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When we’re young, rosy little cheeks are pretty adorable. As an adult, however, facial redness is arguably anything but charming.

Whether it’s due to our perpetual warm weather, an intense spin class, or a compromised skin barrier, our faces can end up red and flushed. At its best, redness on your face can be embarrassing, but at its worst, it can be an indication of underlying health issues and a source of irritation, discomfort, or insecurity.

No matter what it’s attributed to, surely we can all agree that finding a way to calm red skin quickly can be quite a feat. But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be this tough?

Yup, we may have found a solution that soothes redness and sensitivity in mere minutes. Keep reading to find out what it is!

How to reduce redness in just 15 minutes

ICE’S SECRET Miracle Secret Mask 1

Instead of heading to the pantry to concoct a DIY remedy, there’s an easier way to nix redness and irritation: ICE’S SECRET Miracle Secret Mask.

Having sold over 200,000 units regionally, this sheet mask reduces redness and repairs the skin in just 15 minutes – impressive results you’ll have to see to believe. The mask was even awarded Influencers’ Choice for Best Hydrating Mask in our most recent Daily Vanity Beauty Awards!

It’s safe, effective, and acid-free, which makes it a great option for all skin types, including dry, acne-prone, and sensitive skin. If you’ve just had a laser treatment done or you’ve gotten a nasty sunburn, you can also reach for one of these sheet masks to treat redness and dial down the saturation.

ICE’S SECRET Miracle Secret Mask calms and neutralises facial redness as it deeply hydrates and repairs the skin. Simply place the mask on your skin and remove the protective film. Let it work its magic for 15 to 20 minutes, then gently lift it off and pat in any excess serum from the mask.

What customers have to say about ICE’S SECRET Miracle Secret Mask

There’s a reason why ICE’S SECRET Miracle Secret Mask is a go-to SOS treatment for many, and if you still don’t believe how effective it truly is, the brand’s customers are happy to show you.

ICE’S SECRET Miracle Secret Mask reviewer P

One reviewer was struggling with dull skin, fine lines, and large pores, but after one use, she noticed that her skin appeared much brighter, smoother, and her pores looked smaller.

ICE’S SECRET Miracle Secret Mask reviewer 2

Another reviewer told ICE’S SECRET that she usually experiences redness on her cheeks after makeup removal and cleansing. But that all changed when she tried ICE’S SECRET Miracle Secret Mask. After one use, she shared that her redness was “almost completely gone. Skin feels hydrated and cool.”

ICE’S SECRET Miracle Secret Mask reviewer P

Breakouts were a top concern for another reviewer. She had never seen that many red, inflamed bumps on her skin – even her brow area had pimples. After one use, her skin was less red and her pimples shrunk in size. She also notes that her skin felt supple and more hydrated too!

Still not convinced? Watch the video above for more glowing reviews of ICE’S SECRET Miracle Secret Mask.

The secret behind ICE’S SECRET Miracle Secret Mask

ICE’S SECRET Miracle Secret Mask 2

So, what exactly makes ICE’S SECRET Miracle Secret Mask so effective? Well, it’s all about its star ingredient, oligopeptides.

This advanced peptide accelerates cell growth and activity as it repairs damaged skin and rebuilds collagen fibres. In terms of molecular structure, oligopeptides are smaller than polypeptides, which allows them to penetrate quickly into the skin to repair and revitalise the cells.

When used daily, ICE’S SECRET’s oligopeptides not only trigger collagen production, but also help heal acne scars, red post-acne marks, as well as blemishes and breakouts. Sensitive skin will also be in for a treat, as oligopeptides put out the fire and fight inflammation, so you won’t be tempted to scratch your skin.

Oligopeptides even bump up your skin’s hydration to plump it up and prevent dryness. Furthermore, it shields your complexion against free radical damage by enhancing its protection against UV rays and an onslaught of environmental aggressors.

Centella asiatica extract and golden chamomile extract give oligopeptides an extra boost when it comes to wound-healing. Both of these extracts are anti-inflammatory ingredients that calm visibly reddened skin and speed up cell production.

What you’re left with is smoother, firmer, brighter, more balanced skin that has less pigmentation, marks, and acne scars.

ICE’S SECRET Miracle Secret Mask retails for S$18 (one sheet) and S$80 (one pack of five sheets) at ICE’S SECRET.

The mother-daughter duo behind ICE’S SECRET

ice's secret brand story michelle quinn

Michelle Chen (left) and Quinn Chen (right), the mother-daughter duo behind the brand

As someone who used to have acne-prone, sensitive skin, Quinn Chen, director of ICE’S SECRET, struggled to maintain a clear complexion in Singapore’s humid climate. That was until she tried ICE’S SECRET products, which were introduced to her by her mother Michelle Chen, who founded the brand in 1999.

Having witnessed significant improvements in her skin, Quinn joined her family’s beauty business, determined to share ICE’S SECRET’s solutions with others who suffer from acne, inflammation, bacterial infections, excessive oiliness, and other skin concerns caused or aggravated by humidity.

Armed with her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Media Analytics and driven by sheer determination, she transformed ICE’S SECRET from a professional-use brand in her family’s boutique spas into www.icesecret.co, an online company launched in April 2020, with the aim of helping people achieve a radiant, healthy complexion.

According to Michelle, “The 30 years of tried-and-trusted R&D that goes into our skincare has helped skin function optimally in humid climates like Singapore and other Asian cities.” Each product undergoes rigorous testing too, so your skin is in good hands. The brand’s products are also ideal for post-aesthetic skin procedures as they restore radiance and reduce downtime.

The label has become a go-to for customers who seek safe, topical solutions they can use in the comfort of their own homes. Today, ICE’S SECRET offers over 20 skincare products, with more to come. The brand is well-loved by many influencers, including Singaporean socialite and content creator, Jamie Chua – one of ICE’S SECRET’s biggest fans.

This article is brought to you by ICE’S SECRET.