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Angry heat rashes, never-ending acne breakouts, and early pigmentation are but some of the common problems many women (and men) in Singapore face regularly. Clogged pores, oily skin, and sensitive skin are also par for the course here. Let’s be real, the humidity and heat of our forever summer here in Singapore can be more than a tad overwhelming for our skin at times.

And what’s doubly frustrating is that seeming holy grail products raved by netizens from other countries don’t quite work here. Little wonder though, because our tropical weather lends itself a very specific set of requirements to keep our skin looking and feeling healthy.

The best solution? A local brand that tailor-makes its products for women and men who live in hot, humid Singapore. It’s time you heard about IDS Skincare, if you haven’t already.

About IDS Skincare

Homegrown skincare brand IDS Skincare (which stands for Innovative Dermatological Solutions) was created in 2014 by one of the pioneers in the field of aesthetics in Singapore, Dr SK Tan.

Honed by many decades of treating women and men with skin problems unique to living in year-round hot and humid weather, Dr Tan channelled his experience into IDS Skincare. His hope? To create an established and thoroughly researched line of skincare products that could help improve these specific skin conditions.

As most of us know, achieving good skin can’t be done with just a one-off, isolated treatment, even if it’s a highly effective aesthetic treatment – it’s really the daily care that counts.

With that in mind, Dr Tan and his wife, Mrs Janifer Yeo-Tan, founded IDS Skincare, an extensive skincare range that provides extraordinary solutions for ordinary skin concerns.

Why IDS Skincare products work so well

Credit: @idsskincare on Instagram

The goal is for healthy, youthful skin that makes you feel great even without makeup on. If it sounds like a tall order, don’t be daunted! Every product in the IDS line is heavily researched before it is launched – both in laboratories and tried on Dr Tan’s and Mrs Yeo-Tan’s own faces.

For example, years of research and testing have resulted in Neulastin. This is a patented system of delivery that boosts collagen production, and is now highly sought-after by skincare companies all over the world.

IDS Skincare’s own labs have also come up with highly effective proprietary blends that can’t be found anywhere else, promising results minus the gimmicks.

17 best IDS Skincare products to try

If all these sound good but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you. Check out 17 of IDS Skincare’s best, most highly raved about products that have garnered a loyal fanbase of people who have been using them for years.

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1. C-Plus


Specially formulated in IDS’ very own laboratory, this anti-ageing serum uses a very potent form of vitamin C: Trisodium Ascorbyl Palmitate Phosphate. This is known to be a form of vitamin C that absorbs particularly well into the skin.

This power-packed serum also contains active ingredients that provide a strong defence against free radicals and toxin damage to the skin, such as Fullerenes and Tocopheryl. Little wonder that it’s got a rep for igniting your inner glow like a fairy light, miraculously fading pigmentation spots and boosting collagen production for luminous and plump skin.

We especially love the fact that it has a gel texture that goes on so lightly on the skin, with none of the tackiness that tends to accompany heavyweight serums that pack a punch.

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2. Moisture Boost


This cream is a real superstar in more ways than one, and you’ll want to cart this out if you’re looking for a moisturiser that’s perfect for our climate. A creamy, luxurious blend of ceramides, cholesterols, and free fatty acids that are said to replicate our skin’s very own structure, it delivers deep hydration minus the skin irritation.

A particularly unique ingredient that makes this moisturiser so thirst-quenching is Saccharide Isomerate, a natural carbohydrate that’s found in the top layer of the skin. Because it works with what’s already in your skin, this cream really helps your skin to keep its moisture intact, providing a hydrating boost of up to 72 hours!

Another well-loved skincare ingredient, niacinamide, also keeps the skin barrier supple and elastic, plumping up fine lines, preventing free radical damage, and keeping your skin bouncy like mochi.

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3. Non-Tinted Sunscreen with Extra Blue Light Protection


While more of us are spending more time in the comfort of home whilst we WFH, we shouldn’t neglect applying sunscreen. IDS’ non-tinted version is a great choice for indoors, especially with its added blue light protection that shields your face from the blue light emitted from your computer screens.

It’s often overlooked, but the blue light emitted by computer screens is a stressor, aging out the skin. This multi-award-winning sunscreen contains a special patented formula that has zinc oxide as its active ingredient, offering board-spectrum shielding from UV light including High Energy Visible (HEV) Light that’s produced by the screens of our devices.

It also pulls double duty, hydrating as it protects thanks to sustainably-sourced squalane that retains the skin’s moisture. This SPF 50 sunscreen goes on as light as a feather, making it a breeze to apply even on the warmest of days. Even your sweat won’t wash this water-resistant sunscreen away!

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4. DermaShield Serum


Adding an extra layer of protection for those of us who really want to stave off the bad effects of UV exposure is always a great idea. The Dermashield Serum cuts off both blue HEV and infrared lights, preventing the onset of hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and acne.

Buddleja Officinalis Flower Extract works well with niacinamide to reduce HEV and infrared damage to the skin, which includes premature ageing. Alteromonas Ferment Extract is another interesting active ingredient that decreases PM2.5 adhesions to the skin, effectively protecting the skin’s surface from toxic chemicals and other pollutants.

This serum is best used under sunscreen for maximum sun protection.

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5. Spot Control


Breakouts are always hard, no matter how old you get. So when we hear of a miracle product that keeps those pimples at bay, you can bet we’ll be the first to try it. IDS’ Spot Control is a super fast-acting gel that promises overnight results.

With Salicylic Acid as an active ingredient to exfoliate the skin, and a mix of Spent Grain Wax, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, and Shea Butter Extract to reduce inflammation and the redness of spots – there’s no denying its potency in zapping those zits.

A little goes a long way, so be sure to just apply a thin layer on the spots! You’ll feel that immense sense of satisfaction watching them dry up in front of your eyes.

Get it at S$30.50 here. Enjoy 15% off IDS Skincare products with the promo code DVJYX15!

6. Rejuvenating Complex Plus


Touted as an instant wrinkle smoother with results that resemble a shot of Botox, this is one cream you should add to your home arsenal if fine lines are your main gripe. It’s the turbo-charged sister of IDS’ Rejuvenating Complex, with more premium ingredients that deliver visible wrinkle-smoothing results even more quickly.

Its potent ingredients relax wrinkles and fill in the lines on your face with a miraculous mixture of peptides, minerals, adenosine, elastin, and hyaluronate.

Remember when we mentioned IDS’s proprietary Neulastin delivery system earlier on? It’s key here to this cream’s effectiveness, ensuring that the power ingredients do exactly what they’re meant to do for your skin, absorbing like a dream.

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7. Pore Formula


Super lightweight in texture but a real heavyweight in clearing out and shrinking your pores, say hi to your newest addition to your beauty routine. This powerful pore formula is powered by tea tree oil, a great anti-microbial ingredient that keeps your pores squeaky clean.

As with blackheads, it’s also important to keep inflammation and sebum production down. Calming Clover Flower and Lilac Flower Extracts are well known for their oil control properties, both of which are key ingredients in this heavy-lifting pore care formula!

It’s recommended to use this only on the T-zone where most blackheads form, so you don’t excessively dry out the rest of your face.

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8. Facial Scrub


There’s nothing quite like a good, satisfying scrub to clear the gunk and dirt from your pores. Spherical micro jojoba esters do the job here, gently exfoliating the skin without tearing it.

The good news if you’ve got sensitive and blemish-prone skin, because this scrub is gentle enough for your skin. Using it once or twice a week will yield you smooth and radiant skin that feels oh-so clean, with none of the jarring damage.

Get it at S$46.44 (usual price S$66.34) here. Enjoy 15% off IDS Skincare products with the promo code DVJYX15!

9. Refreshing Toner


We love ourselves a soothing toner, to get our faces all ready for the bedtime skin routine. Any toner worth its weight will relax and calm your skin, prepping it well before the other serums, creams, and masks go on for maximum efficacy.

Formulated with anti-inflammatory Witch Hazel Leaf Extract and anti-septic Centella Asiatica Extract, any irritation or blemishes will be calmed right down with this toner. Spray this onto a cotton pad and dab it gently into the skin for maximum absorption of this lightweight toner. Your skin will thank you.

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10. Probiotic Mask


If oily and acne-prone skin is the bane of your life, you’ll want to add this ingenious probiotic mask to your beauty routine. After all, you already knew that probiotics are great to help keep the flora in your gut right balanced and in check. But did you also know that probiotics are great to keep the flora on your skin balanced too?

The friendly Lactobacillus ferment bacteria in this mask aids in reducing blemish size and inflammation, and also strengthens the skin’s barriers. A probiotic mask to improve the health of your skin’s flora and fauna system.

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11. Diamond Dust Perfector


Shine bright like a diamond every time you reach for this lightweight makeup base that also offers some SPF protection. Your skin will look flawless with this makeup base smoothing out pores and softening fine lines. Think of this doing pretty much the same job as a BB or CC cream, doing all that background work erasing blemishes and perfecting your skin for fresh-faced, no makeup beauty.

It even contains actual photo-luminescent diamond powder, which fills those pores and wrinkles so that your skin looks legitimately radiant from all angles. And if you’re worried about this clogging up your pores, don’t be – it’s clinically researched to be non-comedogenic and moisturising too.

PS: The one thing to note is that this doesn’t come in different shades and is only available in a universal medium-toned shade. With that in mind, it’s most suited for fair to medium skin tones.

Get it at S$69.55 here. Enjoy 15% off IDS Skincare products with the promo code DVJYX15!

12. A-Plusids-skincare-aplus

Ah, the A-star ingredient that’s taking the beauty world by storm these days in the arena of anti-ageing skincare: retinoids. A-Plus is exactly this, a potent retinoid treatment in IDS Skincare’s line that’s your skin’s first line of defence against the effects of ageing.

As it turns out, not all retinoids are made equal. IDS’ A-Plus is formulated using Retinaldehyde, a patented vitamin A molecule that’s potent in its cell renewal powers without the accompanying irritation. You’ll also appreciate the inclusion of niacinamide in this formula, which helps reduce inflammation and redness, shrinks pores, and keeps sebum production regulated.

The texture of this treatment is on the thicker side, so you’ll want to apply it in a small amount, taking care to spread it evenly. Also, if you choose to use this in the morning, do slather on the SPF, because retinoids are known to increase your skin’s sensitivity to UV.

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13. Recovery Serumids-skincare-recovery-serum

Some days, we just need to give our faces some moisturising TLC. There are so many things that can irritate our faces to no end, leading to nasty breakouts. Singapore’s year-round humid weather and tropical heat doesn’t help too. So having a trusty serum like IDS’ recovery serum to combat all of that and help our skin to calm down is godsent.

With hyaluronic acid as its main active ingredient, you know this serum means business when it says it will hydrate your skin. It also contains Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil Unsaponifiables to further reinforce the barrier of your skin, and Undaria Pinnatifida Extract to encourage your skin to produce collagen and elastin. It even plumps up your skin with regular use, as fine lines are slowly filled up from within.

Get it at S$85.60 here. Enjoy 15% off IDS Skincare products with the promo code DVJYX15!

14. Oil-Free Moisturiserids-skincare-oil-free-moisturizer

This oil-free moisturiser is a real crowd-pleaser, sweeping beauty awards for years now, and it’s easy to see why. It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and yet ultra-hydrating.

Other than working its magic delivering bucket-fulls of moisture to your skin, it also effectively reduces blemish marks, regulates sebum production and clears up your complexion. All thanks to its unique formulation of vitamins C and E, and a gentle vitamin A derivative.

We really recommend this for oily and blemish-prone skin, it’s got all of the benefits without any of the heavy greasiness. One pump goes a long way too!

Get it at S$95.23 here. Enjoy 15% off IDS Skincare products with the promo code DVJYX15!

15. Eye Rescueids-skincare-eye-rescue

Eye care is a delicate thing – especially since the skin around the area is particularly thin and prone to things like milia seeds and crow’s feet. Laugh lines are a part of life and are beautiful in their own right, but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to minimise how deep they go!

So you’ll be thankful for an eye concentrate like Eye Rescue from IDS, whose light, balm-like texture belies its super strength. Zinc and magnesium encourage elastin production, while hydrolysed Sodium Hyaluronate plumps up those fine lines by hydrating them.

A proprietary blend of propolis, peptides, and flavonoids also lend some firepower to improve the delicate skin around your eyes, effectively reducing under-eye puffiness and dark rings, as it repairs broken capillaries all at once.

Fans of this cream say it feels like going to sleep with a soft cocoon around the eyes, sounds heavenly if you ask us.

Get it at S$148.73 here. Enjoy 15% off IDS Skincare products with the promo code DVJYX15!

16. Delicate Cleanserids-skincare-delicate-cleanser

Hands up if washing your face happens to be the favourite step of your skincare routine! There’s something oh-so-satisfying in feeling the cleanser lather up on your face, washing away the day’s worth of dirt and impurities down the sink. But if you have sensitive skin, you’ll know that most cleansers made for delicate skin types don’t lather up. Well, this one from IDS does.

We hear two pumps of this gel-like cleanser foam up when you rub your damp hands together, lathering beautifully on the damp skin of your face.

Infused with Portulaca Oleracea Extract and Witch Hazel Leaf Extract to reduce inflammation and maintain your skin’s suppleness, this mild cleanser is truly a rare find in a sea of overly harsh cleansers that set sensitive skin off. While there’s none of that tightness after rinsing off, you do get that spark of joy from a freshly washed face. Win-win!

Get it at S$71.69 here. Enjoy 15% off IDS Skincare products with the promo code DVJYX15!

17. DermaShield Mask Sheetids-skincare-dermashield-mask-sheet

Masking up with a chilled sheet mask at the end of a long day at work has got to be one of life’s biggest joys. We love how the 15 to 20 minutes that the mask is on feels like a real treat for our weary skin even though it’s really delivering lots of goodies to help repair and maintain our skin condition.

Other than the usual hydrating and anti-pigmentation benefits, IDS’ innovative Dermashield Mask Sheet also packs an extra superpower: shielding against UV, infra-red, and blue light.

It feels like a luxurious treat, as each mask is made with three layers of light-as-air silk and saturated with IDS’ award-winning DermaShield Serum – a wonderful cocktail of botanical extracts, hydrolysed royal jelly, arbutin, and good old hyaluronic acid. Particularly, the lutein in the marigold extract helps to filter out the damage wrought on your skin by blue light by up to 90%.

Get it at S$12.84 (1 sheet) or S$112.35 (box of 10). Enjoy 15% off IDS Skincare products with the promo code DVJYX15!

PS: If you want to head on down to IDS Aesthetics for one of their facials – which have a rep for being one of the most popular in town at the moment – now’s a great time to try their newly launched ultra-hydrating Dew Mist Mi facial treatment!

Enjoy 15% off IDS Skincare products with the promo code DVJYX15!

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