peel, this treatment by Le Facialle International promises to clear up your skin utilising natural plant extracts. It deeply exfoliates, unclogs, and minimises the size of your pores, with customers raving about how the treatment provides immediate results.

Intrigued? Read on to find out about our writer’s experience.

Le Facialle review: How was the facial like?

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I was introduced to my Le Facialle therapist, Shermin, who conducted a thorough examination of my skin. After determining that I had combination skin, I was ushered to the treatment room where she could begin my treatment.

She began by double cleansing my skin to ensure that there was no leftover dirt or impurities. Then, a stem cell mist was applied to my skin so as to keep my skin hydrated before the actual treatment, as the deep exfoliation might dry it out.

The extraction commenced shortly after, though the process was so quick and painless that I didn’t even realise it had started! Shermin massaged a cooling wine gel all over after to help retain moisture before beginning the peel process.

I was warned that the peel might feel like ‘needles pressing lightly on my skin’, which was exactly what it felt like when the mask was applied. It doesn’t hurt but it does give a light stinging sensation that was barely noticeable.

Is there any aftercare required after the facial?

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Sunblock was applied to my skin as the last step of the facial, and I was told to avoid strong sunrays and swimming over the next few days. A hydrating moisturiser or mask is recommended over the next one to two days as well. Makeup application is fine, though it is important to keep skin thoroughly moisturised throughout the day.

What were the results of this Le Facialle facial treatment?

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As you can see, there were apparent results even immediately after the facial! My skin felt brighter and cleaner, and there was no redness to contend with despite the extraction. I also liked how fresh my complexion looked even without makeup on.

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This radiant effect lasted over the next few days which even completely eliminated the need for me to apply foundation.

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